Great op-ed by the Madison Project’s newest endorsee

Monday, November 14th, 2011 and is filed under Blog

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Yesterday Evan Feinberg, our newest endorsee (PA-18), penned a great op-ed for the Pittsburgh Tribune. In it, he laid out in primary colors (pun intended) the stark contrast between himself and incumbent Tim Murphy.

Like the former RINO Senator from Pennsylvania, Arlen Specter, Murphy has voted for:

*Failed programs like ″Cash for Clunkers”

*Bailouts for Fannie and Freddie

*The auto industry bailout

And these are just a few of Tim Murphy’s bad votes while in Congress. Each one of the above had a price tag of billions of taxpayer dollars. Billions of your money. On top of that, Feinberg notes that 62% of all Murphy’s earmark pork went to campaign contributors. Crony capitalism ring a bell?

This folks, is the problem. We are up against The System, a cycle of incumbents who, because of the votes they cast for campaign contributions, amass huge war chests to fuel their re-elections. This is the problem Andrew Breitbart and 60 Minutes highlighted yesterday.

Statistically it is a fact that if an incumbent survives his or her first re-election, they have a 98% win rate. We can, however, break this cycle by with well funded conservatives running great campaigns in the primaries. This is why the Madison Project exists, to generate both interest in and funding for candidates like Evan Feinberg. He is making the heaviest of lifts by putting his name on the ballot. Our job, as the conservative movement, is to provide him with the resources he needs to win.