Prosser leading by over 7,000 votes now

Sunday, April 10th, 2011 and is filed under Blog

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In what is one of the most amazing turnarounds I have ever seen in an election of this import, an entire city (Brookfield, WI) was missed on election night. An entire city. 14,000 votes. When the votes were tallied on Thursday, David Prosser lead the race for the Wisconsin Supreme Court by 7500. After canvassing, Prosser now leads by just over 7200 votes, or somewhere just under half a percent of all the votes cast which means automatic recount.

To add insult to injury, Kloppenburg only netted 54 more votes in Dane County where she had just crushed Prosser on election night. However, with same day registration and Dane being the most liberal county in Wisconsin (and home of the University of Wisconsin-Madison), I am betting on voter fraud there.

The recount will begin the week of April 18th. While I do not think the Left can manufacture over 7,000 votes to get Kloppenburg over the top, we are taking this very seriously. Too much is riding on this election. We’ll keep you posted.