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RELEASE: Madison Project Endorses Paul Broun for Senate in Georgia

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014 and is filed under Blog, Elections

Throughout this election cycle we have looked far and wide to find fresh conservative patriots who are running for Congress to challenge the status quo in both parties.  But sometimes the biggest champion is right under our noses. In the case of the U.S. Senate race in Georgia, we have a man who has not only talked a good conservative game during the primaries, he has fought for us relentlessly like no other U.S. House member over the past seven years.

His name is Dr. Paul Broun, and he deserves our support.

Many elected Republicans lay claim to a conservative voting record.  And many Republican candidates promise to deliver the world to conservative primary voters.  Yet, few come to the ankles of Paul Broun in terms of a proven commitment to constitutional governance.  It is not an exaggeration to say that Congressman Paul Broun (R-GA) has sustained the most conservative voting record over the longest period of time of any sitting Republican in Congress.  Even the fiercest conservative fighters tend to succumb to the establishment meat grinder after a few years.  Paul Broun has been inviolable.

Paul Broun spent most of his adult life practicing family medicine in Georgia.  He has also served for decades in the military; first as a jet engine mechanic in the U. S. Marine Corps Reserves, and then as a medical officer in the U. S. Navy Reserves.  Dr. Broun was re-commissioned as a Lieutenant Commander in the U.S. Naval Reserve Medical Corps in 2010 at the age of 64.  He was deployed to Afghanistan in 2012 as a sitting member of Congress to treat soldiers wounded in combat.

In 2007, Paul Broun ran for Congress in a special election to fill the vacancy in the 10th district after Rep. Charlie Norwood (R-GA) passed away.  Throughout his career, Broun has consistently been underestimated, yet he has always over-performed.  Nobody expected him to make it to the runoff, but he forced the establishment favorite into a second round, albeit as a heavy underdog.  He shocked the political world by winning the runoff in July.  The political class was immediately threatened by such a resilient conservative.  They referred to him as the “accidental Congressman” and promised to defeat him in 2008.  The following year, Broun was challenged by the state House Majority Leader in a primary.  Broun crushed him 71%-29%.  He proved he was no accidental congressman.

From the day he took office, Broun has been in a league of his own.  It’s not just his perfect voting record, or his vote against Boehner as Speaker, that makes him special.  There are several other new members who share that status.  It’s that he is one of the few members who has sustained that perfect record over a long period of time.  Also, even the best members need some hand-holding and coercing to withstand the pressure to go along with party leadership; Paul Broun is undaunted and undeterred by the D.C. establishment.

Broun is the most reliable member when we need someone to block bad bills and even vote against the procedural motions to consider such legislation.  But he has also introduced some of the best positive conservative legislation in Congress.  His Patient Option Act is the most free market oriented health care bill in Congress; he has authored the strongest Balanced Budget Amendment that has been proposed, and he has introduced the best right-to-carry reciprocity bill.  Broun has consistently led the charge against illegal immigration, has never requested an earmark, and has proposed more spending cuts in appropriation bills than any Member of Congress.  Broun in the true embodiment of a full-spectrum conservative on fiscal, social, and national defense issues.

Some conservatives have expressed concern that despite Broun’s impregnable conservative credentials, he would not have the ability to run a disciplined statewide campaign.  The establishment, who views him as the consummate threat of the election cycle, likes to dub him as “the next Todd Akin.”  The reality is that Paul Broun has run the most effective and on-message campaign of any of the primary candidates.  He has a strong base of support in every part of the state and the most passionate and dedicated ground-game of a campaign we’ve observed this election cycle.

Ironically, it is one of Broun’s opponents, Rep. Phil Gingrey (R-GA), who directly echoed Todd Akin’s comments.  Also, while Broun is focused relentlessly on Obamacare and downsizing government, the other fellow congressman in the race, Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA), is constantly admitting defeat on Obamacare.  Moreover, Broun’s strong leadership has consistently shifted the two House members to the right, giving rise to an inside joke about Broun having “three votes” in Congress.

