Ann Coulter’s Big Hypocrisy

Thursday, February 20th, 2014 and is filed under Blog, Elections, Immigration

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One of the most frustrating things in politics is when you find someone who supposedly agrees with you on all of the policy issues, yet passionately supports politicians who undermine those exact policy goals.  The most peculiar example is Ann Coulter and her new-found love for the GOP establishment.

Ann Coulter has written extensively about the policy and political ramification of open borders for years.  Most recently, she has argued that the immigration policies pushed by Democrats and establishment Republicans will serve as the death-knell for the GOP.   Because of the grave consequences of the issue, Coulter declared herself a single-issue voter on immigration last year at CPAC.

Like many of you, I agree with her that we will cease to exist as a party if we don’t stop the open borders lobby.

And that is exactly why we are pushing competitive primaries against the ChamberCrats who plan to saddle us with amnesty.  All of these challenges are in solid conservative states.

There is no issue that reflects a wider bifurcation between the party establishment and the grassroots than immigration.  And there is no issue for which a lack of competitive primaries will affect the outcome more than immigration.

There is not a single establishment Republican who does not support amnesty.  The ship has sailed on that long ago.  All of the GOP lobbyist, consultants, and donors are inexorably behind an immediate push for amnesty.  To the extent we stave off immigration deform this year, it is precisely due to efforts by grassroots groups to foster competitive primaries.  Establishment Republicans have made it quite clear that they will have a free lane to promote amnesty after the primaries.

With most other issues, the cheerleaders for the establishment are able to hide behind the fact that Republicans don’t control all of government.  But with amnesty, these people have made it clear they intend to push it precisely when they control the U.S. Senate.

Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is literally the king of the Chamber of Commerce and the Karl Rovian branch of the party.  He supports open borders because his donors, associates, former staffers-turned lobbyists, and consultants are some of the biggest and most obnoxious supporters of amnesty, particularly those staffers working for Zuckerberg’s scandalous group.

The Chamber has made it clear that they will reward those who support amnesty and punish those who oppose it.  After investing hundreds of thousands into McConnell’s reelection, they are clearly confident he would bring amnesty legislation to the Senate floor were he to become Majority Leader next year.

Again, it is incontrovertibly clear that our only path to stopping amnesty during the final years of Obama’s presidency is to have a strong showing in this year’s primaries.  If we fail to do so, by Coulter’s own account, the Republican Party will self-destruct.

Sadly, in an egregious example of disconnect with her own stated views, Coulter has been attacking those who are leading the fight for competitive primaries against amnesty supporters.

Once again, Coulter was on with Hannity last night trashing conservative groups fighting to replace establishment Republicans.  Her entire message was about electing “Republicans,” irrespective of their views.

Well, Ann, even those who support amnesty?

The irony is that she talks about groups who mislead Republican voters when it is McConnell’s former staffers who run those sleazy Zuckerberg ads for FWD that lie about amnesty.  I’m sure Coulter is just as outraged by those ads, yet she is assailing those who don’t support McConnell.

Ann is so concerned about everything Republican, yet spits on those who are seeking to preserve the Republican Party from the amnesty-pushers she so boldly claims to oppose.

It appears that through her support for the failed GOP establishment Ann Coulter has indeed become a single-issue voter – in favor of enabling the most passionate supporters of amnesty to win reelection and destroy the party.

Then again, we should probably take her endorsements with a grain of salt after she peddled the ultimate shyster and con-man – Chris Christie – on her readers.