Madison Project Congratulates John Ratcliffe

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014 and is filed under Blog, Elections

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Fort Worth, TX – The Madison Project PAC made the following statement regarding John Ratcliffe’s stunning victory in tonight’s 4th Congressional District of Texas runoff:

“It’s no surprise that John Ratcliffe is the first challenger to succeed in the daunting task of knocking off an incumbent this year,” said Drew Ryun of the Madison Project.   “Ratcliffe ran a phenomenal campaign focused on the need for new leadership, term limits, and ending illegal immigration. His strong conservative message appealed to the voters and they knew that a 34-year incumbent has been engrained in the special interests of Washington for too long.

“We’re excited about John Ratcliffe’s win and look forward to fighting together to repeal Obamacare, limit the size of government, and protect our borders.  We also thank Rep. Ralph Hall for his distinguished public service.”

To read our full endorsement of John Ratcliffe click here.

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