Broun’s other major opponents, former Secretary of State of Georgia, Karen Handel and David Perdue, are trying to run as outsiders who will fix the mess of those already in Washington.  But Paul Broun is more of an outsider than when he was first elected and is certainly less of a creature of the symptom of the D.C. disease than his opponents.  The notion that one of these candidates would hold a candle to Broun in terms of a perfect record for their entire career, fighting the establishment, and sponsoring solid legislation pertaining to all three facets of conservatism is absurd.

It’s time for conservatives to unite behind a doctor, soldier, citizen legislator, and proven constitutional warrior.  At this point, there is no rationale for conservatives to remain silent when the stakes are so high and with a promising opportunity to send a ‘Navy SEAL of conservative warfare’ to the Senate – a body full of spineless Republicans.

The primary will be held on May 20 and the top two vote-getters will head to a runoff on July 22.  It is incumbent upon conservatives to send a strong message and rocket Dr. Broun to the top on primary day, and if necessary, do the same on July 22.

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Stop the Obama/McConnell/Boehner Tax Hikes and Stimulus Spending

D.C. Oligarchy Performs Broadway Amnesty Show

Monday, February 10th, 2014 and is filed under Blog, Immigration

Despite all the talk about partisan acrimony in Washington, the establishment in both parties is doing a great job working together to pass amnesty.  In fact, their carefully choreographed kabuki theater in the media should win them awards for great team work against the Country Class.

The news out of Washington last week was that Speaker John Boehner got the message loud and clear from rank-and-file members to put the brakes on his push for amnesty.  This spurious media narrative is ridiculous when you consider the strength of the forces behind amnesty.  The entire D.C. establishment has been preparing for this effort for months, backed by a multi-million dollar media campaign.  Every lobby shop in Washington is supporting amnesty.  There is no way they would suddenly agree to cease and desist after a few days of predictable grumbling from conservative House members.

The ‘slow-down’ on immigration is nothing but a carefully orchestrated strategy coordinated with Democrats so that conservatives will ignore the issue.  As the Washington Examiner’s Byron York quoted from a GOP leadership aide, “the best way to pass a bill is to tell people a bill is unlikely to pass.”

This same kabuki theater was orchestrated last year when the Senate passed the Gang of 8 amnesty.  After the bill was first introduced, conservatives carpet bombed the 1,000-page monstrosity on numerous fronts.  The Republican leadership chose to embrace a few of our concerns and promised to address them.  Far from abandoning the bill, they used the lull in action to create the shiny object of “enforcement triggers.”  McConnell and Cornyn pushed the first trial balloon of strengthened triggers.  They were predictably shot down, but gave rise to the final ‘goldilocks’ plan – the Corker-Hoeven amendment – which was sold as a grand compromise to assuage the concerns of conservative critics.  The bill passed with overwhelming support, and the rest is history.

Likewise, this year, House leaders along with their new-found Democrat partners, are outwardly embracing one of our concerns – that there is no trust in Obama enforcing the laws.  Acting like the foxes guarding the henhouse, one Republican after another is echoing the talking point: “you know what?  You guys are right.  We can’t trust the President to uphold his part of the deal.  We need to do something about that.”

Far from being comatose, the amnesty scheme is alive and well, albeit in the rope-a-dope phase.  The bipartisan oligarchy behind open borders is looking to create the shiny object of addressing the lack of trust in the president to prepare for an illusory grand bargain.  We are already starting to see this coordination and some trial balloons being floated in the media.

On Friday, the AP ran a story explaining how the White House is “giving Boehner room on immigration” with the understanding that “the GOP resistance is temporary and tactical.”

“Obama is willing to give Boehner space to operate and to tamp down the conservative outcry that greeted a set of immigration overhaul principles the speaker brought forward last week. For now, the White House is simply standing behind a comprehensive bill that passed in the Senate last year, but is not trying to press Boehner on how to proceed in the Republican-controlled House.”

Then, over the weekend, Chuck Schumer floated the first trial balloon – a plan that would grant immediate amnesty this year but suspend actual implementation until Obama leaves office.  Yes, as if they will really remain in suspended status for three years!

Keep in mind that Politico already reported earlier last week that Schumer had been engaging in private negotiations with Congressman Paul Ryan – even as Boehner was outwardly admitting defeat on the issue.

