The Inconvenient Truth for Barack Obama and the Left

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011 and is filed under Blog

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There is an inconvenient truth for Barack Obama and the Left when it comes to the hunting down and killing of Osama bin Laden. Actually, make that truths.

The first is that the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay are there for a reason (shocker!). They are not innocent bystanders, spectators of acts of terrorism. They are terrorists. Remember all the rhetoric from the Left and Barack Obama about the need to close Gitmo? No? How about here. And here. And just for good measure, here.

And enhanced interrogation techniques like waterboarding? Where did we get the name of the courier that eventually led SEAL Team 6 to Osama bin Laden’s compound on Sunday? From waterboarding terrorists being held at Gitmo. Yet it was Barack Obama and his administration that ended the practice. Is Obama still saying that waterboarding was a mistake? And with a hat tip to Jim Hoft, the Gateway Pundit, Barack Obama believes (not past tense as I have not seen a statement saying he’s changed his mind) that waterboarding gives us bad information, not intel.¬†And even today the Daily Kos is working hard to deny the facts about where the information about the courier came from.

But facts are facts. Were it not for the Bush Administration’s policies regarding Gitmo and waterboarding, guess what? Osama bin Laden would still be alive.

So for folks running around saying that the 2012 election is already over, please. Barack Obama does not deserve credit for the killing of the world’s #1 terrorist. Sure, he gave the orders to go and I give him full credit for that, especially to use special forces versus bombs. But he is the benefactor of policies put in place by a Republican President and that is not going to be easy to forget in the months ahead.