Barry Loudermilk for Congress in Georgia’s 11th District

Thursday, December 5th, 2013 and is filed under Blog, Elections

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If conservatives ever hope to build an enduring majority within the House Republican Conference, they must capitalize on opportunities to win open seats in addition to knocking off fair-weather moderate incumbents.  Georgia’s open Senate seat has created a number of vacancies in the House delegation, one of which is Georgia’s 11th district.  With Rep. Phil Gingery (R-GA) retiring to run for the U.S. Senate, there’s no reason this “red” district should elect anyone other than a conservative all-star and make it a conservative stronghold for years to come.  There is no better man to do this than state Senator Barry Loudermilk.

We are in the midst of a battle for the heart of the GOP party.  There are many factions that want to jettison traditional values from the party’s platform.  There are other factions who want to support endless amnesty and open borders.  Some want to turn our party into the Libertarian Party.  And there are others who are pro-life statists, politicians who give lip service to social issues but support the growth of government.

Barry Loudermilk is one of those candidates who is inviolable on every policy issue.  He feels just as comfortable advocating for abolishing the Department of Education and reforming the Federal Reserve as a he does speaking about traditional values and the civil society.  Hence, Barry does not believe in ‘pick-and-choose’ conservatism.

More importantly, he understands the political dynamic in Washington and has committed to completely fighting against the GOP establishment and seeking new leadership within the party.  While we often look for political newcomers to run for Congress, Loudermilk’s experience in the Georgia state House and Senate are actually advantages – he has a record of standing up to the big government bosses within the Republican Party.

After serving in the Air Force for eight years, Loudermilk developed a burning passion for his country and the Constitution.  In 2004, he was elected to the Georgia House of Representatives and served until becoming a state Senator in 2011.  Fighting officious government starts at the local level, and in the state House Loudermilk led the way on privacy issues, such as red light cameras.  He fought the corporatists who stood to benefit from the cameras and passed a law drastically curtailing their use (he tried to eliminate them completely).  He also fought “nanny state” laws such as smoking bans and draconian driving laws.  In 2009, he helped lead the fight against a bipartisan sales tax increase, under the threat of losing his position on the House Transportation Committee.

In the state senate, Loudermilk fought for cutting benefits for illegal immigrants, expanding right to carry laws, and clamping down on abortion clinics.  He also worked against a bipartisan bill to establish an electronic database of all prescription drugs dispensed in the state.  Throughout his time in Atlanta, Loudermilk has voted against numerous tax increases and efforts to grow the size of state government.  He was one of only three Republicans to oppose the governor’s hospital bed tax scheme, and faced reprisal from party officials for leading the opposition.

While serving in the state Legislature, Loudermilk has remained focused on his own small business, an information systems technology company.  Loudermilk is a true citizen legislator.

What is unique about Barry is his depth of knowledge about our founders, founding documents, and founding history.  He is particularly scholarly and articulate in educating the public about the role of Judeo-Christian values and the importance of the civil society in our founding documents and how they are indispensable to preserving liberty today.  His passion for these values is best encapsulated in his inspirational book, “And Then They Prayed.”

Speaking with many conservative activists across the country, there is always a fear that newly-elected conservatives will become part of the establishment after a year or two in Washington.  With Loudermilk’s solid foundation and record, we are quite certain he will help change Washington instead of Washington changing him..  That is why we are honored to make Barry Loudermilk our first endorsement in an open congressional seat for 2014.