Why Rick Perry’s Tax Plan Will Work

Thursday, October 27th, 2011 and is filed under Blog

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Just like Elizabeth MacDonald wrote over at Fox Business, there are all kinds of reasons why Rick Perry’s flat tax plan will work. One, it’s common sense. There won’t be 70,000 pages plus of tax code with Rick Perry’s plan. Two, it’s populist in nature. I mean that. The Occupy Wall Street folks, if they’re really upset about “the 1%” getting “preferential treatment” (or being able to shelter their money in ways that most cannot), will love how the flat tax makes everyone pay taxes. No more millionaires and billionaires paying a smaller percentage than middle class America.

Now, bottom line: I am a conservative who believes we should be paying very little in taxes to begin with. Infrastructure, national defense, education (not based on property taxes)-all these are what I feel are acceptable items to be taxed for. It should be a finite list based on a very simple code. The less money elected officials have to play with the better.

This flat tax proposal, if enacted, is going to turbo-charge our economy because everyone will participate. No more 50% of Americans paying nothing into the system. No more corporations not paying net income taxes (GE, Bank of America). No more tax shelters. No more confusing tax code.

Just a simple, straightforward system of how the government collects taxes that every American can understand. Now that’s a plan that will work.