What Iowa Tells Us

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012 and is filed under Blog

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Absolutely nothing.


As the pundits, commentators, campaign teams have tried to parse out what the results from Iowa mean going forward, the answer is very straightforward. Mitt Romney spend thousands of dollars per vote, Newt Newted himself with an assist from Romney, Ron Paul had thousands of people switch party registration to vote in the Republican caucuses and everyone seems to have either forgotten that Rick Santorum was/is a big government social conservative or is willfully trying to forget (I confess, I am amazed at all the tea party folks that are excited about Santorum. Folks, he is the antithesis of what you say you stand for. He is not a limited government conservative by an stretch of the imagination.). Have people already forgotten him going into South Carolina to diss on Jim DeMint’s stand against earmarks?

So what does this mean? Mitt Romney’s money is plowing folks under (Newt still has skid marks on his front AND back from Romney’s Super PACs rolling over him in Iowa) and right now, he is the front runner. He will win New Hampshire. The conservative movement’s firewall against the Establishment is South Carolina.

With Rick Perry’s announcement today that he is still in the race in spite of his 5th place finish last night, this is going to leave Rick Santorum as the odd man out. Going forward you will have Mitt versus Newt (Mitt wins) and Santorum versus Perry (Perry wins). All Rick Perry has to do is stay alive long enough and it will soon be Mitt versus Rick. When that happens, a lot of people are going to look at Rick Perry and think, “Yeah, I kind of like him.”

Iowa is a unique circus. New Hampshire is too. The race for President really starts in South Carolina.