The Establishment, Allegations of Purity, and Reality

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We all agree that Sen. Harry Reid must be dethroned.  Even from a liberal perspective, he has completely destroyed the structure of the Senate by shutting down the open amendment process, thereby eradicating the most important difference between the upper house and the lower house of the legislative branch.

This year, we have the opportunity to vanquish Reid by defeating his liberal lieutenants in conservative states like Louisiana, Arkansas, North Carolina, South Dakota, and Alaska. However, if you think that our policy woes with Washington will change one iota if the current crop of Republicans lead the majority, you haven’t been paying attention.  And if you buy into the bromide about not letting “purity tests” get in the way defeating Democrats, you are willingly blinding yourself to the reality that has played out over the past few years.

The entire conglomerate of consultants, donors, and lobbyists who control the bulk of Republicans in Washington, and the leadership in particular, do not share our values.  This is not a difference in strategy, tone, or a casualty to being the minority party in Washington.  We have witnessed this with one issue after another.  These people regard the party faithful with as much contempt as the Democrats.  And that will not change when Republicans win back the Senate – if the House and Senate are controlled by its current cadre of leaders.

This goes far beyond any legislative scorecard or analysis of voting records.  As we witnessed this week with the debt ceiling vote, most of the elected Republicans spend their time plotting political cover and manipulate their votes to ensure that our side loses, albeit without their public stamp of approval.  We don’t need votes to tell us who is on our side.  You can tell who is with us and who is against us simply by listening to them, watching their actions, and observing their associations.

Indeed, despite the allegations that we seek purity within the party, it is clear that what we want is a bold party of contrast – whether in the majority or minority.  We want a party that will offer a bold stance on immigration and the debt ceiling, for example, and fight for it with equal and opposing force.  We want loyal conservatives that share and fight for our conservative values the same way elected liberals fight for the Democrat party platform. Instead we are given a pale pastel version of Republicans who placate conservatives during election years, and then enact the liberal Democrat talking points through clandestine political efforts.

We know who is with us and who is with the political class.  Everybody takes bad votes once and a while.  Even Ted Cruz recently voted for a bad flood insurance bill.  None of us are demanding purity from him because we know that on almost every issue he is not just a vote but a courageous and effective voice for the millions of us who are disenfranchised by the ruling class oligarchy.  He fights every day in Washington for us.

Jeff Sessions is another good example. He has cast a laundry list of bad votes, and probably doesn’t believe in limited government and free markets to the same extent we do on some issues.  But he is an inimitable statesman when it comes to his core issues of immigration, budget, and welfare.  On immigration, he has offered more selfless, indefatigable leadership – both on a political and policy level – than almost any member on any issue.  He has stood as the Elijah on Mount Carmel against the entire universe of sleazy politicians and consultants in Washington who seek to subvert our civil society.  Despite his bad votes on some other issues, none of us are looking to replace him because indeed we are not purists.  We just want people who fundamentally represent our values, and Sessions has shown that his heart is with the Country Class over the Ruling Class.

The leaders in the House and Senate, along with their boot lickers, are fundamentally against us.  Many of us have known and observed this privately for years, but the debt ceiling vote – both in the House and Senate – brought their devious subterfuge out in the open.

In the House, leadership got together and agreed to pass it with Democrat votes, thereby letting almost their entire conference off the hook to vote against their true beliefs so they can play their Republican constituents like fools.

In the Senate, McConnell attempted to do the same, but was thwarted by Senators Cruz and Lee.  Then he tried to get others to vote for something he badly wanted to pass, but lacked the conviction to own.  Roll Call explains in plain English how Democrats and Republicans worked together to fool the American people by instructing the clerk not to call their names publicly and then by switching their votes.

Remember, this is just a rare glimpse into how these guys operate on most other issues.  This will not change by simply voting Republicans into the majority, especially on the critical issues of immigration and debt.

Even with the best of leaders in Washington, there will always be differences of opinion on strategy, tone, and minor issues.  But what is happening now is far beyond a strategic disagreement.  Democrats might have internal squabbles once and a while, but they are united in goose step for the inexorable promotion of their liberal values.  There is no effective dissent from even one member.  And to the extent a couple of red-state Democrats vote against the liberal agenda, it is just a two-faced game for their conservative constituents.  Whereas Republicans are just the opposite.  They privately agree with the Democrats and only vote the right way to dissuade a potential primary challenger.

