How Much Will Obamacare Cost You in the Next 10 Years?

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$131 billion. These days numbers in the millions, billions and even trillions, have lost their shock value — but they shouldn’t. This is the amount of money the U.S. federal deficit will increase by over the next 10 years, thanks to Obamacare. A new report from the Republican Senate Budget Committee shows why things have gotten so bad.

A top Democrat aide called the report  “garbage,” but we know better. And it’s not just the money it will cost, it’s the jobs. CBO reports that 2.5 million full-time employees will be forced out of their jobs by 2024 because of the law. It’s a double whammy our country doesn’t deserve.

When Obamacare was first passed, CBO estimated it would actually reduce the deficit but things didn’t exactly go as planned. Even though the Obama Administration claimed the law would be funded by 18 new taxes, that’s not enough — never mind the fact that most people aren’t too keen on this new “revenue.”

The Senate report considers changes made to Obamacare since 2012 and how those unexpected events completely shift the fiscal outcome. For example, not as many people signed up for Obamacare as the Administration hoped. Additionally, millions of people have had the Obamacare mandate penalty waived for a variety of reasons. These things, among others, decrease the amount of money the Administration was counting on for funding.

Meanwhile, the President continues to stress that “this thing is working.” Unfortunately for him, it’s quite clear that the law hasn’t “worked” tangibly or technically from the start. In 2009, Obama promised he would not “sign [Obamacare] if it adds one dime to the deficit, now or in the future, period.”

The future is here, Mr. President, and you have more dimes than one to account for now.

The Madison Project Endorses Glenn Grothman in WI-6

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He’s the current state Senator from the 20th district in Wisconsin, having served in that capacity since 2004. In 2011, he was in the middle of the fight against the labor unions in Wisconsin and in support of Governor Scott Walker’s Act 10 bill.

Known as a fiscal hawk and strong advocate of life, he has a proven legislative record in Wisconsin that gives us the confidence that he will fight for conservatism in Washington, DC. In recent months, he has been quoted as saying, “[voters want] conservative candidates who want to stand up to Republican leadership. And that’s me.”

This is why we are excited to endorse Glenn Grothman for Congress today. As part of the conservative revolution in Wisconsin, Glenn has been a tireless champion of lower taxes, education reform and the unborn and we look forward to seeing the same from him in Washington.

The Madison Project Endorses Zach Dasher in LA-5

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Many know him as nephew of Phil and Si Robertson of Duck Dynasty, but Zach Dasher is also a candidate in Louisiana’s 5th Congressional District.

A businessman who has never run for office, Zach is running on a platform of strong, comprehensive conservatism. From marriage to life to reducing the intrusion of government in our lives, Zach checks all the boxes and has an opportunity to replace a Congressman who ran on a platform of conservatism but voted with GOP leadership once he got to Washington, DC.

In a cycle that is bringing a robust group of conservatives into the House of Representatives, we believe that Zach will be a strong addition to that group and we are excited to endorse him in his run for Congress.

Glenn Grothman for Congress

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For Immediate Release

October 21, 2014



Madison Project PAC Endorses Glenn Grothman for Congress in Wisconsin’s Sixth District   


Fort Worth, TX – The Madison Project PAC announced today that it is endorsing Glenn Grothman for Congress in Wisconsin’s Sixth District:

“Glenn Grothman is a proven legislator and principled leader who conservatives need in Washington, D.C.,” said Drew Ryun of the Madison Project. “Not only is Glenn a strong advocate of life and social values, but he is a dedicated fiscal hawk willing to take on the Labor Unions in his own state. In recent months, Glennhas been quoted as saying, ‘[voters want] conservative candidates who want to stand up to Republican leadership. And that’s me.’ Glenn Grothman is the real deal and we are proud to give him our endorsement.”

The Madison Project supports and raises money for conservative candidates that have demonstrated a commitment to full-spectrum conservatism. The Madison Project website can be found at

Zach Dasher for Congress

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For Immediate Release

October 21, 2014



Madison Project PAC Endorses Zach Dasher for Congress in Louisiana’s Fifth District   


Fort Worth, TX – The Madison Project PAC announced today that it is endorsing Zach Dasher for Congress in Louisiana’s Fifth District:

“Zach Dasher is a principled conservative who has never run for office,” said Drew Ryun of the Madison Project. “He’s a true citizen legislator who comes from a business background and knows firsthand the intrusion of government into our lives. Not only will Zach fight the special interests in Washington, D.C. but he will stand up for the conservative values of life, and marriage that Louisiana’s 5th Congressional district hold so dear. The Madison Project is proud to endorse Zach Dasher and we look forward to helping him cross the finish line in November.”

