The NYT, the Media Access Project and the Progressive Left

Friday, March 25th, 2011 and is filed under Blog

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It’s always fascinating to me when the mainstream media quotes or uses Leftwing front groups like the Media Access Project and calls them “a public interest group.”

Shockingly (wait for it) that’s what the NYT did a few days ago when the Media Access Project asked the FCC to undermine the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision from 2010. Here’s more on the “public interest group” known as the Media Access Project.

Oddly enough, two of the three Democrats on the FCC have already voiced support for Media Access Project’s position. I have no doubt the FCC’s chairman, another Democrat (Julius Genachowski), will also support MAP’s position.

Why is this so interesting? Because the advantage the Left enjoyed in the privatized political arena evaporated after Citizens United and they’re crying “Uncle.” And trying to change the rules of the game before 2012.