As we head into the primaries over the spring and summer, we must ask ourselves the following questions: do we want to build a GOP majority on quicksand or on a solid foundation?  Do we want to go into the voting booth on November and vote for Republicans with our heads held high or with our fingers on our nose?

The right candidates are out there.  The opportunity is calling.  The choice is ours.

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The Finger Lickin’ Fraud Gets Caught in his Game

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Ever since Senator Mitch McConnell sensed some vulnerability from his Republican base in Kentucky, he has cunningly voted the right way on most major issues, but of course waiting  until the outcome was no longer in doubt.  McConnell’s painstaking management of his voting record began in two tranches – a mild drift to the right once Trey Grayson was defeated by Rand Paul in 2010 and an acerbic turn after Matt Bevin started toying with a Senate run.

However, despite the shift in his actual voting record, McConnell has continued to artfully advance his real agenda of big government, an agenda which is shared by his puppet-masters on K Street.  As the party leader, McConnell sits back on any contentious issue and privately hopes yes while voting no.  He has declined to whip the votes; he hasn’t even put out a statement in support of the conservative position until the vote is cast.  The desired outcome for Mitch is that the capitulation be made; the bad bill wind its way to the President’s desk, but his hands remain clean of any wrongdoing.

This modus operandi was completely demolished today.

McConnell showed up at the weekly Steering Committee lunch today to berate Senators Mike Lee and Ted Cruz from pushing the undocumented Democrats to take tough votes.  This meeting is traditionally a conservative get-together dating back to when Jim DeMint used to run it.  But McConnell and his minions hijacked the meeting and began pointing fingers at Cruz and Lee.

The establishment Republicans wanted to vitiate cloture with a unanimous consent agreement.  This would have achieved their desired outcome in which the debt ceiling would pass, but it would be delivered to Obama’s desk with only Democrat votes.

Cruz and Lee had this weird idea that maybe we should actually refuse to give  Obama a blank check, especially when Republicans have the votes to stop it.  Moreover, Senator Harry Reid has shut down the amendment process in the Senate.  Blocking cloture is the only leverage conservatives have to force Democrats to vote on amendments, even if Republicans plan to support the bill in the end.  McConnell claims that he just wants to remain idle and coast until the November elections in order to win back the Senate, but ironically, we will never win back the Senate if we don’t force Democrats to take embarrassing votes on amendments.  There was no reason this bill needed to pass today; we could have dragged this out into a protracted fight on popular spending cuts.  Yet, McConnell wanted to get out of town early and wash his hands of this issue.

After the meeting, McConnell still thought he had enough members to deliver the 60 votes to Harry Reid.  But rank-and-file members had enough of McConnell’s cowardly leadership – forcing members to take bad votes that he privately supports while not being man enough to own the policy.  After a frenetic effort to get Republicans to flip their votes, McConnell was forced to go down and vote for the crap sandwich himself.

Ask yourself this question: Come this fall, how can you motivate a  Republican activist to knock on doors for the purpose of electing a Republican majority that is run by Mitch McConnell?

Well, if we all mobilize to throw out these quislings in the primaries, that question will hopefully become moot.

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RELEASE: Mitch McConnell Votes to Give Obama a Blank Check

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Fort Worth, TX – The Madison Project PAC released the following statement in response to Senator Mitch McConnell’s vote for cloture to suspend the debt ceiling and grant President Obama a blank check for another year:

“Ever since Matt Bevin announced his intention to run for the U.S. Senate, Mitch McConnell has veered to the right, making sure to vote with conservatives on major issues,” said Drew Ryun of the Madison Project.  “However, he never whips against bad legislation because he has been in ‘hope yes, vote no’ mode, encouraging other members to vote for more spending while he evinced a conservative image to his voters back home.  Today, McConnell was finally forced out of the shadows because he couldn’t find enough Republicans willing to vote for such an irresponsible bill – granting Obama another blank check after he already amassed over $6.6 trillion in debt.

“Today’s vote is a perfect illustration of what Kentuckians have to look forward to if McConnell were to win reelection and no longer fear reprisal from the voters back home.  Kentucky voters need to ask themselves the following question: is this the man we want running the Senate if Republicans work hard enough to elect a GOP majority?”

