Why We Always Lose, and the Need for 21st Century Conservatives

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Ever since the 1930s, or perhaps the times of Woodrow Wilson and the progressives, we’ve ceased to function as a constitutional republic governed by our founding laws.  Instead we have transitioned into a pure democracy government by majority rule.  The tyrannical rule of a majority of the political class, in conjunction with the lack of courage from those who claim to represent We the People, has bequeathed us with a losing equation for almost a century.

There is an imbalance of power inherent in the political system of any pure democracy, in that the forces of tyranny have a built-in advantage over the defenders of freedom. It takes but one legislative or administrative victory for statism to succeed in guiding society on an indelible path towards socialism.  As long as the media and societal institutions manipulate 51% of the population to elect 51% majorities for any big government proposal, they secure a permanent victory.  The forces of freedom are never strong enough to overturn a government intervention once the dependency takes root.

On the other hand, we don’t have the ability to perpetuate the lack of government intervention.  Even if we succeed in blocking a proposal, they will try a second, third, or fourth time until they are successful.  Hence, when liberals failed to institute a government takeover of healthcare in 1993, they tried again the next time they won unfettered power, and achieved their dream.  If our approach to governance is to consummate liberal programs into law when we have a seat at the table, we will never slow the inexorable slide into socialism.

We have approximately 77 welfare programs, and the best we can do is offer some minor tweaks.

We have government-run healthcare for seniors and complete federal control over our retirement, yet those two failed programs have become untouchable.

We have officious federal involvement in agriculture, housing, education, energy, and local transportation, yet all we can do is nibble around the edges.

We stand today at the precipice of enacting the worst government program ever.  We have two choices: we can continue funding Obamacare, only to find ourselves discussing modest tweaks to the law in 10 years from now – not unlike the way we are forced to approach Medicare now.  Or we can end the cycle of big government by forcing a fight to the death over this cancer to our country before it take effect.  It is that simple.  There are no other options.  Anyone who opposes the defund effort before the law takes effect is essentially admitting that Obamacare will become enshrined into the welfare state forever.

Some figures in the beltway conservative intelligentsia are scoffing at the idea, asserting that we will have better opportunities to get rid of Obamacare.  Others ask why we are not pushing budget brinkmanship over other conservative policy priorities if we think it will work with Obamacare.  These people are overlooking several factors:

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Mitch McConnell Rolls Over Before Obama’s Radical Labor Nominee

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Here’s a text book example how Mitch McConnell speaks loudly and carries a white flag when dealing with President Obama and Harry Reid.

Two weeks ago, McConnell sent his minions out to cut a deal allowing all of Obama’s radical nominees to pass through the senate confirmation process, albeit without his finger prints on them.  A compromise usually contains elements from which both sides must agree to give some ground.  But the McConnell compromise gave Obama everything he wanted.  They agreed to confirm Richard Cordray for the new Dodd-Frank agency, Gina McCarthy to head the EPA, and Tom Perez as Secretary of Labor.

So what did Republicans get in return?  Obama had to withdraw his two nominees to the National Labor Relations Board.  But here’s the catch.  Republicans unilaterally agreed to approve any replacements.  As we all know, there is no lack of radically pro-union officials in Washington.  So a few hours later, with the consultation of the AFL-CIO, Obama nominated former AFL-CIO counsel Nancy Schiffer and the current chief council at the NLRP Kent Hirozawa.

Earlier today, McConnell and 10 of his RINOs voted for cloture on the Hirozawa nomination.  He might vote against him in the end, but this vote is the one that counts; it ensures that this pro-union radical gets confirmed.  Once confirmed, these people will promulgate pro-union rules that help fill the coffers of those who help defeat the Republican Party.

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We Can’t Even Pass Good Bills Anymore

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Over the past few months, I’ve been advocating for a proactive strategy on immigration.  It would be great for conservatives to go on offense and highlight Obama’s callous disregard for the rule of law.  They should pass enforcement bills and block funding for Obama’s amnesty programs in budget bills.  Unfortunately, because we are not blessed with control over the levers of power, any attempt to address this issue – even in a conservative pro-active way – will backfire.

