GA-11: Loudermilk Leading Despite Fundraising Gap

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While there is a lot of focus on races with candidates challenging incumbents, we must not forget about some of the open seats.  In addition to knocking off incumbents, electing dedicated conservatives from open seats who are committed to changing leadership will help up us win back the party for the grassroots.  One of those candidates is Barry Loudermilk, running in the open House seat in Georgia’s 11th District to replace Rep. Phil Gingrey.  With less than four weeks less to the primaries in Georgia, we have some good news to report: Loudermilk is leading in the latest poll.

Here are the topline results:

Loudermilk 25%

Barr 23 %

Pridemore 11%

Lindsey 8%

It is important to point out that Barr was a high-profile member of Congress for many years and enjoys a much higher level of name ID than Loudermilk.  Barr has also spent twice as much as Loudermilk on campaign expenditures.  Yet, Loudermilk’s bold stance for both fiscal and social conservatism is resonating. His commitment to oppose leadership is ringing clear throughout the district.  Barr, on the other hand, is very close with John Boehner and will be a rubber stamp for the status quo.

Let’s help Barry finish strong in the final weeks so he can be well positioned to win the runoff later this summer.

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John Ratcliffe for Congress in Texas’s Fourth District

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Conservatives across the country are scrambling to take back the Republican party from the political class.  However, there are so many inherent challenges in unseating entrenched establishment Republicans who enjoy superior resources and ubiquitous name ID.  Yet, one of the most auspicious opportunities has gone undetected by many in the movement.  There is a candidate who is committed to upending the political class and likely has the best chance to succeed of any challenger this cycle. His name is John Ratcliffe; he is running in northeast Texas (Fourth District ) and he deserves our support.

John Ratcliffe reminds us a lot of Congressman Jim Bridenstine (R-OK) in many ways.  Bridesntine ran against an entrenched Republican on a platform challenging the establishment and pledging term limits.  He did so without the support of most national conservative groups, yet he won decisively on election night.  Ratcliffe has quietly run an effective campaign against Congressman Ralph Hall (R-TX), the oldest sitting member of Congress, and after less than three months he was able to draw the incumbent into a runoff.  Now is the time for conservatives to act.

Congressman Hall is an honorable man and a veteran of World War II.  But the contrast between the two candidates could not be any starker.  Whereas Hall has turned his position into a career devoid of any desire to fight the status quo, Ratcliffe is picking the arduous path to a congressional seat precisely because he wants to send a message to career politicians.

John Ratcliffe served as a small-town mayor in Heath, Texas from 2004-2012.  While every other municipality in Rockwall County raised taxes at least once during the recession years, Ratcliffe balanced the budget without ever raising taxes.  During his tenure, the city of Heath’s financial rating was upgraded several times by all of the major credit rating groups to AA.  As a popular figure who was urged to run again, Ratcliffe declined, even though there was no law limiting tenure in office.

Ratcliffe also has a wealth of experience in law enforcement and counter-terrorism; he served as Chief of Anti-Terrorism and National Security for Eastern District of Texas from 2004-2007 and was then appointed acting-U.S. Attorney for that same district.  During his time as U.S. Attorney, Ratcliffe coordinated the arrest of 300 illegal immigrants in one day and prosecuted many of them for identity theft and Social Security fraud.  John will fill the void within the party to fight against amnesty and for strong enforcement of our immigration laws.

John is a smart, articulate, and soft-spoken man who could have chosen an easy path to power.  Congressman Hall has already pledged to retire after this next term.  He could have gotten a head-start and worked within the system to take over from Hall in two years.  Instead, he is challenging a long-serving and well-respected incumbent while pre-emptively pledging term limits.  He understands that we cannot waste a solid conservative seat. Texas’ Fourth District should not be without a strong conservative voice in what is going to be the worst two years of the Obama administration.

Ratcliffe articulately sums up the problem with the status quo in the party by noting that too many incumbent Republicans are “conservative philosophically and operationally liberal,” seeking to be “tolerated by their conservative constituents instead of fighting for them.”  Ratcliffe notes how hard it is to downsize bureaucracy from his experience trying to shrink a U.S. attorney’s office and a local government.  That’s why he is leading by example with self-imposed term limits.

