Obama’s Immigration Policies Widely Unpopular

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We already know that most GOP consultants have no core beliefs or desire to push conservative policies.  But one would expect they would at least accurately analyze the polling data on the issues.  After all, they live and die by polls.

For years, we have argued that Republicans should go on offense with the issue of immigration and run ads against Democrats for supporting his lawlessness and violation of our sovereignty.  Yet, the GOP consultants have all drunk the kool-aid and are pushing amnesty.  Now Gallup is out with a poll completely demolishing the electoral argument behind the open borders Republicans.

According to Gallup, Americans disapprove of Obama’s handling of immigration by 65% to 31%.  Approval among independents has dropped to just 25%!

Source: Gallup

Source: Gallup

Source: Gallup

Source: Gallup

This tracks very closely to a recent CNN poll which showed that the public disapproves of the President’s handling of immigration by 61-35%.  He is underwater with every demographic, including Independents (28-67%).

Imagine how the polls would look if we actually had an opposition party forcefully making the case for America-first policies that benefit American taxpayers and legal immigrants while preserving our sovereignty.

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Bob Corker Proposes Massive Hike in Gas Tax

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What better way to distinguish ourselves from Democrats than to propose a 12-cent increase in the dreaded federal gasoline tax at a time when gas prices are skyrocketing?

One of the reasons Republicans always lose policy fights is because their starting point in crafting solutions is born out of a Democrat premise.  One illustrative example of Republicans playing follow-the-leader with Democrats is on surface transportation policy.

In recent years, Democrats have bemoaned the “antiquated” and “crumbling” infrastructure as they promote more taxes and spending at a federal level to build roads and bridges – something everyone agrees is a vital function of government.

But which government or governments should be responsible for the lion’s share of surface transportation in the future?  Should we continue raising taxes and pumping hundreds of billions more into the failed federal sinkhole?  Or should we allow the 50 states to retain most of the authority over a function that is uniquely local in nature?

Evidently, Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) thinks we should double down on the latter.  He is proposing a 12-cent increase in the federal gas tax (it is currently 18.4 cents per gallon) in order to raise $164 billion over 10 years.  His plan, which is sponsored by Democrat Senator Chris Murphy, will undoubtedly lead to more waste.  And we all know that in 10 years from now they will be proposing yet another gas tax increase.

Adding insult to injury, Corker plans to offset the broad-based regressive tax hike with targeted tax breaks for corporations!

“One big GOP selling point was that the tax increase would not violate the Americans for Tax Reform pledge if it is paired with a provision making some popular tax breaks that are typically part of the tax extenders package permanent.

According to Corker, the list of tax breaks includes: research and development tax credit; Section 179 expensing, a tax break encouraging small businesses to by business equipment; the deduction of state and local sale taxes; the deduction of up to $250 in classroom expenses that teachers paid for out of their own pocket; a subsidy for mass transit and benefits given for land donated for conservation purposes.

“If you just took those, we do them each year, but you make them permanent; I don’t think there is anybody that disputes making those permanent, by the way, that alone would generate $189 billion in savings over the next 10 years,” Corker said. “So if the Finance Committee chose to link this … with that … you would not be violating the pledge.”

Wow – that is a winning message for a party that wants to appeal to the middle class.

Instead of agreeing to the Democrat premise, why don’t Republicans show the American people how the entire federal transportation system is broken and inefficient?  Why hit the American people with a massive tax increase when we can devolve transportation to the states?

Just another day in the minds of those who lead the Stupid Party.

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Madison Project Scores 11 Spending Amendments in Transportation-HUD Bill

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Amidst the political turmoil in the House last week, members of Congress voted on a number of spending amendments to the annual Transportation-HUD appropriations bill.  This is not exactly the most exciting topic in light of the political gamesmanship involved in running for leadership posts, but it is quite revealing when attempting to ascertain the commitment of some members to reducing the size of government.

The bill, HR 4745, appropriates roughly $52 billion for FY 2015.  Put simply, this bill encompasses more wasteful government that almost any other appropriations bill.  It spends almost $8 billion more than last year’s draft bill from the House and it contains a number of programs that should not be administered at a federal level, such as subsidies for mass transit and rural air service.   The bill also contains a number of programs that were instituted under the Obama stimulus bill in 2009.

Several members of the conference offered amendments to cut back wasteful spending, particularly among programs that subsidize housing, yet most of them were rebuffed by a coalition of Democrats and liberal Republicans.  We’ve created a scorecard of 11 amendments detailing how each member of the GOP conference voted.

