The Madison Project Endorses Jim Banks for Congress

Friday, June 12th, 2015 and is filed under Blog, Elections, Uncategorized

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As an Indiana state Senator since 2010, Jim Banks’ resume is one filled with several conservative accomplishments. Ranked one of the top conservatives in the entire Indiana state legislature, Jim is a Navy reserve officer who took a leave of absence from his state Senate seat to serve our country in Afghanistan last year.

He is not just committed to promoting freedom through supporting limited government; he’s actually fighting on the battle lines to preserve it.

More importantly to us, as we have chatted with him, it is clear that Jim understands the current dynamics in Washington, D.C. and is not afraid to commit to opposing the status quo even if it means standing up to his own party when he wins this race for Indiana’s 3rd Congressional District.

During his time in the Indiana state legislature, Jim has co-authored or co-sponsored bills that repeal the death tax, created a statewide voucher system and introduced Right to Work to Indiana. Coupled with his fiscal conservatism, Jim has maintained a 100% pro-life voting record during his tenure, co-authoring numerous pro-life bills along the way.

Jim Banks has proven himself in the legislative trenches and it is time for us to move him from the political bench of the state legislature and into the game of federal level politics.

As we have continually noted, the change needed in Washington, D.C. is not going to take place overnight. It’s going to be a process of multiple election cycles that becomes twofold: electing new conservatives to office and defending the ones who continue to prove their mettle once elected.

It is without hesitation that we endorse Jim Banks in his run for U.S. Congress and look forward to helping him win not only his primary, but the general election as well.