He is tired of the establishment Republicans taking conservative districts and acculturating them to dependency on the federal government.  As such, he is committed to phasing out all federal subsidies of local enterprise – subsidies which inevitably come with strings attached.  As a successful small-town mayor, Ratcliffe understands that local governments are hamstrung by federal control of functions that are inherently local in nature and will push to devolve those functions to the states.

Ratcliffe’s message is clearly resonating.  After just three months of campaigning, he has held one of the longest serving members of Congress – who has never received less than 50% of the vote in any of the 18 counties in the district – to under 50% district-wide.  John actually won two counties outright in the first round.

He is on the precipice of turning the tide for the May 27 runoff.  If conservatives fail to join the fight we will waste this seat for another two years and run the risk of paving the road for an establishment candidate to replace him in 2016.  Or we could rally behind John Ratcliffe and help change leadership immediately.  The choice is clear.

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A McConnell Majority vs. an Enduring Majority

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One of the more trenchant lines delivered from the podium at CPAC last week was Sarah Palin’s zinger regarding the GOP “Beltway Boys”: “You didn’t build that. The Tea Party did.”  Palin was referring to the GOP House majority acquired through the 2010 midterm elections, but the same observation is apropos for the potential to win a Senate majority this year.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never met someone who shares the worldview of the Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin or Senator Mitch McConnell’s NRSC minions at a phone bank or door-to-door canvassing event for Republican candidates.  And I’m referring to general elections as well as primaries.

The relationship between the grassroots and the establishment during elections years has always been one-directional. When we beat the establishment in primaries, they often decline to endorse our candidates in the general election and actively work against them.  However, when our candidates lose, we work our tails off to ensure that the Democrat is defeated.

We all united behind the goal of defeating Pelosi in 2010, even in states where the Republican candidate was a hackneyed old-bull or establishment tool.

In 2012, when the GOP nominee was an anathema to everything we have been fighting for, we mustered the gumption to organize for him/her in a united effort to defeat Obama. Ironically, it was some of the biggest establishment cheerleaders who turned on Romney when the going got rough in the general election.

This year we stand at the precipice with the united goal of defeating Senator Harry Reid, the worst Senate leader in American history, a man who has completely gutted the Senate as a deliberative body.  We all know that when the chips are down in the fall, it is the grassroots who will be working indefatigably to defeat Democrats, even in states with milquetoast Republican candidates.

We have always built the majorities, yet the GOP beltway boys have always dismantled our majorities and disenfranchised us by voting with Democrats on key policy initiatives.  As such, it’s only fair that we have a say in choosing the nominees for whom we will work our butts off to elect in the fall.

An indeed, if we don’t work hard in the primaries, Republicans might still win back the majority (although if McConnell wins the primary, he might cost us the majority by losing his seat), but here is what to expect from the anointed leader:

“This election season, Republicans led by Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky are taking a much harder line as they sense the majority within reach. Top congressional Republicans and their allies are challenging the advocacy groups head on in an aggressive effort to undermine their credibility. The goal is to deny them any Senate primary victories, cut into their fund-raising and diminish them as a future force in Republican politics.

I think we are going to crush them everywhere,” Mr. McConnell, the Senate Republican leader, said in an interview, referring to the network of activist organizations working against him and two Republican incumbents in Kansas and Mississippi while engaging in a handful of other contests. “I don’t think they are going to have a single nominee anywhere in the country.”

If only McConnell showed such moxie against Reid and Obama on passing liberal legislation and raising the debt ceiling!

But let’s travel together into a fantasy land for a moment and assume that McConnell is personally a genuine conservative.  Let’s assume that he is merely hamstrung by being in the minority, but will fight like hell for conservatives as the newly-minted majority leader.  At best, he is likely to preside over a tenuous majority of 51-52 seats.  Facing such a united Democrat opposition, wouldn’t he want the most reliable conservative votes in order to navigate through the legislative process?

