Skewed Polls (and why they matter)

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This is a fascinating breakdown of what are frankly bizarre poll numbers that start with unbalanced samples.

Code Red USA Project Expands

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Contact: Drew Ryun

Phone: 202-431-8661


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Madison Project announces the launch of Freedom 2 and Liberty 2 in Ohio

Conservative political action committee, the Madison Project, announced today that it is launched two more mobile GOTV HQs in the battleground state of Ohio as part of its Code Red USA Project.

Christened as Freedom 2 and Liberty 2, the mobile GOTV HQs are 40 foot RVs decked out with internet hotspots and mobile phone banks operating off the Gravity™ database system.

“This is a perfect fusion of technology and innovation,” said Drew Ryun of the Madison Project. “No longer do volunteers have to come to a brick and mortars headquarters to make phone calls. We are going to them and I am convinced this is the next wave in how get out the vote work will be accomplished.”

With 5 phone systems in each mobile GOTV HQ, volunteers have the opportunity to make phone calls from the RVs while other teams of volunteers launch from the RVs and block walk using Gravity’s smart phone app.

“It’s flexible and efficient,” said Matt Armstrong of Code Red USA. “There is a lot of excitement out there for this project and we are perfectly positioned where opportunity meets preparation.”

Having launched 4 mobile GOTV HQs in Florida three weeks ago, the Madison Project’s Code Red USA project also allows volunteers to use the website as an opportunity to Phone From Home through the Gravity system, as well as participate in Adopt a State, where volunteers can travel to select battleground states.

For more on the Madison Project and Code Red USA, please go to and


Obama Supporters See A Bigger Role For Government

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I know. It’s shocking, but according to the Pew Research Center:

“Among registered voters who prefer a larger government, 83 percent support President Barack Obama, while only 12 percent prefer Mitt Romney. Conversely, 65 percent of respondents who say they desire a smaller government intend to vote for Romney, compared with 29 percent who give the nod to Obama. The results are consistent with a Pew survey in June that found a comparable divide between Obama and Romney supporters over the role of the government in the economy.”

Someone remind me again why Mitt Romney’s 47% comments were so offensive and off the mark? A larger government means more dependency. More dependency and more welfare means a smaller wealth creator class and soon we’re looking a number much larger than 47%.

The Madison Project Announces The Code Red USA Project

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For Immediate Release


Madison Project Announces the Launch of Code Red USA in Battleground States for the November Election

Washington, DC, August 23, 2012The Madison Project, a political action committee chaired by former Congressman Jim Ryun (KS), has launched a grassroots GOTV plan called Code Red USA. The launch was announced today by Madison Project President Drew Ryun and Code Red USA Co-Founders Matt Armstrong of Political Gravity and Fred Solomon of the Wetumpka TEA Party.

Code Red USA is a ground game plan that will focus on specific objectives in key battleground states. The plan has four main components:

The Adopt a State component allows tea party groups in blue states or safely red states to “adopt” a tea party group or to campaign in a critical state. The RV Patriots component will consist of RVs and mobile homes equipped with laptops and sophisticated GOTV technology called Gravity™, turning them into self-contained Mobile Command Centers, which enable volunteers to make phone calls and canvass important neighborhoods within targeted counties in each battleground state.

“When you combine these first two elements of Code Red with the Voter Integrity component, it’s an unbeatable combination,” said Ryun. “We feel strongly that while there will be a lot of money spent on TV ads this fall, the smart money will go towards a robust ground game. Code Red USA is a unique plan to make a real difference where elections are actually won or lost, on the ground.”

The final component is Cross Community Engagement, where activists will make a concerted effort to engage with minorities for voter education, registration and mobilization.

Code Red USA will launch the Florida Adopt a State and RV Patriots programs on Tuesday, September 4th in Oldsmar, Florida, at the Headquarters of Operation Hire Our Heroes, which is a group dedicated to helping our Nation’s veterans find jobs after they return from military service. Other battleground states will launch in the weeks after the Florida launch leading up to November 6, 2012.

“This plan is a 100% grassroots operation, funded by donations from activists all across the country,” said Armstrong. “Because we want to win this election, conservative grassroots groups and their members must be empowered to make a real difference in the states where the election will be decided.”

With many seats for the US House and Senate, plus the Presidency, expected to be decided by razor thin margins, “The plan is to go where the voters are and engage them one on one, which can literally sway the outcome of the various races,” said Ryun.


For more information about the Madison Project and Code Red USA, go to and

For more information about how people can get involved to help our nation’s veterans go to

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What The Chick Fil A Firestorm Told Us

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It’s quite simple, actually. It told us that the silent majority is alive and well. They voted yesterday with their wallets. And as much as the media and the Left will try and spin it, they did it because they are for something, not against something.

It seemed almost every minute yesterday, whether on Twitter or by email, that I was getting an update with photos along the lines of, “The line at our Chick Fil A is out the door!” or “The drive through line at my Chick Fil A stretched back a quarter mile!”

Would that we would get such political gifts from the Left everyday. We would quickly shift the political landscape in this country. And as Republicans look for their political spine and waffle on the issue, it is up to conservatives to push it and keep the issue in the forefront of peoples’ minds.

