Madison Project #ConservativeSolutions Tele-townhall with Senator Mike Lee & Erick Erickson

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Even though we are in an election year, it doesn’t mean we should shy away from articulating bold solutions to the problems with our flagging system of governance.  Many members of the Republican Party leadership think Republican candidates should sit on the ball and run out the clock until the election, choosing to avoid any contentious policy issue and focus only on banal, non-controversial items.  This is a grave mistake.

As Ronald Reagan showed us in the ‘80s, conservatives must embrace a bold contrast between the two competing ideologies.  In fact, an election year is the quintessential time to eagerly promote our values and policy solutions and explain why they foster a better economy and society than the policies of the left.  In 2010, conservatives around the country ran on a bold platform, buttressed by the new energy from the Tea Party, and we won in an historic landslide.  Now is not the time to stand for nothing.

Nobody has been standing on bold solutions more than Senator Mike Lee (R-UT).  While many Republicans blur the differences between the parties and tepidly accept some of the premises of liberal ideological governance, Senator Lee has gone on offense.  During his response to this year’s State of the Union Address, Mike Lee laid out our first principles in plain language but also weaved them together into specific policy solutions.  He explained exactly how free markets and limited government help the very people for whom Obama claims to protect.  He argued our views from a position of strength and went on offense against Obama’s class warfare.

That is why we are honored to host Senator Lee Wednesday night at 7:45 PM EDT in a tele-townhall to discuss some of his solutions to the problems engendered by a post-constitutional federal government.  The Madison Project has been promoting a number of conservative ideas over the past few years and Senator Lee is proposing some new reform proposals that build upon those ides.  In addition, we will be joined by Erick Erickson, Editor-in-Chief of, and one of the leaders in the grassroots conservative insurgency.

Among the topics of discussion will be:

  • How shrinking the federal government and fostering free market competition will benefit average American families while interventionist policies raise the cost of food, fuel, and healthcare – often to benefit well-connected special interests;
  • Ideas for eliminating corporate welfare and corporate favors;
  • Defending traditional marriage, especially through the prism of the 10th Amendment and religious liberty; and
  • Why abolishing the federal gas tax and devolving transportation responsibility to the states will save money and improve infrastructure.

We all share the goal of defeating Senator Harry Reid (D-NV)..  But acquisition of political power is not an end in itself, and we must be prepared to use Republican control of Congress and eventually the White House to limiting government, restoring our free market economy, and promoting freedom and a stronger civil society.

6 Responses to “Madison Project #ConservativeSolutions Tele-townhall with Senator Mike Lee & Erick Erickson”

  1. Mrs Mary Anne Noble Says:

    I have been thinking about this and believe we need to train our young people how to be good candidates. The value of virtue and honesty and constitutional principals.

  2. Karin Nelson Says:

    I plan to participate. Glad to see this approach.

    Since Obama’s ultimate plan is probably to put everyone into Medicaid, please consider “How Medicaid Fails the Poor” by Avik Roy. Roy suggests a combination of Concierge care plus a $2500 per year catastrophic insurance plan for Medicaid recipients.

  3. Rose Angelo Says:

    Defeating Harry Reid and the other Democrats as well as the RINOs in the Congress is a fine goal and should be done WITHOUT FAIL!!! But BEFORE we can get anything else done, WE MUST impeach, indict, and remove Mr. Obama from office and repeal and COMPLETELY DESTROY Obamacare beyond all recognition! If we do not get these things done FIRST, I don’t think that we will be ABLE to get anything else done because so long as Mr. Obama is in the Oval Office and his supporting buddies in the Congress and so long as Obamacare is still the Law of the Land, OUR HANDS ARE TIED!!!! PLEASE, we have got to try VERY HARD to get these 2 things done FIRST.
    I believe that Mr. Obama may be planning a surprise for us this year. I have no proof, but I believe that he may be planning to throw the election of 2014 be instituting Martial Law before the election can be held. If this is done, THERE WILL BE NO 2016 election because he will set himself up as Dictator and he will not only have a 3rd term, he will have every term from then on. I very strongly fear that if Mr. Obama is allowed to finish his 2nd term, IT WILL BE OVER FOR AMERICA. NOTHING ELSE CAN BE DONE AFTER THAT! ALL WILL BE LOST! That is why I think our first 2 orders of business must be impeachment/indictment/removal, and total destruction of Obamacare to its very foundations!

    Thank you for the opportunity to be heard and read. It is a privilege I value EXTREMELY GREATLY! God bless you all, and for the sake of our beloved nation, may God be willing to have mercy on us all and give us the victory so that we may spare this nation and its people.

    Very loyally and patriotically yours,
    Rose M. Angelo at

  4. Van Vollmer Says:

    For the last three election cycles the Republican
    establishment has completely failed to engage and energize it’s base while the opposition has excelled at energizing their base. All shown by the low lack luster voter turnout, especially at the Presidential cycle.
    What has been proposed as a correction of this
    problem for the 2014 midterm election cycle which
    usually has a low voter turn out.?

  5. Karin Nelson Says:

    Please add me to the tele-townhall list.

    Karin Nelson

  6. Rhonda Randall Says:

    I am happy to know that there are people in our Congress who know what needs to be done and can articulate it. Please let me say, though, that even though Ronald Reagan was a fabulous communicator and positive thinker and leader, our country had worse money problems when he left office than when he came in. It’s because as he cut taxes, he didn’t cut spending–indeed he spent in absolutely astounding amounts (perhaps rivaling Obama???)! It seemed like a limitless supply of money because the business environment was able to produce and make profits, creating even more revenue for government income even though corporate taxes had been lowered. But our problems must be addressed to include cutting spending as we increase revenue.

    My second concern is that there are many Americans today, and I fear this includes those in Congress, who do not know nor understand the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, and the connection between the two. What can be done about this? Perhaps one reason our nation is so skewed these days is because our students, from elementary school through college, are not required to know our history (or the history they do know is revisionist) and the Constitution is never studied. I believe this needs to change immediately.

    I’m sure your guests have already thought about these things, and will have ideas to effectively communicate them. But I wanted to give you my thoughts just in case.

    Thank you.

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