In the coming days and weeks, watch for some sort of negotiated settlement in which the President will agree to enforce some ancillary immigration law, thereby giving Boehner, McConnell, and Ryan the green light to push amnesty.

Folks, the problem here is not just a lack of trust in Obama.  It is a lack of trust in Republican leadership.  They act as if they are on our side fighting against an untrustworthy Democrat administration, yet they are really collaborating with Obama to bamboozle their own base.

We simply cannot afford to retain the current Speaker for another year if his entire agenda is aimed at fooling conservatives and placating his Democrat buddies.  In addition to defeating these people in primaries, we must get sitting members to publicly state whether they will vote for Boehner in the upcoming leadership elections.  Even if Boehner plans to retire at the end of the year, an immediate vote of no confidence in him would attenuate his ability to undermine the grassroots.

It only takes 17 members committed to opposing Boehner in order to deny him the 218 votes he would need to retain his speakership.

We can either sit back and wait for the next subterfuge from Boehner or we can take the destiny of our party into our own hands.  It is our choice to make.



Paul Ryan’s Super Clever Idea for Illegal Immigrants

Thursday, January 30th, 2014 and is filed under Blog, Immigration

Now that House Republicans have passed a trillion dollar omnibus and trillion dollar farm bill, they are prepared to tackle the most pressing issue of our time – granting benefits to illegal immigrants.

The key to understanding the politics of illegal immigration is that this is not just about amnesty (legalization and/or citizenship).  It’s not just that these people are calling for amnesty because of logistics, yet desire an end to illegal immigration in the future.  If that were the case they would simply implement the enforcement measures that have been passed on numerous occasions (eight times, in the case of Visa exit-entry), and address those already here from a position of strength – knowing that this won’t happen again.

What they really desire is open borders.  That is why they always propose the legalization before implementation of enforcement measures and cutting off of magnets and benefits.  They know the latter will never come to fruition while the former will occur immediately.  They want to continue the perennial cycle of open borders and amnesty.

However, they understand that the public (and certainly their base) is not buying it.  So Paul Ryan has thought of a clever shiny object to use for packaging of this grand scheme.  A probationary status!

Ryan said the principles would outline a bill that would allow immigrants living in the country illegally to “come out of the shadows” to receive a probationary work permit.

To get out of the probationary status and receive a regular work permit, triggers for border security and interior enforcement would have to be met and independently verified.

Those immigrants would also have to pay a fine, learn English and civics, and prove that they are not on welfare.

At that point, they would be able to apply for a green card for permanent residency through regular procedures.

What a novel idea!  Probationary status.  Why haven’t we thought of that?  Oh, wait, that was the cornerstone of the Senate “Gang of 8” bill last year.  The difference is that Ryan seems to imply that when the government fails to stop illegal immigration the status will be revoked!

What’s the matter?  You don’t believe him?

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Mitch McConnell, the Farm Bill and the Power of Logrolling

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014 and is filed under Blog, Debt, Economy

[The voting spreadsheet has been updated due to some errors taken from an old roster of Congress.  We apologize for the mistake. – Madison Project Staff]

Earlier today, the House passed the Farm/Food Stamp bill boondoggle.  Sadly, only 63 Republicans opposed it.  The bill locks in Obama’s food stamp regime, creates and expands numerous Soviet-style agriculture subsidies and conservation regulations, and authorizes more spending on the biofuels fiasco.  House Republicans got rolled in the conference committee by Senate Democrats, yet almost 75% of the conference dutifully followed leadership.

Click here for a color-coded spreadsheet of the GOP vote.

There is also one other point overlooked in this bill – earmarks.  You will notice that some good members voted for this terrible bill.  In particular, Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) voted for the bill!


Well, knowing Massie he wasn’t too enthralled about the underlying piece of legislation.  Presumably, he supported the bill because a provision to allow a pilot program growing industrial hemp was inserted into the legislation. And, guess who is now bragging about his involvement in this form of logrolling? That’s right, Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY).

Thanks to Mitch McConnell, he made it easier to grow government and increase spending.  Industrial hemp is very popular in the state, and what better way to buy off votes than by inserting this provision into the bill.  While this provision might not meet the technical definition of an earmark, it has all of the harmful characteristics of one.

