About the Madison Project

About the Madison Project

Welcome to the Madison Project.  We are glad you stopped by and look forward to having you on the team.  In today’s troubled times it’s increasingly important for like-minded conservatives to join together.

We are a political action committee committed to wholesale, conservative change of the Washington political scene.  We accomplish this through our aggressive search for conservative candidates, our dedication to getting those candidates elected through effective grassroots campaigning and a commitment to arming voters with intellectual firepower.

Check out the Madison Performance Index to see how conservative your Members of Congress are and how they match up with the districts they are from. You can also stay up to date on current issues by subscribing to the Madison Project weekly bulletin, the Madisonian, on our front page (lower left).

By joining the Madison Project team you will have access to valuable content posted several times each week.  This includes in-depth articles on current issues, analysis of Congressional activities, and cutting edge tools to help you impact your government.  Our goal is to equip conservative activists to effectively restore our country’s founding principles of limited government.

If you share our beliefs please join the team! Together, we can make a difference.

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To contact us please email info@madisonproject.com or send us mail at:  PO Box 655 Aledo, Tx.

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We look forward to having you join us!

-The Madison Project Team

The Madison Project is not interested in merely complaining about the political class and the broken system in Washington.

We are one of the few organizations that actually seeks to replace the failed leadership of both parties with 21st century conservatives – ordinary citizens who have learned from the failure of big government over the past century, and believe in limited government and citizen-centric policies.