Click here to view the scorecard

Please find the descriptions of these amendments from the Republican Study Committee pasted below:

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Forget Amnesty, Congress Voted to Give Welfare to Illegal Immigrants

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Many Republican supporters of loose borders, along with quite a few Democrats, vehemently deny that they support amnesty. They contend that merely asking illegal aliens to pay a fine and back-taxes in return for legal status is not amnesty. Fox News’s Brit Hume passionately denounced those who refer to some of the immigration proposals in Congress as amnesty.

But amnesty means means “an act of forgiveness for past offenses, especially to a class of persons as a whole.” What else would you call granting legal status, let alone the privilege of full blown citizenship, to millions of people who came to the U.S. illegally?

Even beyond amnesty itself, Congress seems to trip over itself providing benefits to people who came to the U.S. illegally. Just look at the inability of the GOP-controlled House to deny aliens welfare and benefits even before they are granted legal status.

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Thad Cochran Said What?

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Throughout this primary season, the Madison Project has engaged in a relentless focus on the policy issues that are important and distinguish our candidates from those in the permanent political class.  Unlike our opponents, we are not focused on silly oppo hits and puerile “gotach” moments.  But we have noticed an unmistakable pattern of the media ignoring gaffes and slip-ups from establishment members of Congress while focusing on every last word of each of our candidates.

Take a look at this Breitbart story on Thad Cochran’s most recent gaffe and ponder for a moment what would have happened had one of our candidates said something like this:

Sen. Thad Cochran (R-MS) provided his latest head-scratching comment in public, this time joking he engaged in illicit activities with animals as a child.

“[We’d] get back [to the Pine Belt-Hattiesburg area of Mississippi] as often as we could because it was fun—it was an adventure to be out there in the country and see what goes on,” Cochran said of his childhood and how parts of his family lived in the central part of the state. “Picking up pecans, from that to all kind of indecent things with animals.”

The audience laughed at that point, video published by the Jackson Clarion-Ledger shows. Cochran’s facial expressions did not change, nor did his stance or demeanor. “I know some of you know what that is,” he continued. “The whole point of the story is not just coming here to visit cousins and get to know aunts and uncles better, you absorb the culture and you know what’s important to people here. I feel very comfortable here and have an identity with this area of the state that’s different than any other.”

Let this anecdote seep in for a moment: if Cochran were one of our candidates, the name Thad Cochran would have become a demonstrably more powerful punchline of absurdity than Todd Akin.  Yet, the media, by and large, has no agenda to taint any member of the political class as cloddish, crazy, and extreme.  Because of the big government views people like Cochran hold, they are too big to fail in the eyes of the media.

However, as we have seen from Dave Brat’s spectacular victory against Eric Cantor, people are starting to see through the tainted media coverage.


Madison Project Congratulates Dave Brat’s Stunning Win in Virginia’s 7th District Primary

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For Immediate Release:

June 10, 2014

Contact: press@madisonproject.com


Madison Project Congratulates Dave Brat’s Stunning Win in Virginia’s 7th District Primary

Fort Worth, TX – The Madison Project PAC made the following statement regarding conservative Dave Brat’s stunning upset victory in tonight’s Virginia 7th Congressional District primary race:

“The fact that an under-funded candidate Dave Brat has upset the sitting Majority Leader in a primary is not only a statement that the Tea Party is alive and well, but that amnesty and comprehensive open borders is dead on arrival,” said Daniel Horowitz of the Madison Project.   “The Washington political class has always shown up for the highly publicized primary battles where millions of dollars are pumped in, but tonight we see that when the people are left alone and in control of their own destiny, they pick conservative principles over politics as usual. Brat’s victory is a mandate for leadership reform, and shot across the bow for the rest of the Republicans. It means that amnesty, ruling-class politics, and the status quo will no longer be tolerated.

“Just a few short weeks ago, the Establishment was working the media over trying to shut the coffin on conservatives and the Tea Party, but first Mississippi, and now Virginia’s 7th show that the people, and not the political class will not accept a growing government dead-set on expanding their power, and passing policies that do nothing but line the pockets of special interests. This upset is a clear indication that the people are ready to fight for the heart and soul of both the Republican Party and our country. ”

The Madison Project supports and raises money for conservative candidates that have demonstrated a commitment to full-spectrum conservatism. The Madison Project website can be found at http://madisonproject.com/

# # #

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Cochran MIA as his Committee Funds Invasion of Southern Border

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Word has gotten out in Central American publications that anyone who wants to drop their poverty off on America’s doorstep will be accommodated.   Those rumors were well founded.

