Why Claire McCaskill Is Going To Lose

Thursday, March 10th, 2011 and is filed under Blog

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A recent poll in Missouri by Public Policy Polling shows incumbent Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill in real trouble. Anytime an incumbent’s favorability numbers are below 50%, the political reality is that the incumbent stands a real chance of losing. Given the climate right now for all Democrats, if I were Claire McCaskill, I would start sweating. With a favorability number hovering around 45% and none of the Republican challengers having started running in earnest, I like our chances for picking this seat up, not with just a Republican, but with a conservative.

The kicker on this poll is that it was done by Public Policy Polling, a firm known to tilt hard Left in the political spectrum. I have not seen the questions or cross tabs, but knowing their reputation, my guess is that this is a poll skewed to make McCaskill look in better shape than she is actually in.