Release: McConnell-Reid Deal Raises Debt and Funds Obamacare Without Any Reforms

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For Immediate Release:

October 16, 2013



McConnell-Reid Deal Raises Debt and Funds Obamacare Without Any Reforms

“…Senate Leadership, led by Mitch McConnell, knows nothing but capitulation.”

 Washington, D.C. – The Madison Project PAC released the following statement today regarding news that the Senate reached a deal to fund the government and raise the debt ceiling without cutting one penny from Obamacare or offering a single reform to its failing structure:

“Today’s deal shows once again that the Senate Leadership, led by Mitch McConnell, knows nothing but capitulation,” said Drew Ryun of Madison Project.  “Rather than working to dismantle the monstrosity that is Obamacare, Senate Republicans chose to hand Harry Reid and the Democrat party a victory at the expense of hard-working Americans. This is unacceptable. Our nations’ true conservative leaders, Senators Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and others – took a stand for freedom and did everything possible in their power to prevent an outcome like this. For that, we applaud them. While some may be discouraged by this outcome, we are encouraged by the thought of adding more Senators like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee to the GOP caucus in 2014.  We will also continue the battle against Obamacare until the American people are given the same relief as Obama’s special interests.”

“What has become apparent from this battle is that we cannot fight Obamacare and other deleterious political ploys with only a handful of committed conservatives,” said Daniel Horowitz of Madison Project.  “Democrats will never have any incentive to change their ways when a sizable portion of Republican senators are cheering them on.  This effort was sabotaged from day one, with a brave few left fighting with a knife in their backs.  We are committed to sending them reinforcements, and based on the reaction we are receiving from the heart and soul of the Republican grassroots, the career politicians are in for a surprise.”

The Madison Project supports and raises money for conservative candidates that have demonstrated a commitment to full-spectrum conservatism. The Madison Project website can be found at

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Halloween Mitch: Only Tricks, No Treats

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He is invisible.  He vanishes from the scene.  He lurks in the shadows to sabotage conservatives at the most crucial points.  Then he swoops down and picks up the carcasses he helped create.

He is Mitch McConnell.

Here are the latest tricks in the invisible man’s grab bag:

  • Pass a Continuing Resolution to fund all of government, including every aspect of Obamacare, until January 15.  This date coincides with the activation of the 2014 sequester and is designed to set up a new fiscal cliff.
  • The January budget bill will be worked out by an oligarchy in a conference committee by mid-December.
  • Pass a debt ceiling increase into February with no strings attached.  And with extraordinary measures, Jack Lew will once again extend the disaster date until some politically advantageous time.
  • So what do Republicans get for the surrender?  They will verify that recipients are eligible for Obamacare before dolling out the subsidies.  The only problem is that verification is already the law on the books, yet Obama won’t follow it.  I’m sure he’s given his promise that he will follow this new iteration.

There you have it.  After holding almost the entire GOP conference in line for the past few weeks in order to ignore Obamacare and sabotage House Republicans, McConnell is now feasting on the carcasses.

Senate Republicans have worked to buttress the Democrats and undermine Republicans throughout this showdown.  This is Speaker Boehner’s time to shine.  He must tell McConnell to shove it.

The only way Republicans should sign onto this deal is if we have a budget conference on each of the twelve appropriations bills independently.  That way HHS and the IRS can be isolated.  Let’s discuss funding for Obamacare without Democrats holding everything else hostage.  Enough of this CR nonsense.  If we are going to pass a four-month budget in order to work out a deal, let’s do it properly – each bill independently. If we can make that demand as a precondition, then we could fight on the HHS and Financial Services bills, only shutting down HHS and IRS if Democrats continue to throw people of their health insurance.

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Fighting Obamacare: The Difference Between Cutting Spending and Limiting Harmful Government

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As Mitch McConnell puts the finishing touches on his terms of surrender, here are some thoughts to ponder.

Republicans and conservatives have spent the past few years messaging their platform to the American people built upon budget-speak.  It’s all about the debt and cutting spending.

In reality, we don’t have a spending problem per se, we have a big and harmful government problem.  The two are not always the same.