The Madison Project supports and raises money for conservative candidates that have demonstrated a commitment to full-spectrum conservatism. The Madison Project website can be found at


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A McConnell Crony Forces Gay Marriage on Kentucky

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At some point, Republicans must decide whether they believe in Reagan’s three-legged stool of conservatism.  Not that this proves that they are fiscal conservatives, but the GOP establishment at least makes an effort to give lip service to the growing debt.  Yet, on the other hand, they have no interest in pushing back against the judicial tyranny and the indefatigable efforts of the social liberals to remake our society using the boot of government.  Kentucky’s Mitch McConnell is clearly a Republican who is one of those not concerned with this growing problem.

When Justice Anthony Kennedy struck down most of DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act), ostensibly forcing the federal government to recognize alternative marriages even for purposes of federal law, many on our side yawned.  They argued “definition of marriage” should be left up to the states to decide.  Well, part of the purpose of DOMA was to protect states that support traditional marriage from the other states who want to impose their views on them.

Now, we are seeing a torrent of unelected judges force “gay marriage” on red states.  The latest example is Judge John G. Heyburn II of the Western District of Kentucky who just ruled that Kentucky must recognize all different forms of marriage from other states.  In doing so, he noted that the citizens of Kentucky violated the U.S Constitution by defining marriage as it has been since the founding.

Obviously, this ruling is egregious even from the standpoint of those who support gay marriage on a social level because of its faulty legal reasoning.  There clearly is no federal right to recognition of any marriage, much less alternative forms of marriage, thereby precluding states from making their own laws.  Individuals are free to make lifestyle choices in any state, but states inherently have the right to define a legal status, especially something so simple and bedrock as marriage.  The implications of these decisions are very disconcerting.

Judge Heyburn was nominated to the bench in 1991 by President George Bush.  But his recommendation came from Senator Mitch McConnell who used him as a special counsel while serving as Judge Executive of Jefferson County in the early ‘80s.  Thanks to McConnell, Kentucky is being subjected to the tyranny of the liberal agenda without a vote.

Like all establishment Republicans, when forced to talk about the issue, McConnell says he is pro-life and pro-marriage.  But he has nothing to say in the face of judicial tyranny.  In fact, after Kennedy issued his anti-family manifesto disguised as legal jurisprudence, McConnell was the only GOP leader to issue no statement at all.  As Politico noted at the time, “Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) simply flashed a smile and ignored a reporter’s question about the court’s decision Wednesday.”  It appears that his insouciance towards constitutional jurisprudence was on display when he recommended Judge Heyburn to serve on the bench.

After almost 30 years in Washington, Kentucky primary voters must be wondering what has Mitch McConnell done for them.  What has he done to protect Kentucky’s conservative values?

One of the most important ways a senator can affect positive change for his state is by recommending judges who will uphold the values of the state and not twist the words of the Constitution.  Senator McConnell is clearly wanting in that regard.

Liberals will not rest in their inexorable effort to shove their values on us.  They will not stop until every state is forced to recognize their behavior or preferred lifestyle.  They will not lay down their swords until every private business is forced by the boot of the judiciary to accommodate their desires.  It is not just an anti-family agenda; it represents an anti-liberty and anti-constitution agenda.  As long as Republicans are led by politicians who lack any principles, we will continue to lose the fight for our Republic.

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We’re Being Played Like Fools

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If there is any agreement on fiscal issues in Washington it is that we must do something about the growing debt and long-term unfunded liabilities.  With the debt exploding by over $6.6 trillion under Obama’s watch, the only leverage conservatives had to force a path to balance the budget was the debt ceiling – a built-in check on runaway spending.  Yet, ever since they took over Congress in 2011, establishment Republicans have worked to abolish the debt ceiling.

Moving forward, Republicans have now set a precedent in which the debt ceiling will now be something that must be avoided instead of something we can embrace.   With Obama’s record growth of the federal debt and his past statements against raising the debt ceiling, this is precisely the issue to bludgeon him with before an election. But, alas, that opportunity has been lost.  All of Boehner’s talk about “the Boehner Rule,” which called for dollar-for-dollar cuts, was lost the day he adopted Obama’s false talking point about default on debt.

What is even more disturbing about the vote to pass the debt ceiling is how many members lacked the courage to vote their convictions.  Isn’t it amazing how just enough Republicans voted for it in order for the bill to pass, allowing all but 28 members a free hall pass for their reelection?  Even pure liberal like Mike Simpson (R-ID) voted against it for the first time.  According to Roll Call, today’s debt ceiling vote had “the fewest number of votes from a majority on a bill that passed the House since at least 1991.”