Yet, McConnell has said he will work to reelect every single liberal incumbent and ensure that conservative grassroots are defeated “anywhere in the country.”  Again, let’s assume that McConnell is chomping at the bit to push a conservative legislative agenda; why in the world would he want to reelect Senators like Lamar Alexander, Thad Cochran, and Lindsey Graham from bright red states like Tennessee, Mississippi, and South Carolina?

Putting aside those “troublesome” groups like Heritage Action for a moment, these members have terrible scores even from McConnell’s pro-amnesty allies at the American “Conservative” Union.  Cochran and Alexander each scored a 60 and Graham scored a 68.  And in the case of Graham, not only does he often vote with Democrats, he actually relishes dissenting from the party and spearheading liberal initiatives while whipping votes for Senator Chuck Schumer.  Lindsey Graham is a nightmare for any party leader who wants to push a united conservative front.

The other backbenchers can be picked off at any moment.  And even those like Senator Pat Roberts (R-KS) will clearly revert to his Kathleen Sebelius days were he to win his primary and no longer fear a reprisal from conservatives.  Wouldn’t a committed conservative leader of a small majority  – even one who is not necessarily a Tea Party type – want reliable fighters like Milton Wolf and Chris McDaniel, especially given the fact that they hail from states with no viable Democrat challenger?

But, alas, we must relinquish that tantalizing thought and return to reality.  Indeed Mitch McConnell is not committed to one iota of a conservative agenda.

It is precisely because he is a finger lickin’ fraud – one who evinces a conservative image back home but stabs us in the back in D.C. – that he wants people like Graham, Alexander, and Cochran to remain in the Senate.  He wants them to be reliable votes for “must-pass” Democrat bills that he doesn’t want to publicly support.

It is precisely because, as George Will has suggested, McConnell wants to pass amnesty, that he would never support real conservative candidates.

It is precisely because he supports the agenda of K Street and his money-bundlers that he needs liberal Republicans to muddle up the conference.

It is precisely because McConnell becomes even more liberal when in the majority that he doesn’t want any bold reformers pushing bold legislation during a presidential cycle.

And it is precisely because of the prospect of McConnell presiding over a majority populated by failed politicians that we must take action now.

It’s time to build an enduring majority.

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RELEASE: Madison Project PAC Endorses Dr. Bob Johnson for Congress in Georgia’s First District

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March 10, 2014

Contact: Mary Vought


Fort Worth, TX – The Madison Project PAC, the first conservative PAC to endorse Ted Cruz (R-TX), announced today that it is endorsing Dr. Bob Johnson for Congress in Georgia’s First District:

“For those who are looking for the prototype of a Tea Party candidate, Dr. Bob Johnson is the superlative example,” said Drew Ryun, Political Director of the Madison Project. “As a former Army Ranger, full-time cancer surgeon, small business owner, and articulate conservative, Dr. Johnson is the perfect candidate to send to Congress at this critical time. His intuitive common sense and impressive background has imbued him with a strong set of conservative principles and policy ideas, the likes of which we’ve seen in few candidates this cycle.  As a doctor and a veteran, he will serve as an effective voice for free market healthcare reform and restructuring our military to meet 21st century challenges.  As a strong Christian, he will not shy away from defending religious liberty and the institution of marriage, even if the GOP establishment is scared to fight back on those critical issues.

“Dr. Johnson will move beyond the platitudes and talking points to push for conservative solutions, even if that means confronting party leadership.  There is nobody on par with Dr. Johnson in this race; he will fight for us every day of his self-term-limited tenure in Washington and we are proud to make him our choice for Congress in Georgia’s First District.”

The official endorsement can be viewed here.

The Madison Project supports and raises money for conservative candidates that have demonstrated a commitment to full-spectrum conservatism. The Madison Project website can be found at


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Dr. Bob Johnson For Congress in Georgia’s First District

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The open U.S. Senate seat in Georgia has created a number of vacancies in the state’s U.S. House delegation, providing Republican voters with an opportunity to utilize this red state to elect constitutional conservatives.  With Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA) vacating the seat in the First Congressional district, we can either move this seat to the right or elect a failed career politician.  Our choice is to elect Dr. Bob Johnson, a career Army Ranger, surgeon, small business owner, and articulate conservative grassroots candidate.