Earlier today, Politico quoted a leadership aide who summed up exactly what we believe to be leadership’s strategy on immigration:

“Our members, by and large, want to get something done. They’d like to get a solution, but we’re not going to be taking up a comprehensive bill. So, to the extent that you really do want to get something done, you better start trying to figure out how to do it through a piecemeal process. We’re not going to suddenly collapse into a comprehensive bill.

“The odds of this are very low, but at the end of a process — if we’re able to advance some piecemeal bills — you could potentially get something broader. There’s the growing understanding in our party that we’ve got to deal with the legalization/citizenship issue, but that doesn’t affect the desire to get the enforcement right. So if you’re going to go and start stitching something together, our guys are going to have to have the enforcement stuff under their belt — border security, internal enforcement, E-Verify, all that.

“We are never, ever going to put immigration into an open-ended conference [committee with the Senate], because it could give rise to motions to instruct on the floor, and we’re not going to expose our members to that. So, if you’re going to have a comprehensive bill, you’re going to have to get a bunch of stuff individually through the House, and then you’re going to have to negotiate what we would call a pre-conference bill and it would basically have to be written. Then you would go into conference and come out right away with the bill.”

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Press Release: Madison Project PAC Endorses Matt Bevin for Senate in Kentucky

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For Immediate Release:

July 29, 2013

Contact: Daniel Horowitz



Madison Project PAC Endorses Matt Bevin for Senate in Kentucky

Madison Project Chairman Jim Ryun“The only way to change the lackluster leadership in the Republican Party is to replace the career politicians who lead the party. Matt Bevin is brave enough to storm the castle of the GOP Establishment and challenge the sitting minority leader, and we are proud to stand with him and with millions of conservatives who feel disenfranchised by unprincipled GOP leaders like Mitch McConnell.”

Washington, DC – The Madison Project PAC announced today that it is endorsing Louisville businessman Matt Bevin for Senate against Senator Mitch McConnell in next year’s Republican primary for Senate.

“Earlier this year, Senator Rand Paul illustrated the problem with the GOP establishment by noting that they have grown stale and moss-covered,” said Daniel Horowitz of the Madison Project. “After 28 years in the Senate and over 10 years in leadership, Senator Mitch McConnell has become the embodiment of stale moss-covered leadership.  It’s not just his votes for Democrat proposals, such as open borders, bailouts, fiscal cliff tax hikes, debt limit increases, green energy stimulus, and funding for Obamacare, it is the fact that McConnell has refused to use his leadership role to fight for conservatives.  On so many major legislative battles important to conservatives, McConnell has refused to fight and has remained ambiguous about his own position until he felt a clear signal from his political weather vane.  His behavior during the amnesty fight is a consummate example of McConnell following from behind instead of leading from the front.

Moreover, there is widespread fear among conservatives in the state that McConnell will lose the seat in the general election.  It is an embarrassment that in a state Romney carried by 23 points with 116 of 120 counties, McConnell needs to run another $20 million scorched-earth campaign to eke out a narrow victory.  With control of the Senate at stake, there is no reason we should waste tens of millions bailing out a failed unprincipled senator.  Mitch McConnell should heed the advice he gave to Jim Bunning in 2009 and put the best interests of the party and conservatives ahead of his waning career.”

“We are proud to endorse Matt Bevin, a bold change in the direction of principled conservatism,” said Drew Ryun of the Madison Project.  “Matt has lived the American Dream, coming from virtually nothing to grow multiple businesses and create jobs.  As a family man, philanthropist, and successful entrepreneur, Bevin is the antithesis of a career politician.  He won’t need to put his finger in the wind to gauge the political winds in order to fight for his conservative beliefs.  He understands that Washington corrupts even the best of people.  That’s why he has pledged to serve no longer than two terms.  Bevin is not only committed to voting with conservatives, he will give voice to conservatives in the Commonwealth of Kentucky by leading the charge for limited government along with other leaders in the Senate like Ted Cruz  and Mike Lee.”

