Obamacare’s gift to Kentucky

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013 and is filed under Blog, News, Obamacare

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The liberals in Kentucky continue to boast about the success of the Obamacare website in the state.  Sadly, Obamacare is a lot more than just a website.  About 280,000 people lost their health insurance so far in the state.  They will be forced to browse this great website to clamor for coverage.  What do they have waiting for them?

Here is a cost calculator from Forbes.com.

State Age Sex Pre-ACA Post-ACA Change


KY 27 M 103.84 172.5509992 66.2%
KY 27 F 124.08 172.5509992 39.1%
KY 40 M 123.2 210.4200162 70.8%
KY 40 F 189.38 210.4200162 11.1%
KY 64 F 327.93 493.9437 50.6%
KY 64 M 342.96 493.9437 44%

We already know that Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes supports every word of Obamacare.  We also know that Mitch McConnell, despite his duplicitous rhetoric, has given up on the fight against Obamacare.   Remember, these premium increases are just small potatoes for the first year of Obamacare.  With all the unsustainable mandates, premiums will skyrocket further over the next few years.

Kentuckians deserve a senator who will never condemn the state to permanent decline, dependency, and despair.  Kentuckians deserve Matt Bevin.