It’s down to Perry and Romney

Thursday, October 20th, 2011 and is filed under Blog

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I say this objectively, but it’s down to Romney and Perry. I don’t care if everyone thinks Newt won last night or is focused on Herman Cain, his 999 plan or the inflated poll numbers that show him leading in a few states. Here’s why. He has almost no money and he is staffed by folks that are somewhere between the B and C Teams in politics. To add to that, he cannot figure out his own agenda.

This is not a personal attack on Herman Cain. I have met him. He seems like a fantastic guy. But to win in Presidential politics you have to have three components: money (and lots of it), rockstar staff and a multi-faceted agenda. One trick ponies don’t win elections and I fear Cain thinks a fiscal plan, that even he seems a little unsure of, will do the job. In the end, this is a man trying to stay relevant and truth be known, he is stunned by his current rise in the polls.

Which brings me to Rick Perry and Mitt Romney. Both have the same size war chests with Perry having a slight advantage over Romney and both having a huge advantage over any other candidates that might be seen as legitimate. And as a side note, even with his $8+million, Ron Paul is not a legitimate threat to win the Republican nomination.

Why is money important? Think of it as the sledgehammer (money) that drives the wedge (message) home. The more money, the bigger the sledgehammer, the deeper the message is driven.

Money also gives candidates the ability to hire rockstar staff. The more staff, the better your human network is, both internally and externally. Without a human network, no candidate can win based on a personality cult alone.

Also, sit there for a moment and ask yourself: in the case of a national security crisis, who do I want as commander in chief (especially after Cain’s Gitmo answer on CNN before the debate)? In this case, I am going with Rick Perry. As I have noted before, there is the element of Texas gunslinger in him. Maybe even a little Dirty Harry.

So while these debates are interesting to watch and have some relevance, nothing takes the place of blocking and tackling in politics. And right now the only two guys taking care of the fundamentals are Rick Perry and Mitt Romney. By the time we get to Florida, it’s going to be down to the two of them. I have no doubt there will be a few others hanging around, but these are the only two that have a chance to win the Republican nomination. More on that later.