The official endorsement along with the complete conservative case against Senator McConnell can be viewed here and also at www.DumpMcConnell.com

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Storming the Castle: Matt Bevin for Senate in Kentucky

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Here is Madison Project’s official endorsement of Matt Bevin for Senate and the full letter to the conservative movement.

Dear Fellow Conservatives in The Commonwealth of Kentucky and Across the Country,

As a self-made successful businessman, Matt Bevin understands that the failed leadership in the Republican Party cannot be fixed with the very elements that precipitated its failure.  As a devoted father of nine children, he understands that if we don’t elect bold leaders to change that party, nobody will be able to preserve this Republic for our children.  He also understands that when nobody else is willing to fix the problem, you have to do it yourself.  That’s why Matt Bevin is storming the decaying castle of the GOP establishment on behalf of millions of conservatives.

We are thrilled to get to storm it with him.

If there is one individual who represents GOP establishment, it is Mitch McConnell.  If you want a dictionary definition of the GOP establishment, it is Mitch McConnell.  If you want to know the paradigm of stale, moss-covered leadership, it is Mitch McConnell.  Mitch McConnell emblematizes the rudderless leadership, vacuous core, and duplicitous tendencies of the powers that be within the party. He isn’t just part of the problem. He is the problem in Washington, DC.  In fact, as we write this endorsement, he is pressuring senators not to join the effort to defund Obamacare, despite his carefully scripted anti-Obamacare speeches next to his ‘red tape tower.’

In 2011, McConnell proposed a plan to raise the debt ceiling, which later became known as the “McConnell plan” in DC.  The plan was nothing more than a blank check for Obama to unilaterally raise the debt ceiling.  But it provided Congress with the opportunity to override the president’s decision….with a 2/3 majority – a political impossibility.  Hence, McConnell wanted to wash his hands of leading the fight against the debt ceiling, but desired to retain his political cover through the hollow motion of rejecting the increase.

The “McConnell plan” exemplifies Mitch McConnell in his role as senator and as a party leader.  Unlike John Boehner, who, for better or worse, is willing to stand before his conference and openly advocate for capitulations, McConnell never wants his fingerprints on the deal-making, even though he so badly desires them.  Many conservatives are outraged at Boehner over the 2011 debt ceiling deal and the 2013 tax hikes/stimulus bill, but both of those deals were crafted by Mitch McConnell together with Joe Biden.

More recently, Mitch McConnell quietly encouraged Marco Rubio to join the Gang of 8 to ensure that the amnesty bill would pass, albeit without his public support.  Despite the fact that this was the most onerous bill to come to the floor since Obamacare, and despite his status as GOP leader, McConnell failed to deliver a single floor speech against the bill, and even remained [publicly] “undecided” until the end.  He knew that his leadership would have scuttled this bill, but he desired to pass it without personally suffering the consequences from his constituents back home.

Just this past month, McConnell capitulated to Reid and Obama on passing through radical executive nominees.  It was so embarrassing that even the liberal media felt bad for Republicans.  McConnell, of course, voted against the nominees, and when the press started ridiculing the deal McConnell said he could have gotten a better deal.

The only problem is, as noted by Senators Graham and Corker, McConnell knew about the deal the entire time.

For years, McConnell has been undermining conservatives in the Senate, even as he evinces the image of a conservative warrior to his constituents.  Whenever there is a low-hanging political issue to hit, McConnell is eager to run before a microphone and feign outrage, even when he can’t contribute anything more to the debate.  But when some of the most consequential odious pieces of legislation come before the Senate, he is silent or quietly pushing for it.

Several years ago, Jim DeMint was next in line to get a seat on the powerful Senate Finance Committee.  But when a vacancy occurred, McConnell recruited another senator who wasn’t even lobbying for the position, just because he had an ounce more of seniority.  When Ron Johnson, a moderately conservative member who could have served as a solid bridge between the Tea Party and the establishment, ran unopposed for the measly 5th ranking leadership position, McConnell recruited Roy Blunt to run against him, even though Blunt never sought the job.

