Evidence Proves Key Demographics Have Made a Right Turn

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Ask anyone running for Congress or higher office and they’ll tell you they want to reach millennial voters. They were a key demographic for President Obama’s 2008 victory and typically, voter turnout for that generation is rather low.

While it’s sometimes assumed that youth skew Left, things are actually changing. A new National Harvard Youth Poll shows that millennial voters prefer a Republican Congress by four percent right now.

Today’s youth were sold Obama’s promises but have gradually realized they were empty, even until the end. With only two years left under Obama, young people are reconsidering what they want in the next decade of their lives.

And it’s not just youth. Poll after poll has shown that key demographics are positioning themselves as swing voters or to the Right.

An Associated Press-Gfk poll showed that female voters are split almost dead even between Democrats and Republicans.

Despite the Democrats’ “war on women” rhetoric, many female voters have seen beyond it. The Left most often appeals to women on the basis of sex, birth control and abortion. It seems some young women have finally recognized how degrading and sexist that actually is.

Who else is eyeing the Right? Hispanics. A Pew Research Center poll showed that Hispanics are moving toward the GOP in higher numbers than ever. The same poll showed that 54% of registered Hispanic voters would vote for someone who disagrees with them on immigration reform, providing they share their views on most other issues.

The Left has many talking points for women, young people and minority communities – but they do very little besides spend lots of money in ways that are ineffective in the long run.

The cultural definition of what it means to be a Democrat has evolved from moderate to extreme Left – and these demographics may be realizing that’s not a place they want to be.

Kill The Duck

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There seems to be a general consensus that Republicans will retake the Senate in next Tuesday night’s election. If that is the case, they won’t retake the reins of power until early in January of 2015, giving the Senate Democrats one last gasp at legislating during the forthcoming lame duck session. There are a number of terrible ideas being floated for the lame duck, but the one I want to discuss today is the idea of “clearing the decks” so that Congress can start fresh in 2015.

Currently there is a continuing resolution in effect that funds the government until December 11th. There are rumblings that Congressional leadership, both Republicans and Democrats in both chambers, wants to pass a long term funding bill that funds the government through next fall. If next Tuesday night’s election results hand the Senate over to Republicans, conservatives need to resist this approach vigorously.

First, the obvious reason is that all manner of retired and defeated members will be voting on extremely important issues. Even the fine folks who wrote The West Wing understood how problematic this is.Lame duck Congressman and Senators could be voting on numerous nominees, internet taxation, funding for Obamacare and amnesty for illegal aliens and voting contrary to the people who just turned them out of office.

This brings me to my second and more important point. The funding bill.

Leadership wants to “clear the decks” (by that they mean pass all the major legislation and nominees sitting before Congress) so that they can start off the new Congress focusing on their priorities.  Their priorities are much more likely to reflect the priorities of Wall Street and K Street than Main Street.  The first thing they want to get out of the way is the controversy surrounding funding Obamacare and the President’s illegal amnesty. And by get out of the way I mean fund Obamacare and amnesty.

Congress – and the House of Representatives in particular – holds the purse strings, without which the President cannot implement his agenda. If Congress does not fund an activity, then the Executive Branch cannot implement it. Further if Congress affirmatively acts to restrict funding for an activity, the Administration’s hands are similarly tied. Congress knows exactly how to limit funding for Obamacare – they have done it in the past – and candidates are pledging to do it on the campaign trail at this moment.

At the same time, the American people want Congress to defund President Obama’s lawless amnesty program for illegal immigrant children – often known as DACA.   If media reports are correct, by the time the lame duck begins, President Obama will have issued an even broader amnesty for adult illegal aliens.   The only way to stop this will be to turn off the funding for the President’s amnesty.

But if the Congressional leadership “clears the decks” in November the opportunity to include riders to block amnesty and defund Obamacare evaporates until next fall.  By the time we get back to appropriations bills the amnesty program will be well underway and much harder to undo.

If candidates are serious about opposing Obamacare and Executive amnesty, they need to pass a very short-term Continuing Resolution in November that only funds the government until January, so that the Republican House and Senate can come back and include the important Obamacare and amnesty defunding provisions they promised the American people.

Bad Immigration Policy is Just Around the Corner

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Just because the media has been quiet about immigration and border security lately doesn’t mean any issues have been settled.  While border crossings may have slowed, the number of illegal immigrants residing in the United States continues to rise.

Don’t let your friends and family forget that as we head toward Election Day.

President Obama still, in cowardice, refuses to move forward with his plan for immigration reform until after the election. He knows the American people will not be happy with any sort of amnesty plan – and he doesn’t want to hurt voter turnout for Democrats.

Just this week, his former opponent Mitt Romney called the decision to wait “a very shameful thing” because Romney believes the President has a responsibility to the people to say what he plans to do before the election.

