Hills To Die On

Friday, January 27th, 2012 and is filed under Blog

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I confess, I am amazed at how many people, good people, feel obligated to pick a horse in this Republican Presidential Primary and then die for said horse. And shoot everyone else who disagrees with them along the way. We’re not just talking in the foot, either.

This is all well and good because this is politics in America. It is a combination of policy and bloodsport.

However, given the crap sandwich Republicans and conservatives are looking at with this field, the level of intensity confuses me. Is it really worth blowing up Newt supporters on behalf of Mitt? Is is worth kneecapping folks on behalf of Rick Santorum or gunning down Mitt supporters on behalf of Newt? All three of these men have proven track records in politics. There are very few bright spots in them. Very few.

Yet right now the seeds of dissension are being sown in fields that we will need to produce this fall if we are to hold the House and win the Senate. The very people who will need to work together this fall to win tight Senate races are engaged in visceral disagreements that I do not see being repaired. I know politics has a short shelf life and the American voters are known to have political amnesia, but we are at a point where the schism is deep and getting deeper by the day.

The chips will fall where they will in the Presidential race and when they do, folks can get ginned up for the winner to go against Obama. But let’s not kid ourselves that any one of the three mentioned above is some paragon of conservatism who will ride to save the day or consistently fight for our ideals. Not one of them is a hill worth dying on. Beating Barack Obama will be come this summer and fall and it will be that which will be worth fighting for, not the eventual Republican candidate.