Obama’s Iran Deal: If you Like your Nukes you can Keep Them

Monday, November 25th, 2013 and is filed under Blog, News

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Evidently, when negotiating with Iran, President Obama thought he was dealing with Obamacare.  He ostensibly told them they can keep their bombs if they like them.  Indeed the Iranians like their centrifuges, and now that the sanctions will be suspended for six months, they can continue creating bombs and exporting terror with more breathing room.

Let’s first recognize the most salient part of the Geneva deal.  Iran is not required to destroy a single centrifuge it has already produced.  Even with the future promises to curtail their nuclear program, the Iranians probably have enough material to create a bomb.  They are just working on a warhead and delivery capabilities, which will not be curtailed by the Geneva deal.

Moreover, are we supposed to believe the promise of the world’s most prolific terror funders concerning future uranium enrichment?  What will happen if they violate the terms of the agreement after six months?  Does anyone think that Russia and China, which have permanent veto power over any sanctions, would agree to re-impose the international sanctions on a rogue Iran?  This deal is eerily reminiscent of the one Bill Clinton cut with the North Koreans in the ‘90s.  That did not work out too well.

This deal is also an imprecation to the many American soldiers who were killed by Iranian bombs in Iraq.  It is a disgrace to all those who perished in the Beirut bombing in 1983.  This deal fails to recognize all of Iran’s other terror-related activities that are killing Americans around the globe even today.  We are ostensibly rewarding their international terror with economic benefits that will further facilitate their proliferation of Islamic jihad against the West.

If Reagan’s motto was peace through strength; Obama’s motto is chaos through feebleness.

It’s amazing how Obama said during the government shutdown that he would not negotiate with terrorists.  Well, maybe if we change the name of the Republican Party to the Republic of Iran he would change his tune.