Ted Cruz Explains True Compromise

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012 and is filed under Blog

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All to often, tea partyers are impugned as intransigent hot heads by GOP leaders.  They assert that we have no concept of the need to compromise in Washington. Sadly, it is the party elites that misconstrue the meaning of compromise, and engage in endless capitulation.

What GOP leaders have done during the budget battles this past year is tantamount to capitulation, not strategic compromise.  They gave Obama an additional $2.1 trillion in debt, while receiving nothing in return.  Obamacare was not repealed or even defunded; discretionary spending was not cut; entitlements were not reformed – not a single one.  We understand that we will not win every battle and downsize every federal program in one shot, but we do expect GOP leaders to use their leverage to force some transformational change.

In a recent interview, Texas Senate candidate Ted Cruz provided some much needed context for legislative compromises:

“My view on compromise is the same as Ronald Reagan’s. Reagan used to say, “if they offer you half a loaf, what do you do?” And his answer was, “you take half a loaf and then you come back for more.” I’m interested in moving the cause of liberty forward. So if we are advancing in a positive way, if we are shrinking the size of the federal government, if we are moving towards fundamental tax reforms, simplifying the tax code, moving towards a low uniform rate towards everyone, then I’m willing to compromise and accept less than 100% if we are moving forward. Now I intend to come back and keeping getting it, but I want to affirmatively move the ball forward. The problem is some of the Republicans in Washington compromise, moving backwards.”

Too many elected Republicans seek power for power’s sake.  They fail to understand those stalwart fighters like Cruz, who seek power to advance the cause of limited constitutional government.  As such, they are eager to cut a deal, take the easy way out, and call it a meritorious compromise, even though they failed to stop the inexorable growth of government.

The Madison Project was the first organization to support Ted Cruz because we believe that we need more fighters for limited government.  Please help Ted Cruz win his primary election over his opponents – politicians who seek capitulation.