All of us who follow policy issues very closely understand that debt in itself is not just a problem for the federal balance sheet, it will have to be paid back by our children and grandchildren.  However, most people don’t see it that way, at least not in a meaningful way.  What people care about is loss of employment, lower/stagnant wages, the rising cost of living, and personal liberty.  It is our job to prioritize an agenda both in substance and messaging that directly addresses the harmful effects of government on jobs, standard of living, and personal liberty.  The federal budget is secondary, and will take care of itself once we restore government to its proper role.

For example, we spend roughly $8 billion in discretionary spending funding the EPA each year.  Now, is that $8 billion in wasted spending contributing to our debt?  You betcha.  But the more serious problem with the EPA is not the $8 billion in discretionary spending, but the hundreds of billions that are removed from the private economy in the form of lost jobs and higher cost of living (not to mention personal liberty), as a result of the regulatory regime.

Hence, when we cut the operating budget of the EPA from $8.4 billion to $8 billion via the sequester, are we really limiting government?  Not really.  We are cutting spending, which slows the debt crisis ever so slightly, but we are not really providing relief to the American people in a way most people understand or feel in any tangible way.

Which brings me to the current showdown and Obamacare.  Mitch McConnell is getting ready to completely surrender on Obamacare so long as the sequester is preserved.

Let’s lay some facts out on the table:

1)      There is nothing that will destroy more jobs, lower wages, raise the cost of living, and disrupt personal liberty than Obamacare.  Not to mention the fact that it’s costly to the federal budget.

2)      Due to the new coverage of Obamacare over the past few years, the importance of healthcare, and the immediate deleterious effects of the law, this is something that is easily understood and vividly felt by the broad populace.

3)      If we are resigned to letting go of the Obamacare fight in the budget, there is no way it will ever be repealed, even partially repealed.  By 2017, the first possible opportunity for full GOP control of government, there will be over 30 million people either willingly or unwillingly dependent on Obamacare.  Even if it is barely workable, it would be the only care they have.  We cannot repeal it.

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Mitch McConnell Working to Surrender on Obamacare

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For Immediate Release

October 10, 2013



Mitch McConnell Working to Surrender on Obamacare

Washington, D.C. – The Madison Project PAC released the following statement regarding Senator Mitch McConnell’s (R-KY) quiet maneuvering to fund Obamacare in the budget bill:

“After remaining largely silent when conservatives were fighting Obamacare, Senator Mitch McConnell is, once again, re-emerging from the shadows to sell out conservatives in the eleventh hour,” said Drew Ryun of the Madison Project.  “He has made it clear from day one that he had no intention of fighting Obamacare in the budget, and has even suggested that parts of the law are ‘okay.’ Well, now it appears that by parts, he means the entire thing.”

According to Politico and The Hill, Senator McConnell is preparing to pass both a debt ceiling increase AND a long-term budget bill that completely funds every aspect of Obamacare.   The only concession he is pushing for in return is repeal of the medical device tax.  This approach will not bring any relief to families languishing from loss of coverage and skyrocketing premiums. It also won’t fundamentally alter or delay the law.

“It is extremely dishonest for Mitch McConnell to tell Kentucky voters he is in favor of defunding Obamacare while refusing to fight for a mere delay of the law or even significant parts of the law,” said Daniel Horowitz of the Madison Project.  “If McConnell is going to undermine the work of conservatives he at least needs to level with Republican primary voters and divulge his alternative plan to get rid of Obamacare.”

The Madison Project supports and raises money for conservative candidates that have demonstrated a commitment to full-spectrum conservatism. The Madison Project website can be found at

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Republicans Must Keep Focus on Obamacare

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Here is our the latest Madison Project op-ed posted at Investors’ Business Daily. 

Conservatives across the country have risen up to make Washington, D.C., listen to their grievances about ObamaCare. And after pressure, cajoling and infighting, House Republicans are indeed listening.

They have united behind a strategy to fund all of government sans those agencies responsible for implementing the Affordable Care Act.

Despite almost 20 years of incorrigible fear of a government shutdown, many Republicans now realize that the dire predictions were greatly exaggerated.

According to some estimates, only 17% of the federal government has stopped operating. With the cessation affecting only the most nonessential functions, few outside metropolitan Washington are feeling the effects.