I’m sure the Framers had this in mind when they gave Congress the power of the purse.  At a time when Americans are languishing from a stagnating economy and crushing debt, the Senate Appropriations subcommittee on Labor-HHS passed a bill appropriating $1.9 billion in aid to fund care for the new arrivals of the illegal inundation from Central America across our southern border.

The Labor, Health and Human Services Committee unveiled a bill Tuesday which includes $1.94 billion in funding to cope with the 92 percent surge. […]

As part of the deal, the administration will be required to report back to Congress with a specific plan to deal with the surge.

Language in the bill also gives the Department of Health and Human Services additional powers to shift funds between accounts to cope with the problem.

Under the law, HHS is responsible for feeding and caring for the children after they are apprehended by border security officials. HHS bares the biggest share of costs in handling the migrants.

The Senate package should fully cover the $2.33 billion in new funding which White House deputy budget director Brian Deese asked the upper chamber for in a May 30 letter. [The Hill]

So where were the Republicans?

The deal was crafted by Senate Appropriations Committee Chairwoman Barbara Mikulski (D-Md.) who negotiated with Harkin, Sen. Jerry Moran (R-Kan.) and Ranking Member Richard Shelby (R-Ala.).

The bill passed out of subcommittee on a voice vote and heads to a full committee markup on Thursday. There were no audible objections.

Taking a look at the membership of the panel, it’s no surprise that there were no GOP objections.  But there is one inescapable question:

Guess who is the Ranking Member of this subcommittee?

Thad Cochran.

Where is his voice?  Where is his zeal to stand up for Mississippi workers and taxpayers?

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If I Were Marco Rubio

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Senator Marco Rubio spent the better part of last year joining together with Democrats to make a bipartisan push for amnesty and comprehensive open borders.  The message to the third world was clear and unambiguous.  We have not learned the mistakes of the past and we will continue granting amnesty because we lack the stomach to leave any illegals behind.

Not surprisingly, starting late last year there was a surge in border crossings.  Now, there are rampant rumors throughout Central America that as long as you come here with children, you will never be turned down.  How uncanny that the rumor tracks almost identically with the statements put out by politicians in both parties propagating a desire to care for the world’s poor and place their needs over those of Americans.

If I were Marco Rubio, I would hang my head down in shame for helping engender this new wave of illegal immigration.  At the very least, I would have issued the following statement:

“Although I have previously expressed support for amnesty, it is now abundantly clear that calls for amnesty before the enforcement measures are implemented will always spawn endless cycles of illegal immigration.  The approach I pursued last year was deeply flawed and I am now committed to shaming and embarrassing this administration into following the laws and preserving our sovereignty.  I still wish to deal with some other immigration-related issues, but none of that can be addressed until the lawlessness ends and this country is shielded from the harmful effects of illegal immigration.”

Instead, Rubio put out this ambiguous statement:

“There is evidence that unfounded rumors in some countries that if you come as a child to the U.S you can stay have contributed to it,” said Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.). “Beyond that, I think that it’s illustrative of the need we have in this country to address immigration reform in all of its aspects.”

He said the surge “calls out for a long-term approach in terms of improving our immigration system: both the way the legal immigration system works and addressing those who are here illegally.”

It’s literally a Potomac mental disorder.  Every deleterious effect of illegal immigration, even those directly caused by their version of “immigration reform,” is used an excuse to double down on those very policies.  So by granting benefits and citizenship to those illegals already here before the fence is constructed, exit-entry is working, and interior enforcement is restored…..that will dissuade others from coming here illegally?!!

Over the weekend, Eric Cantor engaged in similar cerebral gyrations by suggesting that the way to solve the border crisis is by offering more “kids” citizenship.

At a time when Americans are suffering from protracted stagnation, diminished wages, and joblessness, it is unconscionable for Washington politicians to spend money supporting new illegal immigrants.  Yet, shame is one attribute lacking from any of the career politicians.

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Thad Cochran and What is Wrong with Politics

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Let’s put aside ideology for a moment and ignore the fact that there is not a single conservative bone in Thad Cochran’s body.  What is more disturbing is that he clearly has not been able to effectively represent Mississippi for quite some time, and certainly will not serve as a vibrant voice for another six years.

Throughout the primary in Mississippi, all the media cared about was the torrent of oppo hits thrown at Chris McDaniel.  They never seemed interested in asking why Cochran was so scarce on the campaign trail or the Senate floor or why he declined to debate McDaniel. Finally, on the day of the primary, Molly Ball penned an article for Atlantic basically publicizing what we all know to be true about Cochran:

I followed Cochran from the square to a local diner, Jean’s Restaurant, where patrons swiveled away from plastic plates of boiled okra and corn fritters to shake his hand. On the wall were two framed photographs of Chris McDaniel. The restaurant’s owner, Diane Trammell, told me McDaniel had visited twice and stayed for an hour each time. “I don’t recall the last time I seen Thad,” she said. She’d always voted for Cochran in the past, but now she wasn’t sure.