So here is a direct challenge to all those free-riders who implemented their ‘hope yes, vote no’ policy today.  If you really oppose raising the debt ceiling and appreciate the long-term damage from Boehner’s policy, why not call for a new leadership election immediately?  There is no middle ground. If you really opposed this deal, it is simply egregious that the sitting Republican leader would pass it with Democrat support.  This is the seventh time Boehner has done so over the past year.  It only takes about 50 members to call for a leadership election.  Now is the time to put up or shut up.

Yet, if you only voted no for political expedience, you are probably just fine with what the Speaker has done today.  It’s time to come out of the shadows and document yourselves.

Meanwhile, Mitch McConnell is reverting back to his comfort zone of declining to take a strong position on the bill until the outcome is no longer in jeopardy, in which case he will undoubtedly vote no.

We must remember that nothing will change with a GOP-controlled Senate unless we elect new leadership.  Democrats already know these guys are terrified of the debt ceiling.  So what will happen next March?

The same thing.

They will pass bad bills with Democrats support, all the while ensuring that those with primary challengers are given a pass to vote the right way – for political purposes not principle.

This is just one more reason why we need to A) win the upcoming primaries and B) force new leadership elections.  If we fail on both of those accounts all our hard work towards building a GOP majority will go towards the empowerment of Democrat policies.

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D.C. Oligarchy Performs Broadway Amnesty Show

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Despite all the talk about partisan acrimony in Washington, the establishment in both parties is doing a great job working together to pass amnesty.  In fact, their carefully choreographed kabuki theater in the media should win them awards for great team work against the Country Class.

The news out of Washington last week was that Speaker John Boehner got the message loud and clear from rank-and-file members to put the brakes on his push for amnesty.  This spurious media narrative is ridiculous when you consider the strength of the forces behind amnesty.  The entire D.C. establishment has been preparing for this effort for months, backed by a multi-million dollar media campaign.  Every lobby shop in Washington is supporting amnesty.  There is no way they would suddenly agree to cease and desist after a few days of predictable grumbling from conservative House members.

The ‘slow-down’ on immigration is nothing but a carefully orchestrated strategy coordinated with Democrats so that conservatives will ignore the issue.  As the Washington Examiner’s Byron York quoted from a GOP leadership aide, “the best way to pass a bill is to tell people a bill is unlikely to pass.”

This same kabuki theater was orchestrated last year when the Senate passed the Gang of 8 amnesty.  After the bill was first introduced, conservatives carpet bombed the 1,000-page monstrosity on numerous fronts.  The Republican leadership chose to embrace a few of our concerns and promised to address them.  Far from abandoning the bill, they used the lull in action to create the shiny object of “enforcement triggers.”  McConnell and Cornyn pushed the first trial balloon of strengthened triggers.  They were predictably shot down, but gave rise to the final ‘goldilocks’ plan – the Corker-Hoeven amendment – which was sold as a grand compromise to assuage the concerns of conservative critics.  The bill passed with overwhelming support, and the rest is history.

Likewise, this year, House leaders along with their new-found Democrat partners, are outwardly embracing one of our concerns – that there is no trust in Obama enforcing the laws.  Acting like the foxes guarding the henhouse, one Republican after another is echoing the talking point: “you know what?  You guys are right.  We can’t trust the President to uphold his part of the deal.  We need to do something about that.”

Far from being comatose, the amnesty scheme is alive and well, albeit in the rope-a-dope phase.  The bipartisan oligarchy behind open borders is looking to create the shiny object of addressing the lack of trust in the president to prepare for an illusory grand bargain.  We are already starting to see this coordination and some trial balloons being floated in the media.

On Friday, the AP ran a story explaining how the White House is “giving Boehner room on immigration” with the understanding that “the GOP resistance is temporary and tactical.”

“Obama is willing to give Boehner space to operate and to tamp down the conservative outcry that greeted a set of immigration overhaul principles the speaker brought forward last week. For now, the White House is simply standing behind a comprehensive bill that passed in the Senate last year, but is not trying to press Boehner on how to proceed in the Republican-controlled House.”

Then, over the weekend, Chuck Schumer floated the first trial balloon – a plan that would grant immediate amnesty this year but suspend actual implementation until Obama leaves office.  Yes, as if they will really remain in suspended status for three years!