Consequently, the Obama administration has engaged in puerile political stunts to ensure more pain is felt. It has ordered barricades to close outdoor parks and monuments that need not be shut down. It has also closed more than 1,000 private parks and even forced private landowners out of their homes.

Presumably, it would take too much manpower to drop a cloth over Mount Rushmore, so the park police have blocked off a scenic overlook.

Meanwhile, the administration uses the shutdown to selectively promote its priorities.

While the National Mall has been closed to visitors, for example, illegal immigrants were granted a permit to hold a rally there promoting amnesty. Armed Forces Radio was also plagued by the selective shutdown. While broadcasts of football games were suspended, NPR was still going strong.

Read more at Investors’ Business Daily

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Obama’s Debt Ceiling Mendacity

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Earlier today, the ever melodramatic president suggested that it is unprecedented for an opposing party in Congress to deny a request for a clean debt ceiling increase.  He asserted that “nobody in the past has ever seriously threatened to breach the debt ceiling until the last two years. and this is the credit worthiness of the united states we’re talking about.”

Actually, as Sean Davis noted, there have been a number of epic budget battles over the debt ceiling dating back to President Eisenhower.  Many of them resulted in some serious concessions by the sitting president.  But what is more important is Obama’s amnesia from his own days in the Senate.

The President had few accomplishments in his brief time in the Senate, but one of his most public moments was when he spoke out against President Bush’s request to raise the debt ceiling from $8.184 trillion to $8.965 trillion.  He sounded like a tea partier.  Here are some of the highlights:

“It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our government’s reckless fiscal policies. Over the past five years, our federal debt has increased by $3.5 trillion to $8.6 trillion. That is  ‘‘trillion’’ with a ‘‘T.’’ That is money that we have borrowed from the Social Security trust fund, borrowed from China and Japan, borrowed from American taxpayers.” […]

“Our debt also matters internationally. My friend, the ranking member of the Senate Budget Committee, likes to remind us that it took 42 presidents 224 years to run up only $1 trillion of foreign-held debt. This administration did more than that in just five years.”[…]

“Increasing America’s debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that ‘the buck stops here.’ Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better. I therefore intend to oppose the effort to increase America’s debt limit.”

Ultimately, Obama not only “threatened to breach” the debt ceiling, he voted against the increase.

Let’s put this in perspective.  Obama opposed a debt limit increase from $8.2 to roughly $9 trillion because President Bush increased the debt by $3.5 trillion in 5 years.  Well, President Obama increased the debt from $10.6 trillion to $16.7 trillion in less than five years.  If increasing the debt from $8.2 trillion “weakens us domestically and internationally,” increasing it from $16.7 trillion would be cataclysmic.

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Madison Project Releases New Web Ad Exposing McConnell’s Failure to Lead

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For  Immediate Release:

September  24, 2013

Contact: Mary  Vought

Madison Project Releases New Web Ad Exposing McConnell’s Failure to Lead

Washington, D.C. – The Madison Project PAC today released a new web ad highlighting Senator Mitch McConnell’s failure to take a stand on critical issues, despite his status as GOP Senate Leader.  The ad comes just days before the annual World Chicken Festival in London, Kentucky.

To watch Madison Project PAC’s new web ad click here.

“During every election cycle Senator McConnell  eagerly touts his supposed ‘power’ and ‘clout’ as the Republican Senate leader,” said Drew Ryun of the Madison Project. “Ironically, he appears to be too chicken to use this ‘power’ to take a definitive stance on any important issue until the debate is already resolved or the outcome is a forgone conclusion.  As Senate GOP Leader, McConnell acts more like a bystander or a follower until he figures out the most politically advantageous stance to best preserve his personal power.”

“The Republicans Party is embroiled in the most important legislative fight in years over funding Obamacare.  The House just passed a CR defunding Obamacare, yet Mitch McConnell refuses to take a stand on the issue, much less use his ‘proud’ leadership position to marshal support from the rest of the Republican Senators,” said Daniel Horowitz of the Madison Project.  “At the last moment, he announced he will vote with Harry Reid on the procedural vote that guarantees the Obamacare funding will be reinserted into the bill.  We’ve seen this timid leadership on display in recent months such as when he was the last congressional leader to take a stand on the immigration bill, or the Syria authorization bill, until the outcome was no longer in doubt.  This is why we need new leadership within the ranks of the Republican Party – Senators who won’t need to take a poll before making a statement on important issues.”