However, yesterday must have caused a lot of doubts to crop up in the minds of Team Obama. As much as people, especially Republicans, try to make politics a cut and dried, academic sort of thing, the simple truth is a lot of non-political people (ie those who don’t engage often in any component of politics)  are motivated emotionally. They vote on feeling and passion.

And believe me, America voted yesterday. It showed that the values that have made us great are alive and well.

I don’t know about you, but that’s exciting news.


We’re Playing The Wrong Game

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This may come as a surprise to some, but we’re playing the wrong game.

As we are inundated by stories of the ad buys that Crossroads, the Koch brothers, the Republicans, the Democrats, Mitt Romney and Team Obama will make now and into the fall, one this is clear: TV ads don’t win elections.

And if the Reuters’ story after the Wisconsin recall is any indicator, TV ads (and radio ads. . . .and endless mail pieces) were completely tuned out by the voters there.

“Exit polls taken on Tuesday (June 5th). . . indicated the ads may not have been a decisive factor; nearly 90 percent of voters say they chose their candidate before the ad barrage.” (Reuters)

The numbers out of Wisconsin are staggering. Upwards of $50M was spent there by both sides.

What do I see when I see those numbers? Consultants who got wealthy and TV stations given more money to continue the anti-conservative narrative the mainstream media so often engages in.

Where we win is on the ground and in precincts. We win when we go door to door and talk to voters over the phone and find out who these people are by surveying them and then flipping those answers into an efficient and effective GOTV plan.

It’s simple and it’s easy. It just takes some shoe leather and elbow grease. And with Gravity, it just became a lot easier for conservatives to do the work necessary to win.

But guess what? The consultant class will fight this change of paradigm tooth and nail because they won’t get rich off of it. The Establishment will drag its feet when it comes to implementing this kind of plan because it empowers the grassroots conservative movement in ways never before seen.

We have to change the way we do business as a movement. That goes for donors, for organizations, for grassroots activists.

We can’t continue to play the wrong game when the opportunity to win in the here and now sits before us. And the beauty of it is, when we win with a precinct centric ground game, we set ourselves up for continued success. It’s hard work, but when done right it will be like getting the football on the opposing team’s 50 yard line in 2014, not our 20.

The Madison Performance Index Creating Waves

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Nothing is more uncomfortable for people, especially elected officials, than to be reminded of promises made that are quickly broken.

As Daniel pointed out last week on the heels of the North Carolina primaries, moderates never run in primaries as moderates. No, they run as conservatives, promising their constituents that they will “go change Washington.”

And then they never do.

Which is why we have so many Republicans who are not just part of the status quo in Washington, DC, they defend and advance the status quo (the growth and burden of the federal government).

A few months ago, Daniel called to discuss this very topic. As we riffed, I pointed out that what the conservative movement was  missing was a Performance Index, an objective way for voters to answer the question, “Is my Member of Congress performing?”

I suggested the top number be an aggregate of the Heritage Action for America and Club for Growth scorecards, discussed in the Methodology link at the Madison Performance Index. Daniel suggested the Cook Partisan Voting Index as the bottom number and we decided that the number created by the above criteria would give us a performance index and answer the question: is my Member of Congress performing to the district or underperforming?

The response has been electric. Some have said, “This is what we have been waiting for!” Consultants of those in the Hall of Shame have complained that it is unfair and opens these incumbents to primary challenges.

That’s the point, folks.

We wanted to lay an objective foundation for conservatives to challenge incumbent Members of Congress and be able to do it in as concise a way possible: “You are not performing, therefore we will find someone who will.”

We know Members are checking out their MPIs. We know candidates who are using it and tweeting about it.

Our hope is that the movement as a whole will use it as an effective tool to enforce promises made. If that does not work, then we hope it will be used as a tool to replace those who have broken their promises.

Why John Roberts Did It

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While I don’t totally agree with Charles Krauthammer’s piece, “Why Roberts Did It,” I have to confess, it comes closest to my reaction regarding yesterday’s ruling on ObamaCare. In essence, John Roberts was defending the Constitution when he wrote, “The Framers . . . gave Congress the power to regulate commerce, not to compel it,” in his decision yesterday, thus destroying the Obama Administration’s argument that ObamaCare was and is a valid exercise of the Commerce Clause. It is clearly not.

But bottom line, Robert’s message to the American people (and conservatives) yesterday was, “If you want to roll this back, you will have to elect a new President and new Congress. That’s not my job.”

Will George Will Be Proven Correct?

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In a fascinating piece, George Will dissects why Chief Justice John Roberts ruled the way he did yesterday. In Will’s view, the conservative movement will be the better for it in years to come and the Left, while cheering what they thought was a major victory yesterday, may end up empty handed.

I confess. I want to believe George Will. I am just not sure.

Why Yesterday’s Ruling Potentially Handed The Senate To The Republicans

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The New York Times has a great piece today on how The Ruling yesterday has the potential to change the dynamics of several Senate races across the country. The outcome of these races will dictate who controls the US Senate come January of 2013.

More importantly, the question of, “Who will the Republican Majority Leader be should this happen?” looms large in people’s minds because if one thing is certain, it is that the man conservatives do not want at the helm when it comes to repealing ObamaCare is Mitch McConnell.