Keep in mind that Politico already reported earlier last week that Schumer had been engaging in private negotiations with Congressman Paul Ryan – even as Boehner was outwardly admitting defeat on the issue.

In the coming days and weeks, watch for some sort of negotiated settlement in which the President will agree to enforce some ancillary immigration law, thereby giving Boehner, McConnell, and Ryan the green light to push amnesty.

Folks, the problem here is not just a lack of trust in Obama.  It is a lack of trust in Republican leadership.  They act as if they are on our side fighting against an untrustworthy Democrat administration, yet they are really collaborating with Obama to bamboozle their own base.

We simply cannot afford to retain the current Speaker for another year if his entire agenda is aimed at fooling conservatives and placating his Democrat buddies.  In addition to defeating these people in primaries, we must get sitting members to publicly state whether they will vote for Boehner in the upcoming leadership elections.  Even if Boehner plans to retire at the end of the year, an immediate vote of no confidence in him would attenuate his ability to undermine the grassroots.

It only takes 17 members committed to opposing Boehner in order to deny him the 218 votes he would need to retain his speakership.

We can either sit back and wait for the next subterfuge from Boehner or we can take the destiny of our party into our own hands.  It is our choice to make.


Senate Democrats Exposed on Iran

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The media is constantly bemoaning the lack of bipartisanship in Congress, with the lion’s share of their scorn directed at conservatives for being too “intransigent.”  Well, almost the entire Senate GOP Conference – both moderate and conservative members – actually united behind a Democrat-sponsored bill to implement sanctions on Iran.  Yet, the Democrats and their allies are spoiling this superlative opportunity to work together on a goal that is supposedly shared by both parties.

Last November, President Obama forged a deal with Iran that should be called the “if you like your nukes you can keep them” deal.  As part of the Geneva agreement, Iran is not required to destroy a single centrifuge it has already produced, but is required to end any future development of nuclear operations.  Even with the future promises to curtail their nuclear program, the Iranians probably have enough material already to create a bomb.  They are just working on a warhead and delivery capabilities, which are not curtailed by the Geneva deal.  Moreover, there is no requirement that Iran suspend their global terror operations, which in many ways are more dangerous than their nuclear program.

In return for their trustworthy promises to reduce their nuclear program, Obama agreed to suspend sanctions against them for six months.  But fear not, if they don’t uphold their side of the deal, Russia and China, which have permanent veto power over any sanctions, have agreed to re-impose the international sanctions on a rogue Iran.

In response to this outrage, a group of senators from both parties introduced a bill to re-impose sanctions on Iran (S.1881).  The bill was sponsored by Democrat Senator Robert Menendez.  Almost every Republican along with 16 Democrats co-sponsored the bill.  What a great opportunity to bring a bipartisan bill to the floor, no?

As we all know, the Democrats had no intention of ever holding a vote on the bill.  They just wanted to show their constituents that they are just as strong on national security as Republicans, but never wanted to bring the bill to the floor, lest they embarrass the messiah and leader of their party.

After refusing to hold a vote, a group of 42 Republicans sent a letter to Harry Reid asking for an up-or-down vote on this bill, which supposedly is supported by many Democrats.  The only Republican who didn’t join in is RINO Bob Corker.  Needless to say, not a single Democrat signed the letter.  Then, AIPAC parachutes in and defends Obama while voicing opposition to the GOP effort to push for a floor vote on sanctions.

In recent years, AIPAC has been more concerned with giving cover to Obama and the Democrats then with national security or authentic pro-Israel policies.  AIPAC’s hypocritical and politically-motivated move was so bizarre that The Hill had to verify that their statement was true.  The Hill reporter was clearly unaware of their history of shielding Democrats in an effort to obfuscate the political divide over Israel.

So, the next time you hear a Democrat complain about too much partisanship in Washington, tell them to look in the mirror.

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GOP Debt Ceiling Strategy

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In a sane world, President Obama and the Democrats would be on the hook for requesting yet another debt ceiling increase after already racking up record high amounts of debt.  Obama is extremely unpopular, saddled with the failures of Obamacare, and accruing more debt than every other president combined.  Yet, thanks to self-immolation on the part of the stupid party, it is Republicans who find themselves getting trapped by their own leverage point.