But his promised executive action on immigration is already being supported by the likes of ex-Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, who said in a Monday interview:

“If Congress refuses to act and perform its duties, then I think it’s appropriate for the executive to step in and use his authorities based on law…to take action in the immigration arena.”

Of course, Presidents have the ability to use executive action but that doesn’t mean they should do it every time they disagree with Congress – especially on issue as crucial and consequential as immigration policy.

And if you had any doubt about what the President plans to do, information revealed yesterday may put those to rest.  Fox News reported that “the U.S. government ordered supplies to create millions of blank work permits and green cards.”

Of the course the Administration says it has nothing to do with Obama’s coming action – but this revelation is telling.

Rep. Bob Goodlatte, the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, said today that Obama’s plans for immigration reform are a bad idea and bad public policy.

“It harms to the ability of the Congress to do immigration reform and most importantly, it violates the U.S.  Constitution, “ said Goodlatte, also noting that “no one trusts the President to enforce the [current] law.”

Just because the Left doesn’t want to talk about immigration doesn’t mean you have to keep quiet. Bad policy is coming and there’s precious little time to prevent it.

How Much Will Obamacare Cost You in the Next 10 Years?

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$131 billion. These days numbers in the millions, billions and even trillions, have lost their shock value — but they shouldn’t. This is the amount of money the U.S. federal deficit will increase by over the next 10 years, thanks to Obamacare. A new report from the Republican Senate Budget Committee shows why things have gotten so bad.

A top Democrat aide called the report  “garbage,” but we know better. And it’s not just the money it will cost, it’s the jobs. CBO reports that 2.5 million full-time employees will be forced out of their jobs by 2024 because of the law. It’s a double whammy our country doesn’t deserve.

When Obamacare was first passed, CBO estimated it would actually reduce the deficit but things didn’t exactly go as planned. Even though the Obama Administration claimed the law would be funded by 18 new taxes, that’s not enough — never mind the fact that most people aren’t too keen on this new “revenue.”

The Senate report considers changes made to Obamacare since 2012 and how those unexpected events completely shift the fiscal outcome. For example, not as many people signed up for Obamacare as the Administration hoped. Additionally, millions of people have had the Obamacare mandate penalty waived for a variety of reasons. These things, among others, decrease the amount of money the Administration was counting on for funding.

Meanwhile, the President continues to stress that “this thing is working.” Unfortunately for him, it’s quite clear that the law hasn’t “worked” tangibly or technically from the start. In 2009, Obama promised he would not “sign [Obamacare] if it adds one dime to the deficit, now or in the future, period.”

The future is here, Mr. President, and you have more dimes than one to account for now.

The Madison Project Endorses Glenn Grothman in WI-6

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He’s the current state Senator from the 20th district in Wisconsin, having served in that capacity since 2004. In 2011, he was in the middle of the fight against the labor unions in Wisconsin and in support of Governor Scott Walker’s Act 10 bill.

Known as a fiscal hawk and strong advocate of life, he has a proven legislative record in Wisconsin that gives us the confidence that he will fight for conservatism in Washington, DC. In recent months, he has been quoted as saying, “[voters want] conservative candidates who want to stand up to Republican leadership. And that’s me.”

This is why we are excited to endorse Glenn Grothman for Congress today. As part of the conservative revolution in Wisconsin, Glenn has been a tireless champion of lower taxes, education reform and the unborn and we look forward to seeing the same from him in Washington.

The Madison Project Endorses Zach Dasher in LA-5

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Many know him as nephew of Phil and Si Robertson of Duck Dynasty, but Zach Dasher is also a candidate in Louisiana’s 5th Congressional District.

A businessman who has never run for office, Zach is running on a platform of strong, comprehensive conservatism. From marriage to life to reducing the intrusion of government in our lives, Zach checks all the boxes and has an opportunity to replace a Congressman who ran on a platform of conservatism but voted with GOP leadership once he got to Washington, DC.

In a cycle that is bringing a robust group of conservatives into the House of Representatives, we believe that Zach will be a strong addition to that group and we are excited to endorse him in his run for Congress.

Glenn Grothman for Congress

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For Immediate Release

October 21, 2014

Contact: press@madisonproject.com


Madison Project PAC Endorses Glenn Grothman for Congress in Wisconsin’s Sixth District   


Fort Worth, TX – The Madison Project PAC announced today that it is endorsing Glenn Grothman for Congress in Wisconsin’s Sixth District:

“Glenn Grothman is a proven legislator and principled leader who conservatives need in Washington, D.C.,” said Drew Ryun of the Madison Project. “Not only is Glenn a strong advocate of life and social values, but he is a dedicated fiscal hawk willing to take on the Labor Unions in his own state. In recent months, Glennhas been quoted as saying, ‘[voters want] conservative candidates who want to stand up to Republican leadership. And that’s me.’ Glenn Grothman is the real deal and we are proud to give him our endorsement.”

