New Polling in Kentucky Shows McConnell is Vulnerable

Tuesday, December 17th, 2013 and is filed under Blog, Elections

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The latest poll from Kentucky, conducted by Public Policy Polling, completely countermands the conventional wisdom that McConnell is a shoo-in to win the primary.  In addition, the poll shows that McConnell is indeed the weaker candidate to go up against Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes in the general election.  Here are some of the highlights:

  • Senator McConnell is leading conservative Matt Bevin 53 to 26 percent in the primary.  Previously, McConnell has led by 39 and 47 points; now he is only up 27 points.  A strong majority, 61%, still have no opinion of Bevin.  It is quite clear that as Bevin raises his name ID, he will make this race competitive.
  • How unpopular is Mitch McConnell?  Barack Obama lost the state by 23 points and 116 of 120 counties last year.  Even 40% of Democrats voted against the President in the Democrats primary of 2012.  Yet, Mitch McConnell sports an identical 31% approval rating statewide.  Even among Republicans his approval has dropped to 47%.  Clearly, primary voters are getting the message that McConnell is a finger lickin’ fraud.
  • Matt Bevin is stronger against Grimes in the general election than Mitch McConnell.  Bevin keeps Grimes down to 38% of the votes, while against McConnell she polls 42%.  It is likely that once Bevin grows his name recognition, he will perform much better.
  • Only 30% of voters really think that Rand Paul supports McConnell.
  • Kentucky Republicans say they like Rand Paul better than Mitch McConnell by a 59/27 margin.

Folks, it is clear that Matt Bevin can win a historic upset if he raises enough money to disseminate his message over the airwaves.  It’s up to conservatives nationwide to make this happen.  You can contribute to Matt Bevin’s campaign online by clicking here.