President Bush was a big spender and conducted two major wars during his eight years in office.  When Bush was sworn in on January 20, 2001, the gross federal debt stood at $5.728 trillion.  On January 20, 2009, the day he left office, the debt had increased to $10.629 trillion, a jump of $4.9 trillion.  Just five years later, the gross federal debt stands at a whopping $17.263 trillion.  Obama has amassed $6.63 trillion in debt.  It took from our nation’s founding until July 2003 for us to achieve that milestone!

Roughly $6 trillion of the Obama debt increase is comprised of the public share (not intra-governmental holdings), which now stands at $12.305 trillion.  It took from our nation’s founding until October 2008 to amass that much in public debt.

Now take a step back and cogitate the past statements from the President – prior to his unprecedented expansion of the national debt.

“Increasing America’s debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that ‘the buck stops here.’ Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better. I therefore intend to oppose the effort to increase America’s debt limit.”

Let that seep in for a moment.  Now add another $6.63 trillion over five years into the mix.

The debt ceiling, even more than a budget CR, can be messaged in plain language to the average voter.  Any responsible person understands that we should not reflexively raise the debt ceiling, eschewing the only tool to force a balanced budget, until we formulate a plan to end the cycle of debt.

And what will happen during the transition phase while we are debating a balanced budget?  Will we default?

Once again, let’s review the math of the federal budget.

According to the updated budget projection from the CBO, the Treasury is slated to take in $3.029 trillion in revenue this year.  Interest on the debt will cost $233 billion, a mere 7.7% of the massive tax revenue stolen from the private economy.  Once that is paid off, there is no default.  Period.  Anyone who claims we will default is knowingly misleading the public.

What do you do with the remaining funds?  You start funding core functions of government and those programs that people are already dependent on.

Social Security (retirement and disability) – $846 billion

Medicare – $505 billion

Medicaid – $298 billion

Defense – $582 billion

Veterans – $85 billion

Those expenditures account for roughly $2.3 trillion.  The remaining half trillion can be prioritized as needed for other functions related to homeland security, national parks, or any other limited function.  And remember, these numbers are extrapolated over a 12-month time frame.  The Treasury would have more flexibility to shift payments for vital services on a week-by-week basis as we work to responsibly downsize the rest of the federal government. Hence, the debt ceiling is a built-in balanced budget mechanism.

Democrats can’t have it both ways.  They imposed massive taxation, which has engendered enough revenue to cover the vital functions of government plus all of the entitlements.  They can’t tax and borrow.  Much like they claimed Obamacare is the law of the land, the debt ceiling is also the law of the land.  We already tax; we already borrow.  It’s time to force a long-term balanced budget.

Sadly, Democrats can and will have it both ways.  Instead of calling out Obama for his debt ceiling mendacity and publicly debunking his irresponsible lie about default, they obsequiously parrot his talking points.

The GOP mantra from Boehner and McConnell over the past few months has gone something like this:

“We are so scared of our own leverage point.  We so badly want to avoid default.  We absolutely cannot fight on this one, but please, Democrats, can you give us something in return?  We don’t know what that ‘something’ should be, but please let us off the hook from using our own leverage point.”

Well, after telegraphing that message to the Democrats for so long, there is not much we can do.  At this point, all we can do is defeat these undocumented Democrats in primaries and elect a new cadre of conservative fighters in the primaries – fighters who will telegraph a very different message to our opponents.

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Phil Gramm: A Statesman Comes Full Circle

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Washington is full of politicians who have forged long careers in Congress either lying to their constituents or offering lousy policy advice – over and over again.  Given that most of the politicians serve until they are carried out of the Capitol in a coffin, they often live to see the disaster from their own policies, and unfortunately, are in a position to exacerbate those disasters by repeating the same mistakes.  Immigration policy is a perfect example.

Many of the same congresscritters who lied to us about the 1986 amnesty bill are still in Washington peddling an even worse solution to the problem they helped engender.  In 1986, Chuck Schumer said the following regarding the Simpson-Mazzoli Act:

What is it not?  It is not millions of people cascading across the border….It is not welfare benefits for those folks immediately.  In fact, it’s in the bill right now that they cannot get AFDC benefits….It is not immediately wives, husbands, and children will come across. Not the case.” [Chuck Schumer on the House floor, commenting on 1986 amnesty bill].

28 years later, it is impossible to quantify how much the last two decades of illegal immigration – a direct result of the ’86 amnesty – has cost us in education, healthcare, welfare, refundable tax credits, and criminal justice.