The Madison Project supports and raises money for conservative candidates that have demonstrated a commitment to full-spectrum conservatism. The Madison Project website can be found at


Our Brave New World

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Even if you are not living in Texas, it was hard to miss the news out of Houston this week where lawyers representing the city subpoenaed all the sermons preached by pastors against the ill-named Equal Rights Ordinance. In short, the ordinance states, among other things, that it is now okay for men to use women’s bathrooms and vice versa. The gay rights crowd claimed it as a major victory and the openly gay mayor of Houston, Annise Parker, claimed it was the most important thing she would ever do as mayor.

Just reflect on that opening paragraph for a few minutes and ask yourself – what world you are living in?

However, as hard as it is to believe, this is not the most concerning part of this story. After the ordinance passed, opponents to it had 30 days to acquire just over 17,000 signed petitions to appeal the decision. They collected 50,000 and the city of Houston responded by throwing out the petitions over “irregularities.” If you ask us, there are a lot of irregularities if you only needed 17,000 and collected 50,000.

In response to these shenanigans, the opponents to the bathroom ordinance filed a lawsuit against the city. Houston doubled down and subpoenaed all the sermons preached by pastors inside the 400 church coalition against the bathroom ordinance. In the subpoenas, pastors were asked to hand over all sermons that mentioned Mayor Annise Parker, homosexuality and gender identity.

An often overlooked fact in this is that the churches and pastors were not part of the lawsuit against the city of Houston, yet the city and its lawyers felt compelled to intimidate them (because really, that’s all this is).

In the brave new world that we live in, it is apparent that while freedom of speech is promoted by the Left and tolerance is encouraged, there is a line in the sand: You may have your tolerance and your freedom of speech as long as you don’t disagree with them.

Which begs the questions-how tolerant are they and how much do they value freedom of speech, even when someone disagrees with them?

What is taking place in Houston right now is borderline fascism by the homosexual Left. After ramming a controversial ordinance through, the momentum and public opinion are now clearly against them. Instead of winning in the public arena, they are resorting to the thuggery of government intimidation as they breach the separation of church and state, a line the Founders clearly put in place so that the church may influence the state, but the state may not intimidate or crush the church.

Our hope is that the pastors in Houston follow in the footsteps of their ancestors and refuse to turn over their sermons with a simple statement:

“Come and take them.”

How Ebola Came To The United States

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Along with ‘Hope and Change,’ our President recently promised us that Ebola would not come to the United States.

This is under the Administration that had the FAA flights to Israel stopped because it was considered too dangerous.

This is under the Administration that is working to stamp out traditionally made cheese because methods for producing cheese for literally thousands of years are no longer deemed safe.

This is under the Administration that allowed the IRS to target groups because of political affiliation.

This same Administration raided Gibson Guitar under the suspicion that Gibson might be using Indian wood that violated the Lacey Act of 1900 (we’re not kidding).

This is under the Administration that can’t keep trespassers out of the White House.

Knowing that it is possible to stop air traffic from entering countries all together, and knowing that the ability to trace a person’s movements from countries suffering from outbreaks of the Ebola Virus, why has the United States not forced a 21 day quarantine for all travelers moving from high risk areas?

Why has the President, or at least members of the Texas Congressional delegation, not called for the quarantine?

The answers are simple.

1. Either the President and the CDC did not take this threat seriously,

2. They took it seriously and they failed, but are not willing to ramp up security measures to prevent further mistakes, or

3. The President does not care.

The Ebola virus is not to be taken lightly; earlier this year two highly trained medical aid workers were infected. Just days ago, less than an hour from where our headquarters are, Thomas Eric Duncan died of Ebola and it is possible he infected over 100 other people.

With infections and deaths rising, more actions must be taken to protect the United States. This is NOT to be misconstrued as a purposeful attack, a planned infection, or a plot perpetrated by anyone.

This is just a common sense call to pay attention, something that the current administration has not been doing for a very long time now.

Why Are GOP Hopes In 2014 Fading?

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To some extent, the answer is simple.

You can’t win without being for something. Ask yourself: what are the Democrats for?

You could probably rattle off 3-4 issues off the top of your head right now. Government run healthcare, expansion of government programs, more taxes, abortion. Right then and there you have what they are for and because of that, they can easily message this to their voters and to the middle of the American electorate that ebbs and flows depending on the election cycle.

Now, contrast that with the Republicans. What are they for?

You want to say repealing Obamacare, admit it, but they are not. They are for repealing the Medical Device Tax for their friends on K Street. They are for deregulating the gas and oil industries. . . .well, kind of. They support the Keystone Pipeline (now ask yourself why that is important?).

Aaaannd they want to Fire Harry Reid.