For those who are looking for the prototype of a Tea Party candidate, Dr. Johnson is the superlative example.  He spent most of his adult life in the military as an Army Ranger and a doctor.  He also served as a surgeon in a military hospital for four years. After retiring from the service in 2001, Johnson opened up a private practice specializing in head and neck cancer surgery.

Although he never engaged in politics until he announced his bid for Congress last year, his intuitive common sense and impressive background has imbued him with a strong set of conservative principles and policy ideas, the likes of which we’ve seen in few candidates this cycle.

Dr. Johnson is the epitome of a candidate who doesn’t need, or necessarily want, this job.  He is pledging term limits and plans to return to private life after serving in Congress.  In fact, he continues to work as a surgeon while campaigning on nights and on weekends.  But he realized that the country is deteriorating and that there is no viable alternative party in Washington.  By default, this seat would have lurched even farther to the left with state senator Buddy Carter (R-GA) as the presumptive nominee.  Johnson feared that south Georgia would be stuck with another Boehner yes-man instead of a fighter for constitutional free-market policy solutions and conservative traditional values.

Speaking with Dr. Johnson about the issues was a pleasure because he moves beyond the talking points and commits to specific solutions.

As a veteran and a physician, Johnson recognizes that he is well qualified to speak out on foreign, military, and veterans’ affairs.

He has articulated the problems with the void of free market healthcare financing (even before Obamacare) more than most other candidates.  To that end, he will boldly push for reforms of our broken government-run veterans’ healthcare system and will not be intimidated by the Democrats’ use of veterans as political human shields. In fact, he will boldly pin the blame of poor quality healthcare on the failing VA system and advocate for a more private system with better quality care, cheaper costs, and quicker delivery.

As someone who is uniquely experienced in counter-terrorism, Johnson will fight GOP leaders on their policy of open borders and their myopic immigration priorities.  Johnson will have no problem telling the insecure establishment politicians and their overpaid lobbyists  they can’t buy amnesty with K-Street money.

As someone who worked on national security issues in the military, Johnson is running to fill the vacuum in the Republican Party on military and foreign affairs.  He will fight against the administration’s war on the military, which includes the downsizing of our core assets, dyslexic rules of engagement, and social experimentation.

As a strong Christian and believer in the 10th Amendment, Dr. Bob will not shy away from speaking out against unelected judges redefining marriage and coercing private citizens to accommodate the alternative lifestyles of the radical left.

Despite working as a full-time surgeon, Johnson has been outspoken on every legislative battle during this campaign, letting voters know exactly where he would stand in the current intra-party divide.

Johnson will fight for us every day of his self-term-limited tenure in Washington.  But if we don’t rally behind him, we will be stuck with liberal Buddy Carter.  Carter is the quintessential career politician who has spent years in Atlanta pushing tax increases on transportation, energy, and the internet.  He advocated against fighting Obamacare on a state level and doesn’t seem to be too outraged by the law, noting during his campaign kickoff speech that the law “so far is not so bad.”

The contrast cannot be any starker and the choice is ours to make.  Over the years, we have ignored quiet open-seat House races like this one and have paid dearly by electing the wrong Republicans.  It’s time for the movement to take yes for an answer and rally to Dr. Johnson for the May 20th Primary and the ensuing runoff.

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The Great Establishment Deception on Winning Back Senate

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The unambiguous strategy of the GOP establishment this year has been to avoid any and all confrontation in the hopes of gliding into a Senate majority in 2015.  To that end, they have capitulated on all of the major leverage points, passed a number of Democrat spending bills, and are in the process of pushing “small-ball” legislation in the House so as not to rock the boat before November.

This pusillanimous strategy is predicated on the false hope that a bare-minimum Senate majority – comprised of the same Republicans who support these Democrat priorities – will somehow alter the landscape in Washington.  They are misleading conservative and GOP activists into thinking that as long as the GOP can hold tight on the status quo until 2015 we will enjoy robust power to push for conservative priorities thereafter.

The reality is that nothing will change in 2015.  Irrespective of the outcome in November, Republicans will control the House and have the ability to block bad legislation.  On the other hand, President Obama will still be in the White House for another two years.  Consequently, the addition of six more Senate seats with the current incumbent leaders and rank-and-file members will not change the legislative dynamic.