On the other hand, there are rare instances when we can find a statesman in Washington – someone who has been consistently sagacious and visionary in their thinking for decades.  One such man is former Senator Phil Gramm (R-TX).  Gramm not only voted against the 1986 amnesty, he was one of the few to speak out against it on the Senate floor.  At the time he asked, “is there reason to believe that the people of America really want these amnesty provisions, that they are the price we must pay to try to gain control of our borders?”

While the American people have witnessed the failures of Simpson-Mazzoli over the past three decades, the political class is doubling down on amnesty.  Over the weekend, PJ Media reported on a Texas Public Policy institute forum in which a number of politicians discussed the imperative for amnesty.  Here is what happened:

But in the midst of a discussion that drifted toward how Republicans really ought to get on board with comprehensive immigration reform, a man stood up in the very back of the room to ask a question. Once he took the mic and spoke, heads turned: That’s former Sen. Phil Gramm. Over the course of a couple of minutes, Gramm made two points. One, when he was running and winning statewide in Texas, he voted against the 1986 immigration amnesty that President Reagan signed into law. In his next election, Gramm won a majority of the Hispanic vote in Texas — the only Republican to ever do that. Gramm scoffed at the notion that Republicans must support the immigration reform that’s on the table now in order to do better with Hispanic voters. He said that Republicans should talk about jobs and values, both of which bring the GOP and a majority of Hispanic voters into agreement. His second point was also salient: Why should any Republican sign onto any immigration reform that depends on Barack Obama to enforce it? President Obama can’t even be depended on to treat his own health care law properly. Why would he enforce border security provisions that he does not support? Sen. Marco Rubio has made a similar point, but that isn’t stopping him from trusting Obama anyway in supporting the Senate’s bill. A lawless president is a lawless president, full stop, and we have a lawless president who believes that he can rewrite and even gut laws after Congress passes them.

Senator Gramm knows more than anyone else that there is nothing “reform-minded” about amnesty.  It is nothing new.  We tried it before and it broke our immigration system.  It will fix the system it broke the same way Obamacare will fix the healthcare system, which has already been broken for years from mandates and restrictions similar to those proposed in the ACA.  Few politicians ever learn the lesson, but when it comes to immigration policy, one man never needed to make the mistake in the first place.

28 years later, a statesman comes full circle.

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RELEASE: GOP Leaders Double Down on Failed Amnesty Proposals

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“We will not support any candidate who favors any sort of legalization or amnesty…”

The Madison Project PAC released the following statement today regarding the GOP leadership’s plan to pass President Obama’s wrongheaded immigration proposals:

“Over the years, the Republican Party has continually been ridiculed for making politically tone-deaf decisions,” said Daniel Horowitz, Policy Director of the Madison Project.  “This latest effort to distract from Obama’s failures and Obamacare to focus on granting benefits to illegal immigrants ahead of a promising election cycle shows they are now, more than ever, out of touch with the American public. Seldom do we have a wealth of history to draw upon in order to learn from past policy mistakes like we do with the endless cycle of amnesty and open borders.  Yet, the House GOP leadership’s proposal is another ‘amnesty now, enforcement later’ plan that will engender a new wave of illegal immigration and grant perennial de facto amnesty to anyone who enters our country illegally.

“Although they crafted their document with careful wording, all of their specific proposals would grant immediate legalization, similar to the framework of the Senate ‘Gang of 8’ bill.  The idea that this legal status would be revoked if border triggers are not met or that the legal status would not grow into full-blown citizenship is absurd and disingenuous.   Moreover, passing the DREAM Act without first fixing our unqualified birthright citizenship and welfare system will chart a pathway to welfare benefits for millions of low-skilled illegal immigrants within just a few years.  It’s time Republicans place the needs of the American worker and taxpayer ahead of the desires of wealthy special interests and illegal immigrants.”

“Coupled with recent capitulations on the budget, Farm Bill, and debt ceiling, GOP leadership is showing they will never provide a bold contrast from the Democrats,” said Drew Ryun, Political Director of the Madison Project.  “The GOP establishment will learn you can fool some of the voters some of the time, but not all of the voters all the time.  Moving forward into this next election cycle, we view this issue as one that cuts across all three legs of the conservative stool – fiscal, social, and national security.  We will not support any candidate who favors any sort of legalization or amnesty before the proper security and enforcement measures are implemented and the rule of law is restored.”

The Madison Project supports and raises money for conservative candidates that have demonstrated a commitment to full-spectrum conservatism. The Madison Project website can be found at


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