We’ve always noted that the problem with earmarks or extraneous provisions is not the “small potatoes” expenditure.  The problem is that the $500,000 earmark is then used to buy off a conservative vote for a $1 trillion omnibus, farm bill or some other terrible transformational legislation.  The earmarks are used as the magic “grease” to garner majority support for big-government legislation.  Once we reinstate the practice of earmarking, we will never be able to mobilize a majority within the Conference to oppose any big-government legislation.  Most of them will be seduced into supporting bad legislation through personal earmarks for their districts.  This is the “multiplying factor” of earmarks.

This hemp provision is a superlative example of how Mitch McConnell and others quietly enable the growth of government.  If this is something that is necessary and popular then pass it in a separate bill.  Placing it in a massive welfare/subsidy bill only helps advance the liberal agenda.  Would McConnell and others have supported Obamacare if it had a hemp provision attached?  We’d hate to see what finds its way into the immigration bill!

It is precisely because of leaders like McConnell and the use of logrolling provisions that we are stuck in the situation we are in today.

And this is another reason why we must change leadership.  I’m not here to dump on Massie.  He’s a great conservative.  But that’s the point.  The way GOP leaders do business is so antithetical to our values that it creates a “meat grinder” dynamic in which even the best members are faced with tough decisions on bad votes.

Business as usual in Washington will never change with current leadership.  They are not a symptom of the problem.  They are the problem.  Not only do people like Mitch McConnell enable the growth of government, they corrupt an entire state delegation and act as a malignant force on the broader effort to downsize the federal government.  That is why we need game-changers like Matt Bevin in the Senate.

Stop the Obama/McConnell Tax Hikes and Stimulus Spending

The State of the Republican Party

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014 and is filed under Blog, Economy

The big story for conservatives is not the President’s State of the Union Address.  It is the broken state of the Republican Party – the party that is supposed to serve as a bulwark against the poisonous ideas propagated in that speech.

It certainly is egregious that we have a president who is brazenly implementing wage controls without congressional approval.  It is reprehensible that he speaks of inequality while promulgating regulations that throw people off their healthcare and destroy jobs in Appalachia.

But it is even more reprehensible that we have an opposition party that is hell-bent on rubber stamping Obama’s agenda, while engaging in a civil war with the party base that desires a bold contrast.

Obama is requesting endless debt ceiling increases.  Mitch McConnell and John Boehner have made it clear they agree with his fallacious premise about default and plan to raise it, yet somehow extract concessions.

Obama has doubled down on Obamacare.  Yet GOP leaders are owned by lobbyists who have made it clear they will never repeal the law.

Obama has shredded the Constitution and used illegal administrative power to advance legislation that never passed Congress.  The GOP leadership has made it clear they will never use the power of the purse vested in the House to clamp down on those illegal maneuvers.

Obama talks about the endless need to intervene in the private economy, yet Republicans are prepared to pass a $956 billion Farm Bill, which locks in the President’s baseline for food stamp spending and entrenches the federal government into every aspect of Agriculture.

Obama speaks of the need to make “investments” in the nation, yet Republicans respond by passing a $1.1 trillion omnibus bill.

Obama panders to radical socially liberal interests in order to remake our society, and Republicans are silent on “social issues.”

And finally, Obama speaks passionately about our obligation to open our citizenship and welfare state to illegal immigrants and the rest of the world without limits, yet Republicans respond… offering the same!  Their alacrity to open our doors and pocketbooks to illegals has already empowered the drug cartels to smuggle in more potential beneficiaries and future Democrat voters.

On Politico’s front page you will find an article titled “Boehner Unchained,” which details the Speaker’s new mission to join with Obama and fight conservatives.  You will also find an article titled “GOP Ready to Surrender on Debt Ceiling.”  Now couple that with tomorrow’s vote on the Farm Bill, and we have a full-blown crisis within the party.

Luckily, some members are starting to get the message that the establishment doesn’t share our values. When the House passed its version of the farm bill last year divorced from food stamp spending, we warned that they would reinsert it back into the bill in conference.  Not only did they remarry agriculture with food stamps, the conference committee gave Democrats almost everything they wanted among the disputed items with House Republicans.  There are even some environmental conservation regulations that liberals never thought they’d win in the deal.  Members are finally starting to understand that we will always get rolled during private negotiations.