Republicans who lack the will or principles to fight on major issues will still use Obama’s obstructionism as the baseline for excuses not to advocate bold initiatives.  Whether it’s a debt ceiling or a budget bill, they will fear brinkmanship with Obama as much as they do now.

What about blocking bad bills?  Certainly Republicans will have the power to do so if they win back the Senate, won’t they?

Well, they already have the power to stop bad bills with control of the House, yet, time and again, we have seen a de facto Democrat super-majority in the Senate pass harmful legislation only to be rubber-stamped by the House – or at least open for consideration.

Unless we elect the right candidates for Senate, a weak GOP majority would still net enough votes to pass amnesty, an internet sales tax, omnibus bills, highway bills, or the anti-liberty “ENDA” bill.

Moreover, in some respects, these same Republicans will be even more frightened to fight for a bold conservative agenda in 2015.  As much as they would have us believe that a GOP Senate-majority is the road to the Promised Land, it will be overshadowed by the presidential election the minute they take office.

If Republicans are recalcitrant to stand for anything ahead of a midterm election, imagine how fearful they will be to even stick their fingers in the wind with the White House at stake.

“Well, we can’t get anything done without the White House anyway,” they will contend.  “Let’s not undermine the effort to win the presidency by picking fights with Obama.”

The entirety of the 114th Congress will be driven by fear of 2016.

Ok, but wait until 2017 when Republicans control everything.  Then they will really fight for a decisive conservative agenda and will overturn every inimical policy of the Obama administration.

Maybe in some dreamland, folks.

With control of all branches of government, and the undivided responsibility that comes with such power, Republicans will be even more indisposed to roll back big government.  “How can we risk losing power?”

Furthermore, let’s remember that many of the same arguments promulgated by Republicans in the minority will persist even when they are in control of the White House.  These same hackneyed politicians have already agreed to the Democrat premise of default.  So they will feel compelled to raise the debt ceiling even with full control of the government.

The current crew of GOP leaders has already agreed to the Democrat premise on immigration.  That will not change when they are in the majority.

They have already accepted the notion of a permanent federal control over transportation and agriculture policy.  That will not change when they are in power.

Republicans have made it clear that they will not publicly fight back against the growing anti-religious–liberty agenda forcing alternative lifestyles on private citizens and organizations.

In fact, these same non-leaders tend to be at their best specifically when they are in the minority.  The allurement of power only moves them to the left when they are the majority party in Washington.

Hence, whether we are talking about 2015, 2017, or well beyond, there is never an end-game for these politicians.  The pursuit of power over principle; the quest for authority for its own sake is a circuitous cycle of failure.

The only way to end the failed cycle of politics is to change the way we approach primaries.  This year would be a great time to start.

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RELEASE: Madison Project Endorses Paul Broun for Senate in Georgia

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014 and is filed under Blog, Elections

Throughout this election cycle we have looked far and wide to find fresh conservative patriots who are running for Congress to challenge the status quo in both parties.  But sometimes the biggest champion is right under our noses. In the case of the U.S. Senate race in Georgia, we have a man who has not only talked a good conservative game during the primaries, he has fought for us relentlessly like no other U.S. House member over the past seven years.

His name is Dr. Paul Broun, and he deserves our support.

Many elected Republicans lay claim to a conservative voting record.  And many Republican candidates promise to deliver the world to conservative primary voters.  Yet, few come to the ankles of Paul Broun in terms of a proven commitment to constitutional governance.  It is not an exaggeration to say that Congressman Paul Broun (R-GA) has sustained the most conservative voting record over the longest period of time of any sitting Republican in Congress.  Even the fiercest conservative fighters tend to succumb to the establishment meat grinder after a few years.  Paul Broun has been inviolable.

Paul Broun spent most of his adult life practicing family medicine in Georgia.  He has also served for decades in the military; first as a jet engine mechanic in the U. S. Marine Corps Reserves, and then as a medical officer in the U. S. Navy Reserves.  Dr. Broun was re-commissioned as a Lieutenant Commander in the U.S. Naval Reserve Medical Corps in 2010 at the age of 64.  He was deployed to Afghanistan in 2012 as a sitting member of Congress to treat soldiers wounded in combat.

