So What Happens if Romney is the GOP Nominee?

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012 and is filed under Blog

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There have been plenty of grassroots people and even donors who have expressed dismay over Mitt Romney securing the GOP nomination in 2012. The fact of the matter is that after his wins in Iowa and New Hampshire, his double digit leads in South Carolina and Florida, he probably will. Only a deep dark skeleton or scandal is going to derail the Romney Express at this moment. Do I like that fact? No. Is he probably going to win the nomination? As a political realist, the answer is yes.

So what do the grassroots and the Tea Party do now? They can’t get excited about Romney as the nominee, but their voice and work are needed. I would strongly encourage activists to look around themselves in their own state and see if there is a candidate they can get excited about. Could be a U.S. Senate race (check out Madison Project’s endorsed Senate candidates) or a U.S. House race (check out Madison’s House candidates). Obama, even if he wins re-election (and that’s a big if) would be hamstrung if Republicans control the House and the Senate. But don’t stop at the federal level. If there is not a federal candidate you can get excited about, find a state legislative race, or a county commission race, even a school board candidate. Quite frankly, those levels of office impact your day-to-day lives more than the federal level. You cannot use Romney as the nominee as an excuse for not working this year to get good people elected at all levels of government.