And the reason is quite simple.  GOP leaders don’t share our values.  To the extent they humor us with some shiny objects it is designed to get the bills to conference so they can inject their real priorities into the final agreement.  Now some House conservatives are getting a taste of what a potential immigration conference committee would look like.

We all know that this president is dangerous.  We need to defeat him and his party.  But if we focus exclusively on Obama and the priorities he laid out tonight and ignore the fire within the Republican Party, we are destined to play into his hands.

But the good news is that reinforcements are on the way.  Senator Mike Lee showed us last night that there is still hope within the Republican Party and it rests with competitive primaries.  After a vanilla pudding response to the State of the Union offered by GOP Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers – one which was full of platitudes and devoid of policy substance – Mike Lee laid out the superlative response from the Tea Party.

Mike Lee laid out our first principles in plain language but also weaved them together into specific policy solutions.  He explained exactly how free markets and limited government help the very people for whom Obama claims to protect.  He argued our views from a position of strength and went on offense against Obama’s class warfare instead of the banal GOP response of “don’t hate us; we’re sweet people too.”  Lee unambiguously called for an end to corporate welfare.  Not surprisingly, he noted that “to be fair, President Obama and his party did not create all of these problems. The Republican Establishment in Washington can be just as out-of-touch as the Democratic Establishment.”

Lee went on to take Obama’s inequality meme and throw it back at him like a cruise missile.  He noted that inequality in rural communities exists from government controlling most of the land out west.  He hit Obama directly on administrative fiat and NSA spying.  He went on to tie in government-sponsored inequality to government messing with life and marriage (not running away from so-called social issues.)  Finally, he offered numerous policy solutions on infrastructure, education, energy, and healthcare.

There are more Mike Lees where he came from, but we will only find them in competitive primaries.  It’s time to get to work and rebuild the Republican Party, and by extension, this great Republic.

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Alex Mooney for Congress in West Virginia’s Second Congressional District

Monday, January 27th, 2014 and is filed under Blog, Elections


West Virginia’s Second Congressional District is one of the fastest-trending Republican areas in the country.  President Obama lost every county in the district, most of them by a substantial margin.  With moderate Congresswoman Shelly Moore Capito (R-WV) vacating the seat to run for the U.S. Senate, conservatives have a prime opportunity to move this seat to the right.  Unfortunately, the race to succeed her is full of liberal and lackluster candidates.  Enter Alex Mooney into the picture, and West Virginia Republicans are presented with a bold contrast and the opportunity to grow a conservative bench within the state.

Alex Mooney entered politics in Maryland as an anti-establishment, grassroots conservative and he remains one today, fighting for West Virginia conservatives.  In 1998, he challenged the pro-abortion Senate Minority Whip in a primary. Mooney crushed him 63%-37%, and represented the Fredrick-based district in Maryland for 12 years.  During his tenure as a lonely conservative in an increasingly Democrat state, Mooney pushed his party to actually confront the majority instead of acquiescing to them.  He was one of only three Republicans to vote against liberal Mike Miller to be President of the Maryland Senate.

Most importantly, he was a fighter.  Mooney fought the liberals in both parties on taxes, spending, gun control, abortion, special rights for homosexuals, and nanny-state restrictions.  He led filibusters against gun control and anti-religious-liberty bills, forcing Democrats to remove him from the Judicial Proceedings Committee.

His effective voice against the Democrats, in conjunction with changing demographics in his district, made him a prime target for liberals.  In 2010, Mike Miller and the Democrats pumped in loads of money to his opponent in order to defeat him.  Despite the fact that Obama carried his district by 10 points, Mooney stood and fought.  He has always been an assiduous campaigner who fights for every vote, but he came up short by just two points.

Mooney made plans to run for Congress in western Maryland two years later, but Democrats egregiously spliced up this conservative district making it nearly impossible to win.  Fed up with the incorrigible oligarchy in Maryland, Mooney joined many of his fellow Maryland conservatives in seeking shelter in the West Virginia panhandle, a 15-mile drive from Fredrick.