In 2007, Paul Broun ran for Congress in a special election to fill the vacancy in the 10th district after Rep. Charlie Norwood (R-GA) passed away.  Throughout his career, Broun has consistently been underestimated, yet he has always over-performed.  Nobody expected him to make it to the runoff, but he forced the establishment favorite into a second round, albeit as a heavy underdog.  He shocked the political world by winning the runoff in July.  The political class was immediately threatened by such a resilient conservative.  They referred to him as the “accidental Congressman” and promised to defeat him in 2008.  The following year, Broun was challenged by the state House Majority Leader in a primary.  Broun crushed him 71%-29%.  He proved he was no accidental congressman.

From the day he took office, Broun has been in a league of his own.  It’s not just his perfect voting record, or his vote against Boehner as Speaker, that makes him special.  There are several other new members who share that status.  It’s that he is one of the few members who has sustained that perfect record over a long period of time.  Also, even the best members need some hand-holding and coercing to withstand the pressure to go along with party leadership; Paul Broun is undaunted and undeterred by the D.C. establishment.

Broun is the most reliable member when we need someone to block bad bills and even vote against the procedural motions to consider such legislation.  But he has also introduced some of the best positive conservative legislation in Congress.  His Patient Option Act is the most free market oriented health care bill in Congress; he has authored the strongest Balanced Budget Amendment that has been proposed, and he has introduced the best right-to-carry reciprocity bill.  Broun has consistently led the charge against illegal immigration, has never requested an earmark, and has proposed more spending cuts in appropriation bills than any Member of Congress.  Broun in the true embodiment of a full-spectrum conservative on fiscal, social, and national defense issues.

Some conservatives have expressed concern that despite Broun’s impregnable conservative credentials, he would not have the ability to run a disciplined statewide campaign.  The establishment, who views him as the consummate threat of the election cycle, likes to dub him as “the next Todd Akin.”  The reality is that Paul Broun has run the most effective and on-message campaign of any of the primary candidates.  He has a strong base of support in every part of the state and the most passionate and dedicated ground-game of a campaign we’ve observed this election cycle.

Ironically, it is one of Broun’s opponents, Rep. Phil Gingrey (R-GA), who directly echoed Todd Akin’s comments.  Also, while Broun is focused relentlessly on Obamacare and downsizing government, the other fellow congressman in the race, Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA), is constantly admitting defeat on Obamacare.  Moreover, Broun’s strong leadership has consistently shifted the two House members to the right, giving rise to an inside joke about Broun having “three votes” in Congress.

Broun’s other major opponents, former Secretary of State of Georgia, Karen Handel and David Perdue, are trying to run as outsiders who will fix the mess of those already in Washington.  But Paul Broun is more of an outsider than when he was first elected and is certainly less of a creature of the symptom of the D.C. disease than his opponents.  The notion that one of these candidates would hold a candle to Broun in terms of a perfect record for their entire career, fighting the establishment, and sponsoring solid legislation pertaining to all three facets of conservatism is absurd.

It’s time for conservatives to unite behind a doctor, soldier, citizen legislator, and proven constitutional warrior.  At this point, there is no rationale for conservatives to remain silent when the stakes are so high and with a promising opportunity to send a ‘Navy SEAL of conservative warfare’ to the Senate – a body full of spineless Republicans.

The primary will be held on May 20 and the top two vote-getters will head to a runoff on July 22.  It is incumbent upon conservatives to send a strong message and rocket Dr. Broun to the top on primary day, and if necessary, do the same on July 22.

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RELEASE: Madison Project Endorses Igor Birman for Congress in California’s 7th District

Friday, February 7th, 2014 and is filed under Elections

It’s not too often that we find an opportunity to win a congressional seat in California away from the Democrats with a young, vivacious, rock-solid conservative.  It’s even more exciting that with this race we have a chance to strike a blow to the liberal wing of the party while concurrently building a conservative bench in a state that has slipped rapidly from our grasp.  Igor Birman is presenting us with such an opportunity in the Sacramento-based 7th Congressional district this year.

