The GOP Establishment’s Self-Created Waterloo

Wednesday, March 4th, 2015 and is filed under Blog, Elections, Issues

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Yesterday was probably one of the biggest votes this Congress will take over the next two years. After winning a majority on “We will stop Obama and his policies at all costs!” the GOP Establishment pivoted to where we knew they were all along.

They didn’t have a problem with Obama’s executive amnesty language inserted into the DHS funding bill. Not when it happened and not now. In fact, as cozy as they are with K Street, the Chamber of Commerce and other big business entities that line their election coffers with lobbyist checks, they wanted to help their friends out (the corporate ones who want amnesty for cheap labor, not the ones who got them elected).

So in spite of the conservative grassroots and their campaign promises, they stripped the DHS funding bill of any riders or language that would eliminate Obama’s amnesty and rammed it through both the Senate and the House with across the board Democrat support, all the while trying to drive the narrative that a “small group of conservatives” were bucking GOP leadership.

Since when is 31 out of 54 GOP Senators a “small group”? Or the 167 GOP House members that voted against the bill-how can that be defined as “small?”

By our non-Common Core math, both of those “small groups” are significantly above 50%.

In the case of the House, the GOP majority is 248; so in reality the 75 GOP Members that voted with John Boehner (a number significantly under 50% for those of you keeping score) represent the small group.

So what is the problem in Washington, DC with these newly minted GOP majorities?

We venture to guess that their leadership is from a by-gone era unused to a conservative movement that is discontent with the thought of just helping the GOP win during election season and leaving the governing up to them.

They have, in fact, grown up politically in an era where they relied on the conservative grassroots to help them win and their K Street/corporate friends to help them govern. Now that the dynamic is changing and conservatives want to dictate policy, they are trying to buck the new reality.

However, this is a generational shift. It cannot be bucked and the clock cannot be turned back.

As the GOP leadership targets their own conservative Members with the help of pro-amnesty groups like the American Action Network, it’s clear that instead of reading the tea leaves correctly (pun intended) they are creating their own Waterloo.