One would expect a staunchly pro-life district that opposed Obama by a 22-point margin to have a strong bench of conservatives.  But all of the major candidates are liberal Republicans.  Former state Delegate Charlotte Lane is pro-abortion and in favor of gun control.  Ken Reed just became a Republican but is still pro-choice.  And Ron Walters has received a boatload of money from trial lawyers.  Fearing this conservative open seat would fall to a Rockefeller Republican, Mooney stepped up to the plate to give voice to West Virginia conservatives with the years’ of experience he has fighting liberals in both parties.  Just as Alex’s mother was a refugee of Castro’s Cuba; Alex became a conservative refugee from Maryland.

Alex has run an indefatigable campaign and has united local Tea Party activists against the establishment Republicans in the state and in Washington.  After giving conservatives an opportunity to support a pro-life conservative in a GOP primary 16 years ago, Alex has come full circle and is once again providing bold conservative principles in a race full of pro-choice moderates.

West Virginia is on the precipice of transforming into a solid Republican state.  However, the Republican bench is still quite small, and the conservative bench is even smaller.  We can either establish a GOP presence built upon Reagan conservative principles or we can squander the opportunity and let it fall in the hands of the status quo moderate Republicans.  Alex Mooney is leading the way down the Reagan path.  Let’s help him blaze that trail in the May 13th primary.

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Conservatives Introduce Bill to Repeal Taxes on Social Security Benefits

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014 and is filed under Blog, News

At present, federal “mandatory” programs, which include Medicare, Social Security and roughly 77 welfare program, account for 57% of the entire federal budget.  Social Security is by far the largest federal expenditure, which is projected to cost $848 billion in 2014 and at least $11 trillion over the next 10 years.  It is clear that we will never control spending and bend the trajectory of our fiscal insolvency without offering comprehensive and effective reforms to Social Security.

However, the budgetary cost of this program is by no means the only pernicious aspect of our burgeoning entitlement state.  Under the current system, the federal government has complete control over our personal retirement.  Their monopoly on 12.4% of our earnings (on the first $113,700 of income) undermines savings, investments, and personal ownership – some of the most cherished values of a free and prosperous society.

To add insult to injury, the federal government taxes the Social Security benefits of seniors, even though the money had already been taxed.  Moreover, the more a senior earns in private income, dividends or interest while receiving Social Security, the more they are taxed.  Hence, in addition to the double taxation, the federal government has created a perverse incentive for seniors to continue working, if they desire to do so.

Today, a pair of conservative champions in the House, Reps. Thomas Massie (R-KY), Jim Bridenstine (R-OK), and Ron DeSantis (R-FL) have introduced a bill, H.R. 3894, to repeal this double taxation on Social Security benefits.  As Massie noted, this bill will prevent Congress from using this ill-gotten revenue to grow government while pretending to protect the notional Social Security Trust Fund.

Again, conservatives should not only discuss the budgetary problems with Social Security.  Many analysts only focus on the “austerity” solutions, such as means-testing benefits and raising the retirement age.  But they fail to address the broader problem of government controlling and squandering our retirement.  And ironically, Social Security is already means-tested in several ways, one of which is the taxation of benefits on a graduated income scale.

As we work to push for more choices in retirement security, the least we can do is repeal the harmful tax on Social Security benefits.


56,662,169 Babies

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014 and is filed under Blog, Family Values

Today is the 41st anniversary of the infamous Supreme Court decision that denied states the right to restrict abortions, thereby paving the road for 56,662,169 killings of precious life.  Back in 1973, there were no sonograms or sophisticated digital technology that could convey the truth that babies in the womb are very well developed at quite an early stage in the pregnancy.  It was easy for people to debate this issue with disregard to the life that is affected – as if it were some piece of cartilage.  Well, times have changed, and now we know what is inside the womb.  Please take a moment to watch this video showing how sophisticated the development of a baby is from early on in the womb.

While the technology has changed, the insouciance of liberals towards the life of the unborn has not.  It’s amazing how they shed crocodile tears over enhanced interrogations for vile terrorists or the death penalty for murderers, yet they have no problem with violently killing the most innocent life.  In that sense, the entire morally dyslexic philosophy of liberalism begins with their celebration of abortion.