When we first initiated the Madison Performance Index we were motivated by the observation that there are so many lukewarm Republicans representing solid conservative districts.  As such, we have embarked on a plan to help elect more consistent conservatives from the reddest parts of the country.  However, we must not forsake the rest of the country to the forces of big government either.

One of the unintended consequences from conservatives completely abandoning states like California is that we are ceding seats in districts that are still winnable – if we only tried to compete.  All that is left of the California GOP is a bunch of Democrat-lite candidates who can’t even win lean-Republican or swing districts in the general election.  Although California’s 7th district is rated “even” on the Cook Partisan Voter Index, it is actually a very winnable seat, especially in an off-year election punctuated by a profound sense of disquiet over Obamacare.  Freshman Democrat Ami Berra, who is to the left of Rep. Nancy Pelosi, is one of the most vulnerable Democrats this cycle. But why should conservatives settle for a pale-pastel alternative?

Igor Birman is not willing to cede winnable seats to Democrats and liberal Republicans.  He wants to help Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA) build a conservative bench in at least part of the state, and has stepped up to the plate.

Igor is one of the most unique candidates of the 2014 cycle.  He fled the Soviet Union, when the iron curtain collapsed, at the tender age of 12.  Coming to America as a Jewish-Russian refugee and experiencing the oppression of centralized government, Igor has a passion and commitment to liberty and constitutional government like few others.  After graduating law school from Emory, Igor joined Rep. Tom McClintock’s campaign in 2008.  He later became Chief of Staff for McClintock after he was elected.

During his time in Washington, Birman has helped McClintock remain one of the fiercest conservative fighters in Congress.  With a front row seat over the past few years, Igor is not only schooled on all of the policy issues, he understands the political dynamics and pressures that confront new conservative members of Congress.  He is fully aware of the political chicanery from GOP leadership and is committed to joining the cadre of members trying to give the House leaders a much-needed face-lift.

As a young and energetic conservative with an immigrant background, Igor is a superlative example of the 21st century constitutionalists we seek to help elect.  Given his family’s history in the former Soviet Union, Igor is particularly virulent in his desire to fight infringements on our civil liberties.  He is also a great messenger for the true immigration reform at a time when we must fight our own party to stop amnesty.

With the help of a broad coalition, Rep. Berra is eminently beatable.  However, if we fail to rally behind Igor, we will be stuck with one of the most liberal candidates of the cycle as an alternative.  Igor’s main Republican primary challenger, former Rep. Doug Ose, voted with the far left of the Republican Party on an array of issues as a member of Congress last decade.  Ose has a voting record full of “bigger government,” abortion funding, gun control, and support of illegal immigrants.  He even co-founded the RINO group, Republican Main Street Partnership.  It’s likely that he will receive a lot of help from them and their big labor money this year.  Ose represents the left foul line of the Republican Party.

The other Republican candidate, Elizabeth Emken, lobbied for Obamacare in 2009.

There is perhaps no other primary which exemplifies a bolder contrast between the two wings of the Republican Party than the race for California 7th District.  Given the high stakes of the outcome, this is a race conservatives cannot afford to ignore.  We must all rally for Igor Birman on June 3rd.

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Release: Madison Project PAC Endorses Alex Mooney for Congress in West Virginia’s Second District

Monday, January 27th, 2014 and is filed under Press

Mooney will be a principled conservative voice for West Virginians. 

The Madison Project PAC, the first conservative PAC to endorse Ted Cruz (R-TX), announced today that it is endorsing Alex Mooney for Congress in West Virginia’s Second District:

“When we research candidates that have held prior elected office, we hold their voting record to the same level of scrutiny as we do the words they use in their campaign speeches and political rhetoric –– few pass that scrutiny as well as Alex Mooney,” said Drew Ryun of the Madison Project. “It is rare for veterans of public service to have a rock-solid record of conservative votes as well as challenging the status quo leadership in both parties that Mooney does. His record is a testament to his steadfast leadership ability. It is with the utmost confidence that we endorse Mooney for Congress, as we are certain that he will be a principled conservative voice for West Virginians.”

