House Republicans Ready to Use Military as Dumping Ground for Open Borders

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Republicans are planning to retaliate against Obama for his high crimes and misdemeanors of letting out violent illegal aliens onto the streets.  They plan to bring the ENLIST Act (H.R. 2377) to the floor next week, using the military as the first stomping grounds through which to pass amnesty and get the ball rolling for comprehensive open borders.

Take that, Obama.

Instead of asking what degree of enforcement they will demand from Obama, Republicans are debating over how much amnesty they will concede.  And what better place than to start with the military – the most respected institution in the country?

Next week, the House will take up the annual National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).  Conservatives already fought to keep Rino Rep. Jeff Denham’s (R-CA) military amnesty bill out of the underlying legislation in committee.  But he plans to bring it up as an amendment to the bill on the floor.

Here are some key points to consider:

  • The military is just the beginning.  Senator Chuck Schumer’s (D-NY) strategy has always been predicated on getting his foot in the GOP door in order to kick it wide open.  Once they pass an amnesty inviting illegals into the military, they can go to conference and pass comprehensive amnesty.
  • Even worse than the Dream Act, this bill would grant illegals immediate legal status with an open-ended promise for expedited citizenship.  Their families will also obtain legal status.  This is a recipe for unsuitable low-skilled chain migration.
  • As the Obama administration dramatically cuts back the military of those who have served honorably, they are now filling those positions with illegals?
  • While the left would like to conjure up an image of an illegal Navy SEAL killing al-Qaida members, the reality is that most of these individuals would be used simply for the purpose of creating a visa mill.  There is no age limit for eligibility, so this has nothing to do with service in combat.  Also, in addition to now diverting focus from killing the enemy to social engineering, the military will now have to focus on amnesty.
  • This law ostensibly creates a guaranteed issue of citizenship for enlistees.  Even if for some reason the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) would reject an application, you can bet there would be endless lawsuits overturning the decisions.  What message does this send to terrorist cells who want to infiltrate our military?  Inviting in thousands of people with murky backgrounds and notional legal recourse to utilize in rejecting them will only invite in dangerous elements.

So what should conservatives do?

First, we must make it clear to Members of Congress that if amnesty is slipped into the NDAA, especially at a time when Obama is nullifying the rule of law, they must oppose the procedural rule to consider the bill.  That is the only way to defeat this travesty.  Democrats typically oppose the procedural motion to call up a bill, even if they intend to vote for final passage.  In this case, most of them will support the bill along with many Republicans.  Voting against the procedural rule will ensure that the bill does not make it to the floor.

Second, we must continue to do everything in our limited power to take down the Chambercrats in primaries.  If they no longer fear competitive primaries there is nothing to stop them from supporting the Obama agenda.

Finally, we must continue bringing Members out of the shadows and documenting their position on next year’s leadership elections.  In light of the current leadership supporting Obama’s violation of our sovereignty, we have a right to know whether they will join the effort to elect a new leadership slate.

Ultimately, this is a fight for the heart and soul of the Republican Party – one that will determine whether we have a viable alternative to an agenda that disrespects our borders, sovereignty, rule of law, and the American taxpayer.

5 Responses to “House Republicans Ready to Use Military as Dumping Ground for Open Borders”

  1. DrAnalog Says:

    I stopped calling myself a Republican some time ago. There is a reason the Republicans are called the ‘Stupid Party’. These dimwits are actually taking advice from Democrats on how to self destruct.

  2. Ray Boyer Says:

    Obama does what ever he wants legal or not. To stop this presidental impersonater prove he was not born in the USA and void anything he has done. We all know he can’t tell the trouth. We know he lied about being born in the USA. He is a terriest we all know it.

  3. Florence Says:

    I am insulted as a Republican because the Republican Congress have become Obama’s water boys by supporting him. Republicans voted for Obamacare, and now we are saddled with it, as bad as that is! Now Republicans are supporting Obama on this illegal immigration, which will mean open borders and the ruin of the best country on the face of the planet! I really wish they would grow a brain and some balls and impeach Obama and stop his criminal acts and free us from this threat of immigration reform for illegals and enforce the laws already on the books. Congress has to also get tough with these illegals and cut off all benefits and use E-Verify and stop CA and FL from making it legal for illegals to practice medicine, pharmacy, nursing etc…what is the advantage to being legal if states and the government are willing to displace American citizens in favor of illegals! I am disgusted and angered, there is no way Obama and Holder should be allowed to thumb his noses at Americans and our Constitution…letting out criminal illegals into our society, not cooperating with oversight committee furnishing documents for their criminal actions, they cannot just let them do anything they want to do, Congress, then is letting Obama and Holder run amuk at our expense, they have done a lot of damage and will contine to do so unless they are IMPEACHED! So this is how America is defeated, by a terrorist and a thug!

  4. DrSique Says:

    As if our military hasn’t suffered enough with Obama’s grand social experimentation, now the GOP wants to saddle them with broken english speaking illegal aliens. It only stands to reason that the miscreants, in Washington, will give priority to border jumpers over citizens and legal immigrants. What faster way to cause the demise of our nation than to hand over her military to foreign nationals??!!!! Can you spell R O M E???

  5. Eelynv Says:

    Please think of the American People first. Don’t fall into the trap the Democrats are setting for you. Every year we are subjected to the Dems telling us how and what to do, please this time use some common sense and just don’t do it. Thanks for letting me put in my quarter. Evelyn

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