While they claim that they view abortion as a necessary evil, that assertion fails to account for their aggressive pursuit of a “leave no abortion behind” policy.  It fails to explain why Obama voted against criminalizing the act of killing babies after they were born from botched abortions in Chicago hospitals.  Indeed, it is the issue of abortion that tells us everything we need to know about the left and their perverse ideology.

From a political vantage point, all we seek is the opportunity to fight for life through the electoral process.  It was the moral and judicial travesty of Roe v. Wade that denied that us opportunity, by taking the fight away from the people and the states.  Despite the misconceptions created by the fallacious propaganda that is consumed by too many low-information voters, Roe v. Wade is not the only thing standing between liberals and their cherished abortions.  By overturning Roe v. Wade, we would merely remand the issue to the states.  Undoubtedly, the blue states will continue the baby killing without restrictions.  States in the south and Great Plains will largely restrict them.  And the swing states will probably wind up with some sort of compromise. But the point is that we would all be able to engage in the political process and fight to elect state legislators who represent our views.  Roe erroneously found a constitutional right to an abortion, thereby precluding states from deciding the issue.

This is the reason why the abortion issue is more divisive in America than anywhere else.  In Europe, the duly elected representatives in parliament decided the issue.  Being that Europe is a morally decedent leftist utopia, they elected politicians who reflect their values.  But at least it was not decided by unelected courts.

We are witnessing the same dynamic unfold with marriage.  Unelected leftists state and federal judges are now forcing states to recognize alternative lifestyles as marriages.  The issues of life and marriage show how the civil society and limited government intersect.  Sadly, too many Republicans remain silent and want to surrender on the so-called “social issues.”

We are proud to endorse candidates who will not only vote for life and marriage; for example, by opposing all liberal judges, they will give voice to a culture of life and family values.  One of our biggest stars of the election cycle is Matt Bevin.  His opponent, Senator Mitch McConnell, has remained stone silent on social issues for years, refusing to speak out against the judicial tyranny enabling abortion and gay marriage.  It’s worth a few moments to read Bevin’s op-ed on life and his campaign video on family values.

The real question for liberals is why are they so scared of giving the people and states a “choice,” if they are truly on the winning side of the issue?  Why not allow the people to decide through their state legislatures and put an end to this divisive issue once and for all?

Hopefully, we won’t have to wait for another 55 million babies to be killed before we get an answer to that question.


Chamber Spent $50 Million Lobbying for Obama’s Priorities

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014 and is filed under Blog, Immigration, News

If you are looking for a vivid example why it is so important for us to change the Republican Party in the upcoming primaries, look no further than the latest news from the Chamber of [Government-Run] Commerce – the most prominent establishment GOP lobbying empire.  According to The Hill, the Chamber has spent $50 million lobbying for the Senate amnesty bill last year:

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce spent more than $50 million on lobbying last year as it pushed for action on immigration reform.

Typically the biggest K Street spender in Washington, the business group funneled about $52.7 million toward lobbying efforts in 2013, according to disclosure records. In the last quarter of the year, the group spent almost $16.5 million.

Some of that money went toward lobbying on immigration reform, which is a top legislative priority for the business community.

So the Chamber’s top priority is the same as Obama’s top priority – passing mass amnesty, rapidly expanding low-skilled immigration from its already record-high-levels, and ensuring that we continue the cycle of open borders.  Given that the Chamber is the most influential lobby within GOP establishment circles, why should we support Republicans who will follow the edicts of this defacto pro-Obama lobby?

It’s ironic how they accuse us of helping Democrats by fielding conservative primary challengers.  The very reason we pursue primary challenges is because Republicans are joining with Democrats, not only to harm the country but to destroy the Republican Party.  We are helping to stop this self-immolation by preserving the party as one that offers an alternative on immigration and other issues and will not help Democrats grow a permanent majority.


Conservatives can do better than Lankford for Senate in Oklahoma

Monday, January 20th, 2014 and is filed under Blog, News

On Friday, we all learned the sad news that Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) will be resigning from the U.S. Senate next year as he fights his battle against cancer.  Coburn has valiantly fought waste in the federal bureaucracy and he will, God willing, fight off this wretched disease.