Daniel Horowitz of the Madison Project said: “We are proud to endorse Alex Mooney for Congress because we know that on top of saying the right things to rally grassroots conservatives, and advocating for our principles, Mooney has a history of actually backing up his words with actions and resolve. He was a Tea Party conservative long before the movement took hold with a history of beating establishment candidates. West Virginia is on the precipice of transforming into a solid Republican state, and Mooney gives it the opportunity to become a truly conservative state with a representative in Washington that will fight for issues important to reaffirming our Republic.”

The official endorsement can be viewed here.

The Madison Project supports and raises money for conservative candidates that have demonstrated a commitment to full-spectrum conservatism. The Madison Project website can be found at

Contact: Mary Vought,


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Alex Mooney for Congress in West Virginia’s Second Congressional District

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West Virginia’s Second Congressional District is one of the fastest-trending Republican areas in the country.  President Obama lost every county in the district, most of them by a substantial margin.  With moderate Congresswoman Shelly Moore Capito (R-WV) vacating the seat to run for the U.S. Senate, conservatives have a prime opportunity to move this seat to the right.  Unfortunately, the race to succeed her is full of liberal and lackluster candidates.  Enter Alex Mooney into the picture, and West Virginia Republicans are presented with a bold contrast and the opportunity to grow a conservative bench within the state.

Alex Mooney entered politics in Maryland as an anti-establishment, grassroots conservative and he remains one today, fighting for West Virginia conservatives.  In 1998, he challenged the pro-abortion Senate Minority Whip in a primary. Mooney crushed him 63%-37%, and represented the Fredrick-based district in Maryland for 12 years.  During his tenure as a lonely conservative in an increasingly Democrat state, Mooney pushed his party to actually confront the majority instead of acquiescing to them.  He was one of only three Republicans to vote against liberal Mike Miller to be President of the Maryland Senate.

Most importantly, he was a fighter.  Mooney fought the liberals in both parties on taxes, spending, gun control, abortion, special rights for homosexuals, and nanny-state restrictions.  He led filibusters against gun control and anti-religious-liberty bills, forcing Democrats to remove him from the Judicial Proceedings Committee.

His effective voice against the Democrats, in conjunction with changing demographics in his district, made him a prime target for liberals.  In 2010, Mike Miller and the Democrats pumped in loads of money to his opponent in order to defeat him.  Despite the fact that Obama carried his district by 10 points, Mooney stood and fought.  He has always been an assiduous campaigner who fights for every vote, but he came up short by just two points.

Mooney made plans to run for Congress in western Maryland two years later, but Democrats egregiously spliced up this conservative district making it nearly impossible to win.  Fed up with the incorrigible oligarchy in Maryland, Mooney joined many of his fellow Maryland conservatives in seeking shelter in the West Virginia panhandle, a 15-mile drive from Fredrick.

One would expect a staunchly pro-life district that opposed Obama by a 22-point margin to have a strong bench of conservatives.  But all of the major candidates are liberal Republicans.  Former state Delegate Charlotte Lane is pro-abortion and in favor of gun control.  Ken Reed just became a Republican but is still pro-choice.  And Ron Walters has received a boatload of money from trial lawyers.  Fearing this conservative open seat would fall to a Rockefeller Republican, Mooney stepped up to the plate to give voice to West Virginia conservatives with the years’ of experience he has fighting liberals in both parties.  Just as Alex’s mother was a refugee of Castro’s Cuba; Alex became a conservative refugee from Maryland.

Alex has run an indefatigable campaign and has united local Tea Party activists against the establishment Republicans in the state and in Washington.  After giving conservatives an opportunity to support a pro-life conservative in a GOP primary 16 years ago, Alex has come full circle and is once again providing bold conservative principles in a race full of pro-choice moderates.

West Virginia is on the precipice of transforming into a solid Republican state.  However, the Republican bench is still quite small, and the conservative bench is even smaller.  We can either establish a GOP presence built upon Reagan conservative principles or we can squander the opportunity and let it fall in the hands of the status quo moderate Republicans.  Alex Mooney is leading the way down the Reagan path.  Let’s help him blaze that trail in the May 13th primary.

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