Mitch McConnell is ubiquitously popular with the GOP establishment inside the beltway, who admires his “clever” skills at elusively ducking tough issues while projecting an image as a strong conservative.  But conservatives in Kentucky are neither amused nor impressed by this duplicity.  And one Kentuckian, Matt Bevin, is willing to face down the most truculent opposition research team, risking fame and fortune, to put an end to the McConnell mendacity.

When we first sat down with Matt Bevin at the beginning of the year, we were skeptical that a political neophyte could take on such an arduous task.  But that preconceived notion changed within five minutes of meeting him.  His resolve, core beliefs and charisma convinced us that he was the right man to offer the much-needed bold contrast from the palest of pastels in the Senate.

Matt Bevin grew up in an eight-person family in a small farmhouse with no central heating near the foothills of the White Mountains.  He took the conservative values of his Christian faith, family, and community that his parents imbued in him, and achieved the American Dream.  After serving 4 years as an Army officer, Bevin embarked on a career as an investment consultant.  His sharp mind and drive for success allowed him to quickly climb the ladder of success in the business world.

In the late 90’s he became the director of institutional marketing at National Asset Management Co. in Louisville.  In 2003 and 2004, he started his own investment management companies, Integrity Asset Management and Veracity Funds.  After several years of hard work, Integrity became one of Kentucky’s largest asset management companies, with $1.8 billion in assets and many jobs created in the Louisville area.  He was named the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2009.

Unlike the leftists who desire to use government to redistribute wealth, Bevin has used his God-given success for an array of private charitable endeavors.   This list, which is too long to enumerate, includes establishing educational scholarships, mission work, building schools and orphanages for the impoverished overseas, and chairing the local chapter of Red Cross.  Several years ago, Bevin adopted four children from Ethiopia, and has been involved in charitable work there for years.  When we first contacted him, he was on a mission helping to improve security in Ethiopian orphanages.

Like many Americans, Matt has suffered his share of tragedies along with his successes.  In 2003, his oldest daughter, who wanted to work as a missionary, died in a car crash.  Last year, his family bell business, which he took over from his uncle in 2011, burned down to the ground in a spontaneous fire, burying with it 180 years of history and treasures.  Undaunted by tragedy, Bevin said, “The American way is that you get back up again.  Bevins have been making bells on the land we’re standing on for 180 years and I’m a Bevin. I’m standing here and I’m going to make bells here.”  After personally turning around the failing company just one year earlier, Bevin spent his own fortune to rebuild the factory and retain payroll.  Sadly, McConnell has used the millions collected from his rich buddies on Wall Street and K Street lobbyists in DC to launch a personal attack against Matt for turning a company around and creating jobs.

At the age of 46, Bevin has accomplished more in private life than the career politicians like Mitch McConnell.  Needless to say, he is solid on all conservative issues, but it is his core beliefs and life experiences that make him eminently more qualified to serve as a senator from Kentucky than Mitch McConnell, even without careful scrutiny of McConnell’s 27 years of voting and organizing for big government.

Matt Bevin represents that future of conservative free market populism packaged in a man who can relate to younger voters.  He also has the life experience to stay strong in the Senate.  When we spoke with him about the budget negotiations and the amnesty bill, Bevin noted that in business it’s always the losing party that is frenetically offering the compromises.

Matt Bevin is willing to undertake the daunting challenge of taking on the GOP Establishment.  He is willing to expose himself to the most vicious campaign smears because nobody else is actually doing anything to change the leadership of the party.

That is why The Madison Project is honored to endorse Matt Bevin and introduce him to fellow conservatives who so badly desire a Republican Party that represents our values.

If one man is willing to risk his reputation to change the face of failed leadership it behooves all those liberty-living patriots to follow this man’s charge.

