My appearance on ABC News/Yahoo News’ Topline Program

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In case you missed it, here is my interview with Rick Klein of ABC News and Olivier Knox of Yahoo News.

From the fight over Obamacare to Ted Cruz to the 2014 primary season-we discuss it all and more.

My Interview With Neil Cavuto

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Yesterday I had the chance to go on Fox News with Neil Cavuto to discuss the recent fight to defund Obamacare, Senator Ted Cruz and the betrayal of conservatives by Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. To view that interview, click here.

The fact of the matter is that we can win this fight in Washington, DC. We just cannot win it with the current make-up of the Republican Party, especially those in the United States Senate. Do we need whole scale change? In a perfect world, yes. In reality, all we really need is two more Senators like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee to win in the 2014 election cycle. We accomplish that and we are on the path to victory.

“I won’t Defund It” by the Meatloaf Caucus

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We’ve been posting videos from supporters of defunding Obamacare.  It’s only fair we give equal time to the opposition.

Our friend, Bill McKubby, radio show host/DJ from south Georgia, put this together last night.  It was inspired by Erick Erickson’s recent post The Meatloaf Caucus.

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The Two Faces of the GOP in One Picture

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If you wanted to get a glimpse of how far apart the GOP old-bulls are from those who represent the values of the grassroots, look no further than this video clip from the State of the Union Address.  While Obama was announcing his support for amnesty on demand, John McCain shot up from his chair and started dancing, along with his good friend Chuck Schumer.  Meanwhile, Ted Cruz is sitting by evincing the expression that most Americans were at the time of Obama’s incoherent praise for illegal immigrants.

Our Champions in Action

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Most of our elected Republican leaders are filled with the ranks of milquetoast double-talkers who stand for nothing.  It’s refreshing to watch our few conservative champions in action.  Here are two videos of two different conservatives who excelled yesterday in their duties.  Rand Paul showed the senior senators how to grill Hilliary on Benghazi and Rep. Tom McClintock eloquently deracinated the entire premise of the House-passed debt ceiling plan.

This is what we are looking is prospective candidates this year.

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40 Years Since the Travesty of Roe vs. Wade

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Today is the fortieth anniversary of the infamous Supreme Court decision that denied states the right to restrict abortions, thereby paving the road for 55 million killings of precious life.  Back in 1973, there were no sonograms or sophisticated digital technology that could convey the truth that babies in the womb are very well developed at quite an early stage in the pregnancy.  It was easy for people to debate this issue with disregard to the life that is affected – as if it were some piece of cartilage.  Well, times have changed, and now we know what is inside the womb.  Please take a moment to watch this video showing how sophisticated the development of a baby is from early on in the womb.

While the technology has changed, the insouciance of liberals towards the life of the unborn has not changed.  It’s amazing how they shed crocodile tears over enhanced interrogations for vile terrorists or the death penalty for murderers, yet they have no problem with violently killing the most innocent life.  In that sense, the entire morally dyslexic philosophy of liberalism begins with their celebration of abortion.

While they claim that they view abortion as a necessary evil, that assertion fails to account for their aggressive pursuit of a “leave no abortion behind” policy.  It fails to explain why Obama voted against criminalizing the act of killing babies after they were born from botched abortions in Chicago hospitals.  Indeed, it is the issue of abortion that tells us everything we need to know about the left and their perverse ideology.

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Arguing Conservatism from a Position of Strength With Ted Cruz

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The problem with those who control the GOP is not just ideological.  Some of them might harbor conservative convictions deep down in their soul, but their are incapable of articulating them on a national stage.  Take a look at this interview with Texas Senator Ted Cruz.  He deftly responds to typical media questions with answers that are not just unflinchingly conservative, but articulate and savvy as well.  Yes, Ted Cruz was worth fighting for, and we are proud to be one of the first organizations to endorse him:

Conservative Leaders on Fiscal Cliff

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Heritage: Obama’s Time Line of Lies Regarding Benghazi

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012 and is filed under Videos

Check out this video from the Heritage Foundation that completely demolishes the administration’s lies regarding the Benghazi attack.