Warming the Cockles of Margaret Carlson’s Heart

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011 and is filed under Blog

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I have no doubt writing this article must have warmed the cockles of Margaret Carlson’s heart. I have to confess, it seems to be a trend of the Left, both the folks on the ground and their ivory tower allies like Carlson. “If we write/say it often enough, it’s true. We just know it, we just know it!”

They seem to forget there is a real problem out there and that problem has been caused by the incestuous political relationship between public sector union bosses and the Democrats they elect. Generous campaign contributions, “grassroots volunteers” to conduct their ground game during the election season and in return, unfettered collective bargaining rights. The losers in this scenario? American taxpayers.

Folks, there is a reason more and more states are starting insolvency in the face. Sure, there are other factors, but a very large part of the problem is the public sector unions. Now is the time to resolve this before it is too late.