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Is Your Senator or Rep. Helping to Defund Obamacare?

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The fight over defunding Obamacare within the party is playing out much like the amnesty debate.  The party leaders like McConnell and Boehner are working behind the scenes to undermine conservatives, but they don’t want to publicly oppose the defund effort.  Instead, they have their lackeys, like Rep. Tom Cole and Senator Richard Burr, got the the media and blast conservatives.

As we all know, the only way to disrupt Obamacare before it takes root is by refusing to fund the law in the upcoming budget battle after the August recess.  If we don’t do this now, we will be talking about Obamacare in 10 years from now the same way we talk about the other entitlements.  In other words, it will ostensibly be enshrined into the statist edifice.

So here is where the defund effort stands.  In the Senate, Mike Lee’s defund letter has been signed by 11 other senators: Rubio, Cruz, Inhofe, Risch, Paul, Vitter, Thune, Chiesa, Enzi, Fischer, and Grassley.  Many others have been pressured by McConnell’s guys to stay away from the letter. Additionally, Senators Cornyn, Kirk, and Wicker were pressured to remove their names.

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We Need a Six-Year Conservative

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Ask yourself this question: should it be our goal to elect Republicans who humor us with words or those who give voice to us with their deeds.  Should we elect Republicans who are plagued by the ‘sixth year phenomena,” voting with us in the election year and stabbing us in the back the other years?

We’ve seen this dynamic play out with Orrin Hatch.  He moved so far to the right last year, he never voted on the other side of Mike Lee.  Mitch McConnell has done the same thing this year.  Ever since he heard about the primary threat 6 months ago, he has veered to the right with his votes.

Just today, McConnell is speaking out against the annual appropriations bills in the Senate.  He is refusing to vote for the bills that reflect the spending levels proposed by Democrats.  Yet, last year, McConnell sided with Obama and Reid against House Republicans in the budget fight.  As the Senate Republican leader, he voted for the appropriations bills that repudiated the priorities and spending levels of the GOP House budget.

This unprincipled sixth year leadership takes its toll on the conference.  None of the weak moderates in the conference respect him because they know he is not a real conservative and has no conviction behind his votes.  That’s why 17 Republicans voted to support a Democrat appropriations bill, despite McConnell’s vote against it.

We’ve seen the same thing play out over and over again:

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DREAM Propaganda

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The ruling political elites want amnesty for their maids and they are using every crying mother in Latin America to guilt Americans into supporting it.

The House is our Alamo.

That is why Representative Steve King’s bracing — not racist, not bigoted — language yesterday was needed.  Americans don’t want to be seen as unfair or unfeeling towards the world’s poor. That is why the rule of law side loses the propaganda wars when it comes to immigration.

Strand by strand Democrats have been knotting the noose by which they will hang the Republican Party on the rafters of public opinion. Separated families (tears). Genius students (applause). Noble laborers (empathetic nod). Only cold blooded, racist Republicans stand between these morally superior, intellectually gifted, workaholic huddled masses yearning to breathe free and American citizenship.

Mr. King’s  comments about the relative physiques of drug mules and valedictorians may have been less than tactful but someone in the People’s House needed to pop the bubble of gaseous rhetoric coming from the open borders mob. We know, but have been cowed into not discussing publicly, that:

  • About three-fourths of illegal immigrants have no eductions beyond high school.
  • A 2007 study by the Heritage Foundation estimated that households headed by immigrants without a high school education received $19,588 more in direct and indirect benefits than they paid in taxes each year.
  • 59 percent of households headed by immigrants who have not graduated high school access one or more welfare programs, and 70 percent have no federal income tax liability.
  • Not all illegal aliens are law-abiding, minding-my-own-business Libertarian hipsters. There are thousands of cases like Cesar Benitez and Juan Lozano Ortega and Edgar Derardo Guzman.