The impending vacancy in Oklahoma has triggered a special Senate election for this year, with the primary to take place on June 24, 2014.  Over the weekend, several expected candidates, including Rep. Tom Cole (R-OK), announced they will not vie for the seat, while Rep. James Lankford (R-OK) plans to officially declare his intentions to run later today.  We are safe to assume the GOP establishment wants a united front.  And if Lankford becomes their anointed candidate, in what is perhaps the most conservative state in the country, color us underwhelmed.

To be clear, Lankford is not a purely liberal Republican and an anathema to Oklahoma like Rep. Tom Cole would have been, had he contested the seat.  And in a perfect world – one without a truculent Democrat Party and a treacherous GOP party establishment – Lankford would go with the flow and drift in the proper direction.  But we don’t live in a perfect world.  Our country, culture, marketplace, and system of government are on fire.  If we don’t aggressively reverse the tide of Obama’s 100-year culmination of the progressive utopia, our slide into socialism and moral decay will be immutable.  The only way to reverse this trend is to drive straight through the obstructionist bodies of the GOP establishment and the special interest ruling class.  Politicians who support the status quo in the way we approach politics and policy are not up for the task.

Rep. Lankford is a quintessential status quo Republican.  After just two years in the U.S. House of Representatives, Lankford was groomed for a leadership position, serving as the number six-ranking member in the Boehner-Cantor team.  Nobody gets into leadership that quickly if they are bent on fighting the power structure in Washington.  He has since served as a conduit for Boehner and Cantor, supporting their debt ceiling increases and funding for Obamacare in budget bills, thereby obviating one of the reasons for Republicans controlling the U.S. House.

Given that Lankford is from Oklahoma and has always had his eye on higher office, he tends to be more careful about his final votes than most other members of leadership.  We noticed that Lankford voted for the Ryan-Murray budget deal in December, which busted the spending caps set by the Budget Control Act.  Yet, he voted against the omnibus bill last week, even though that bill was directly born out of the December deal.  Lankford cited a number of objections, but he knew exactly what the Ryan-Murray deal engendered.  Moreover, he voted for the FY 2012 budget in December 2011, which contained similar objections.  Clearly, he understood the optics of voting for this leviathan a week before announcing for the Senate seat would not bode well for his campaign.

Moreover, as we’ve noted before, immigration reform is likely to be the most important issue pending before Congress in the coming years.  Lankford supports amnesty and is one of those Republicans who believes “doing nothing” (with regards to amnesty, not enforcement) is not an option.  More disturbingly, he offered a typical liberal non-sequitur in support of amnesty: “I wouldn’t prohibit forever (people from getting citizenship). I’m a Christian, and restitution and reconciliation’s a big deal. If you do something illegal or inappropriate you should be able to resolve that, face the penalty, clear it and be forgiven.”

Lankford clearly doesn’t understand the broader consequences of our inane cycle of amnesty and will not be down for the struggle against Obama when he pushes it as a dangerous lame-duck president.  When Obama issued his illegal administrative amnesty in 2012, all Lankford could muster was a feeble equivocation over whether it was even amnesty: “It is technically not amnesty, and it is amnesty. It’s both. That’s the frustrating part of it.” [CQ, GOP Avoids Taking a Position on New Immigration Enforcement Policy, 6/19/12]

Folks, we have enough of these consummate politicians in the U.S. Senate already.  The Senate GOP Conference is even farther to the left than the House GOP.  There is no way someone like Lankford will change the country club culture of Senate Republicans; we will be changed by them.  Sending another mediocre Republican to the meat-grinder would be a waste of one of the most conservative seats.

Fortunately, Oklahoma is home to one of the most conservative game-changers in Congress.  Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R-OK), which the Madison Project endorsed last year for reelection, was a game-changer when he defeated the sponsor of the NatGas subsidy bill in a primary, he was a game changer when he voted against Boehner for Speaker, and he will be a game changer in the Senate when he stands up to weak-kneed leaders.  Lankford is a yes-man for House leadership, and he will be a yes-man for Senate leadership.

We will never change Washington with the status quo.

Bridenstine has too much to offer Oklahoma in the Senate for him to sit this one out.  We encourage him to jump in the race and give voice to conservatives.

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