The Madison Project supports and raises money for conservative candidates that have demonstrated a commitment to full-spectrum conservatism. The Madison Project website can be found athttp://madisonproject.com/

Zach Dasher for Congress

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For Immediate Release

October 21, 2014

Contact: press@madisonproject.com


Madison Project PAC Endorses Zach Dasher for Congress in Louisiana’s Fifth District   


Fort Worth, TX – The Madison Project PAC announced today that it is endorsing Zach Dasher for Congress in Louisiana’s Fifth District:

“Zach Dasher is a principled conservative who has never run for office,” said Drew Ryun of the Madison Project. “He’s a true citizen legislator who comes from a business background and knows firsthand the intrusion of government into our lives. Not only will Zach fight the special interests in Washington, D.C. but he will stand up for the conservative values of life, and marriage that Louisiana’s 5th Congressional district hold so dear. The Madison Project is proud to endorse Zach Dasher and we look forward to helping him cross the finish line in November.”

The Madison Project supports and raises money for conservative candidates that have demonstrated a commitment to full-spectrum conservatism. The Madison Project website can be found athttp://madisonproject.com/


Our Brave New World

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Even if you are not living in Texas, it was hard to miss the news out of Houston this week where lawyers representing the city subpoenaed all the sermons preached by pastors against the ill-named Equal Rights Ordinance. In short, the ordinance states, among other things, that it is now okay for men to use women’s bathrooms and vice versa. The gay rights crowd claimed it as a major victory and the openly gay mayor of Houston, Annise Parker, claimed it was the most important thing she would ever do as mayor.

Just reflect on that opening paragraph for a few minutes and ask yourself – what world you are living in?

However, as hard as it is to believe, this is not the most concerning part of this story. After the ordinance passed, opponents to it had 30 days to acquire just over 17,000 signed petitions to appeal the decision. They collected 50,000 and the city of Houston responded by throwing out the petitions over “irregularities.” If you ask us, there are a lot of irregularities if you only needed 17,000 and collected 50,000.

In response to these shenanigans, the opponents to the bathroom ordinance filed a lawsuit against the city. Houston doubled down and subpoenaed all the sermons preached by pastors inside the 400 church coalition against the bathroom ordinance. In the subpoenas, pastors were asked to hand over all sermons that mentioned Mayor Annise Parker, homosexuality and gender identity.

An often overlooked fact in this is that the churches and pastors were not part of the lawsuit against the city of Houston, yet the city and its lawyers felt compelled to intimidate them (because really, that’s all this is).

In the brave new world that we live in, it is apparent that while freedom of speech is promoted by the Left and tolerance is encouraged, there is a line in the sand: You may have your tolerance and your freedom of speech as long as you don’t disagree with them.

Which begs the questions-how tolerant are they and how much do they value freedom of speech, even when someone disagrees with them?

What is taking place in Houston right now is borderline fascism by the homosexual Left. After ramming a controversial ordinance through, the momentum and public opinion are now clearly against them. Instead of winning in the public arena, they are resorting to the thuggery of government intimidation as they breach the separation of church and state, a line the Founders clearly put in place so that the church may influence the state, but the state may not intimidate or crush the church.

Our hope is that the pastors in Houston follow in the footsteps of their ancestors and refuse to turn over their sermons with a simple statement:

“Come and take them.”

How Ebola Came To The United States

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Along with ‘Hope and Change,’ our President recently promised us that Ebola would not come to the United States.

This is under the Administration that had the FAA flights to Israel stopped because it was considered too dangerous.

This is under the Administration that is working to stamp out traditionally made cheese because methods for producing cheese for literally thousands of years are no longer deemed safe.

This is under the Administration that allowed the IRS to target groups because of political affiliation.

This same Administration raided Gibson Guitar under the suspicion that Gibson might be using Indian wood that violated the Lacey Act of 1900 (we’re not kidding).

This is under the Administration that can’t keep trespassers out of the White House.

Knowing that it is possible to stop air traffic from entering countries all together, and knowing that the ability to trace a person’s movements from countries suffering from outbreaks of the Ebola Virus, why has the United States not forced a 21 day quarantine for all travelers moving from high risk areas?

Why has the President, or at least members of the Texas Congressional delegation, not called for the quarantine?

The answers are simple.

1. Either the President and the CDC did not take this threat seriously,

2. They took it seriously and they failed, but are not willing to ramp up security measures to prevent further mistakes, or

3. The President does not care.

The Ebola virus is not to be taken lightly; earlier this year two highly trained medical aid workers were infected. Just days ago, less than an hour from where our headquarters are, Thomas Eric Duncan died of Ebola and it is possible he infected over 100 other people.

With infections and deaths rising, more actions must be taken to protect the United States. This is NOT to be misconstrued as a purposeful attack, a planned infection, or a plot perpetrated by anyone.

This is just a common sense call to pay attention, something that the current administration has not been doing for a very long time now.