The issue is not whether Congressman King accurately described the leg muscles of illegal immigrants — they can all have calves like Olive Oyl for all it matters — but what kind of country we will have in 10 or 20 years. America is all stocked up on violent, sub-literate, low-skilled labor. It was high time one of our representatives told the no borders crowd to peddle their dreams of a super-sized class of pauperized, government dependent Americans somewhere else.

Author Wendell Talley

McConnell Locked in Mitchness Protection Program When it’s Time to Fight

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Mitch McConnell and other duplicitous Republicans will run to the nearest camera and pose next to the Obamacare tower of regulations.  They will tell you how terrible Obamacare is.  But they will never do anything consequential to actually force a confrontation over implementation, even when the public is squarely behind us.

Boehner and McConnell have consistently stymied efforts by conservatives to force a fight over defunding obamacare through the budget process or the debt ceiling.  Now, ahead of the October commencement of the Obamacare exchanges, we will have one more opportunity to fight Obamacare.

Who is leading the fight against funding Obamacare in the continuing budget  resolution?  Not the supposed GOP Leader.  It’s the three musketeers, of course – Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, and Rand Paul.   Take a look at the names that signed onto their effort.  No Mitch McConnell to be seen.

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Why Are Republicans Bent on Pushing Amnesty Now?

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I understand what you are thinking.  If you are watching the political process, you are probably thinking, as a sane person, that Republicans would completely ignore amnesty and focus on what’s important.  After all, the country is focused on other trivial news, summer vacations, and the scandals.  After August, the main fights will be over funding Obamacare, the budget, and the debt ceiling.

So why on earth would Republicans push for amnesty, especially after the Senate bill has been ridiculed and repudiated?  Why would they bail out Obama at his weakest moment?  Why would they agree to the premise that we must have some form of amnesty now, thereby bleeding conservatives dry on the issue – drip by drip?

There is no good answer to these questions other than the fact that Republican leaders are looking for a new base.  Unfortunately, their dictates are strong enough to percolate down to the committee chairmen.  Trey Gowdy’s subcommittee on immigration held a hearing today on the Dream Act – a mass amnesty bill that will grant citizenship and welfare rights to a large population of illegals.  Basically, we control the House, but are using the committee hearings to promote Democrat policies.

Here is what the committee leaders had to say:

“I do not believe that parents who made the decision to illegally enter the U.S. while forcing their children to join them should be afforded the same treatment as these kids,” House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) said.

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.), who chairs the House subcommittee that oversees immigration issues, said children are treated differently in nearly all facets of life and are seen as a “special protected class.” That was why the younger immigrants should have a separate solution than those of their parents, Gowdy argued.

“Attempts to group the entire 11 million into one homogenous group in an effort to secure a political remedy will only wind up hurting the most vulnerable,” Gowdy said in his opening comments.

The problem is that these people are not vulnerable and they are not in the shadows.  They testify openly before Congress; they disrupt committee hearings; they harass members of Congress in their offices.  There is no national emergency to deal with this issue now.

Moreover, there are a number of problems that are being overlooked in this process:

  • Once you accept the argument that these people are entitled to citizenship, just be honest with the fact that it will metastasize into millions more.  There is no way their immediate family members will ever be sent back.  So yes, this is ostensibly amnesty for almost everyone.  We are basically expanding our anchor baby policy to include anchor teenagers, essentially telegraphing the message that as long as you come here illegally with children, you’re here to stay.
  • Once they obtain green cards or citizenship, they will be eligible to bring in more family members and spawn more chain migration.  Again, Republicans might start out with something blocking family members and chain migration, but that will never stand in the long run.  Those provisions will either be inserted into conference, or inevitably revised down the road.
  • Has anyone thought about the cost of legalizing such a young and poor demographic?  The cost to education and welfare?  If they get an expedited path to citizenship, they will all be eligible for the full array of programs.

I’m seeing too many good members getting conned by leadership.  They are injecting their abstract sympathies, which may be appropriate in the right time, into a political process that will not end well.  If we had a president who was willing to enforce the laws and work with Congress to cut off the magnet of future waves of illegal migration, then we could discuss such a proposal.

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