Which appears to be Mitch McConnell’s only agenda item this campaign season. Apparently he has missed the forest for the trees and thinks voters in America understand the archaic rules of the United States Senate and why, at least in his mind, getting rid of Harry Reid as Majority Leader is so important.

Frankly, the vast majority of American voters probably have no idea who Harry Reid is. But they do know that each month a chunk of money is removed from their paychecks for entitlement programs that they will never receive the benefits of. They know that corporate America is getting preferential treatment that is not trickling down to them. They know they want the freedom to choose an insurance program that fits their needs, not what the government tells them does (while removing their choices in doctors and care providers). They want the price of their milk to stop going up.

In the midst of this meltdown by the GOP with less than a month to go, you have more and more articles like this one cropping up: Why Democrats May Keep The Senate.

For someone inside the GOP Establishment, it’s a head scratcher. They seem to think that small ball wins major championships. Because of that, as America is pleading for a dramatically new direction than the Obama Administration is providing, they are lost as to why their chances for winning the Senate on November 4th are in serious jeopardy. Add to this conundrum the fact that GOP consultants would rather get rich off the process and monopolize the machinery of the party rather than win and the party is in serious trouble of slipping into irrelevance.

Out gunned and out messaged, one has to ask: is this the “modern” GOP’s last stand?

And if so, what more will it take for a dramatic shift in direction for the party to win once again?

Supreme Court: How The New Term May Affect You

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Many Americans don’t realize that the Supreme Court is actually the most powerful branch of government. In the end, they decide the fate of our laws and our lives — and you may not recognize just how deeply the next Supreme Court term will affect you personally.

Washington seems far away much of the time but if you aren’t careful, they’ll be right in your backyard — metaphorically speaking. For the 2014-2015 Supreme Court term, you can see what I mean.

For example, they are taking up a case — Maryland State Comptroller of the Treasury v. Wynne — where residents are facing double taxes on income earned out of state. Income earned out of state has already been taxed but Maryland wants to tax it again for the resident’s local county.

Even more disturbing are issues of over-regulation. This past year alone, children’s lemonade stands were shut down, a mother was arrested for saying a curse word and a little boy was suspended from school for pointing his finger like a gun and pretending to shoot – and some of these cases are making it all the way to the Supreme Court, like Yates v. United States coming up this year.

In this case, a man caught some illegal, undersized fish in his boat. He was instructed to bring the fish back to port. Officers then claimed he was lying and had thrown some of the undersized fish overboard, which is illegal. He was then convicted of destroying “tangible objects” with the intent to obstruct an investigation, despite little evidence this actually happened. These are the types of over regulation issues citizens are dealing with all the way up to the Supreme Court.

The Court is also taking up a controversial case about a rapper convicted of making “criminal threats” after writing a few very violent Facebook posts. But the rapper said the posts were rap lyrics, not threats – and now he’s dealing with a Supreme Court hearing. Could your Facebook posts be “threatening” to someone who would report you? It could land you here.

Same-sex marriage will be placed front and center again this term, as many states petition the Court for review of their laws regarding marriage and equality. The Obamacare federal exchanges are on the docket as well. They may deal with the provision of subsidies in states not participating in the exchanges, as well as other controversial parts of the law that may affect how it’s fully implemented.

There are a wide range of cases on deck for the 2014-2015 SCOTUS bench to take up – issues that could have major affects on how we write on social media, deal with minor, over regulated laws and if we could be forced to pay double on our taxes.

The new term began October 6th so get ready to pay attention and take notes!

Paying for Abortion Whether You Like It or Not

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The claim seems to come and go, but this week, there is more hard evidence that Obamacare does indeed force individuals to fund subsidies for healthcare plans that cover abortion.

No, it’s not a lot of your personal money, but that’s not the point. Individuals who believe life begins at conception and oppose abortion should not be forced to fund it in any way whatsoever.

This is especially relevant since President Obama said on record, “under our plan, no federal dollars will be used to fund abortion.”

Just because there isn’t a section marked “abortion” on our paychecks or healthcare plans doesn’t mean that’s not the case. The connection is rather clear in a newly released GAO report.

The report finds that abortion is not being itemized as a separate surcharge on most insurance plans. In fact, 1,036 plans do cover elective abortion and remain able to receive taxpayer subsidies — and it’s happening in all 50 states.

It wouldn’t be that hard for the Administration to ensure that abortion funding wasn’t included in plans for individuals that don’t want to pay for it – but it’s clearly not a priority. There is even a “No Taxpyaer Funding of Abortion Act” passed by the House earlier this year. But, I guess that’s being ignored.

There’s absolutely no reason not to have full transparentcy when it comes to abortion funiding in Obamacare – or any other government action. The fact that the Presdient lied to the American people and the Administration conitnues to keep up the ruse is unacceptable.