Cochran didn’t pose for any pictures during his brief sweep. As he made his way toward the exit, the senator held out his hand to me. I had met and interviewed him less than half an hour before.

“Hello, how are you doing?” he said with a kindly smile. “I’m Thad Cochran.”

It’s hard to tell exactly where Thad Cochran is holding, but I can guarantee you that if one of our candidates was losing touch with reality, there would be a non-stop media circus aimed at discrediting him.  Cochran’s campaign is disgruntled and outraged over Ball’s story, but if the her insinuation is unfounded then why not agree to debate McDaniel?  Either way, any candidate who is unfit to engage in a debate during the most contentious runoff election of the year should not stand for reelection.

And sadly, if Cochran would be left to his own devices he probably would retire.  He seemed to hint at that in a Washington Post interview last week.  Yet, Haley Barbour and the local robber barons have too much riding on this.  They cannot lose their millions in lobbying fees, even if that means running a Senator who can no longer perform his duties.

Folks, I’m not worried about losing this runoff.  It’s almost impossible for Cochran’s campaign to muster enough votes to stay competitive for three weeks.  It’s clear that they were only able to deny Chris the requisite 50% needed to avoid a runoff by turning out Democrat voters in counties Obama won in the Delta region.  Those people will not turn out in a runoff.  We will win this whether he stays in or not.

It’s just sad that the political class has reached a point where they are willing to ruin a man’s retirement just so they can keep their own pay-for-play operation alive.  This is why so many people are turned off by politics.

Cross-posted at RedState

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What will the GOP do about the Latest Cap and Trade Scheme?

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It is has been noted in recent years that a good percentage of Americans do not pay income taxes.  However, we must remember that all Americans incur the cost of the hidden tax of regulations.  According to the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), burdensome regulations drain $1.86 trillion from the private economy every year.  The tab is $15,000 per family, more than many families pay in federal income taxes.

The cost of the regulatory state is paid for in the form of higher costs for food, energy, transportation, and healthcare.  It is also actualized in the form of lower wages and less job opportunities.

As CEI notes, just last year the administration finalized another 3,659 regulations. It’s no surprise that five years into the most tepid economic recovery in recent years, the economy is actually contracting again.

Naturally, the Obama administration is planning to rub salt on the wounds of the American economy by implementing Cap and Trade style regulations that will shutter American manufacturing.  The EPA has released a 645-page plan forcing all power plants to reduce “greenhouse gas emissions” by 30 percent below 2005 levels by 2030.  Much like Obama’s administrative Dream Act, this devastating version of Cap and Trade never passed Congress.

So after creating a permanent part-time economy and driving up the cost of healthcare with Obamacare, this administration seeks to crush the average family with higher energy costs, which in turn, jack up the cost of most other vital goods and services.

In recent months, a slew of Republicans have introduced policy proposals attempting to appeal to middle class families.  There is no better way to advocate reducing government than by promising to reduce the regulatory state.  Along with repeal of Obamacare and opposing open borders (which hurts workers and taxpayers), the crushing burden of energy regulations must play prominent in any general election campaign.

On the surface, this is an issue for which all Republicans can unite and fight with a coherent message.  After all, the Chamber of Commerce is actually on the right side of the issue.  But there are two important observations that cannot be overlooked.

It’s easy for the Chamber and establishment Republicans to act outraged over the regulatory state when the EPA announces crushing regulations.  But what these people fail to see is that they are responsible for growing government and interjecting it into every aspect of the economy – to the point that they now feel that can control entire industries, such as energy, healthcare, and financial services.  People like Thad Cochran can’t have it both ways.  They can’t embrace the federal hand that subsidizes private enterprise and then complain about the hand that regulates them into submission. It is years’ worth of bipartisan work from the Chamber and pay-for-play Republicans to expand the role of government that has allowed the bureaucracies to grow large and brazen enough to regulate anything that moves.

The other point to consider is that although all establishment Republicans claim to be outraged over the latest Cap and Trade scheme, what are they going to do about it?  Remember, even if Republicans win control of the Senate, it will not change the balance of power.  They will not have control over the executive agencies, and Obama will be as truculent as ever in ruling by administrative fiat during the lame duck of his presidency.  Republicans already have control of the purse-string in the House – the last recourse to check against abuse of executive power – yet they sabotaged our only attempt to use it.

At some point, Republicans need to look beyond the next election to solving the constitutional crisis that is upon us.

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