Trouble for David Dewhurst in Texas

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012 and is filed under Blog

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After the retirement of Kay Bailey Hutchison from the United States Senate, many inside Republican Party circles felt that if he chose to run, the seat would be David Dewhurst’s. With his personal wealth and being the current Lt. Governor of Texas, many (including Dewhurst) thought all he’d have to do was show up and he’d win the seat.

But, just as in sports where games are won on the field, not on paper, political campaigns are won in the arena, not on paper.

Which is why the Madison Project was proud to be the first PAC to endorse Ted Cruz in his run for the United States Senate. We knew the odds would be tough and that Dewhurst would have the advantage to begin with.

That advantage is disappearing.

The BattleSwarm Blog is reporting that Dewhurst’s fundraising has dropped dramatically this quarter. Coupled with that is a new poll being released showing Cruz narrowing the margin considerably. Four months ago, Dewhurst lead Cruz 41%-12%. The margin is now 36%-18%.

For a reference point, this is exactly what we saw happen in the Marco Rubio v. Charlie Crist race in 2010. Keep an eye on this one. This is a perfect opportunity for the conservative movement to fill a United States Senate seat with a rockstar like Ted Cruz.