Every September for the past 24 years, the city of London, Kentucky hosts the World Chicken Festival, which attracts over 150,000 visitors from all over the country. The festival is, in part, a tribute to the heritage of southeast Kentucky as the home of Colonel Harland Sanders and the original Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant.

The Madison Project supports and raises money for conservative candidates that have demonstrated a commitment to full-spectrum conservatism. The Madison Project website can be found at


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Debt Ceiling Musical Chairs to End Mid October

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When Republicans summarily decided to “suspend” the debt ceiling law at the end of January many conservatives were scratching their heads.  Why would Republicans completely avoid using the debt ceiling as leverage to promote our priorities and shrink government?

Well, among the many lies that were told to us at the time was the following too-clever-by-half pearl of wisdom.  Leadership aids contended that by suspending the law until May 18 instead of raising the debt ceiling by a dollar amount, the Obama administration would not have the ability to create a contrived panic deadline.  The only problem with this plan was that it failed to take into account that the Treasury could still employ “extraordinary measures” to forestall the final debt ceiling deadline.  Coupled with the new tax money pouring into the Treasury as a result of the McConnell tax hikes, Jack Lew was able to push off that date indefinitely.

Not surprisingly, he is setting his own deadline just two weeks after the CR expires:

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It’s the ‘Wacko Birds’ vs. the Wackos Again

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If I were granted one wish about the state of today’s politics it would be for the Democrats to be saddled with their own version of John McCain.  Once again, McCain is working to score points for Democrats and undermine Cruz/Paul and Lee – the “Wacko Birds” – in their attempt to prevent a free debt ceiling increase.

Back in January, Republicans and conservatives got together at Williamsburg and agreed to “suspend” the debt ceiling law until May 18 in return for the Senate passing a budget.  I never liked the idea because, among other reasons, a Senate-passed budget is not such a good thing.  Yes, they are not so excited about publicizing their blueprint for more debt, and yes, the fact that they didn’t pass a budget for over 3 years was a good talking point.  But do we really want them to have a vehicle for fast-tracking tax increases, debt ceiling increases, and other nefarious policies through reconciliation?

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The Debt Ceiling is all About Obamacare

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There is nothing more odious in a free society than politicians using the boot of government to make the most basic goods and services unaffordable for the majority of the country, thereby engendering a need for subsidization.  In one fell swoop, representatives who deviate from the Constitution have the ability to destroy the self-respect and quality of life for all but the top 1% – the very people who are reviled by these same politicians.

This is exactly what is transpiring with Obamacare implementation.  That is exactly why Republicans must use the debt ceiling to kill Obamacare while it is extremely unpopular and before its immutable dependency takes effect.

I am one of those people who buy private health insurance and am hurt by the government’s tendentious tax treatment of employer-based insurance.  I am also unlucky enough to live in Maryland, where health premiums are slated to increase as much as 150% after Obamacare is implemented.  Other people who get their insurance from employers are being laid off as a result of the ubiquitous company splits in preparation from the employer mandate.  Still others are being cut back to part time employment.

This is one of those moments where the American people expect Republicans in Washington to lay down in front of the metaphorical Obamacare tanks and stop this assault on freedom.

No, the bill will not collapse under its own weight; the country will collapse under the weight of the program.  We must make the program collapse.

Yesterday, Congressman Jim Bridenstine drew a line in the sand on this so-called Williamsburg Accord that we’ve mentioned here several weeks ago.  Pursuant to that ad hoc agreement in January, a number of good conservatives have fallen on their swords with bad votes to suspend the debt ceiling law and to fund Obamacare in the CR.  The rationale behind the agreement was that we’d push off the major fight until we can formulate a 10-year balanced budget and unite behind it.  Well, that’s what we did.  Now is the time to stand behind it.

Later this week, the House will pass the Full Faith and Credit Act, which forces the Treasury to prioritize payment of interest on the debt and Social Security treasuries in the event that the debt ceiling is breached.  It also allows the Treasury to issue more debt just for the purpose of paying that interest.  This bill must not serve as a show vote for conservatives.  It must serve as the foundation for fighting any further debt ceiling increase unless Congress agrees to pass a balanced budget.

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