The Storm Around CPAC

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011 and is filed under Blog, News

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There is a storm brewing around CPAC. In the past this has been the annual gathering of conservatives. It is known for the stage where Ronald Reagan made his “Let Them Go There Way” speech in 1975.
As Erick Erickson points out (as did I on Monday), the American Conservative Union (who puts on CPAC) is destroying what has been an institutional event for conservatism as its current president, David Keene, panders for money and political correctness. CPAC has now become a three ring circus with Grover Norquist of Jack Abramoff fame and GOProud now calling conservative standard bearers Jim DeMint and Jim Jordan “loser people” and organizations like the Heritage Foundation “loser organizations” for boycotting CPAC this year (for very legitimate reasons). I have thought for a long time that 2011 is going to be a sorting out year among conservatives as we lead up to 2012. This is just the beginning.