Will Rick Perry Run?

Thursday, May 26th, 2011 and is filed under Blog

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Gut feeling? Yes. And here is why. A friend, who is a consultant, called the other day. “With Mitch out, I am going with X. Yes, I know he’s a second tier candidate-” at which point I stopped him and asked, “Aren’t they all?”

You see, that’s the problem with the current crop of Republican Presidential candidates-they’re all second tier. Sit for a minute and ask yourself: which one of them will you go door to door for in the rain? For those of you thinking, “Heck, yeah, I’d do that for Ron Paul or Herman Cain!” the elephant in the room for Ron Paul is most of his supporters are not Republican primary voters and Herman Cain can’t raise money. It’s the weird nexus of politics, finding the sweet spot of the candidate with the least warts who is actually viable.

Which leads me to Rick Perry. Some will say it’s too early for a Texan to run for President, that America has had enough of the boot wearing, straight shooting type of candidate that Rick Perry would be.

I beg to differ. It is exactly what Americans are pleading for and in stark contrast with Barack Obama. In fact, I just watched Rick Perry on the stump two weeks ago. He was sharing the story of CA legislators coming to Texas to ask, “What are you doing right that we can do in California?”

Perry’s reply was, “It’s simple-don’t spend all the money.”

So take some time. Look at the economic health of Texas as well as its thriving business community. Consider for a minute that fact that Texas is picking up 4 more Congressional seats (people want to move here!).

And then ask yourself: do I want that kind of leadership?