Sabotage, and Where We go From Here

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Throughout the past few weeks, we witnessed the train wreck of the stupid party colliding with the evil party.  The stupid party made sure to tell the evil party that they just need to reject their offer and there will be a new watered-down iteration in a flash.  Finally, it got so bad that they couldn’t even draw a line in the sand on delaying just the individual mandate, even at a time when most individuals can’t comply with it if they tried.  The irony is that the President will undoubtedly delay it (illegally) himself after the battle is over, making fools of the Republicans.

But amidst all the focus on Speaker John Boehner and House Republicans, we cannot lose focus on Mitch McConnell and the GOP Conference in the Senate.  McConnell and his henchmen sabotaged House Republicans at the two most critical points.

Headed into October 1, the House was the only body that had the ability to pass a funding bill.  Republicans had enough votes to block Harry Reid from reinserting funding for Obamacare.  Instead, McConnell and the gang acted in solidarity with fellow Senate Democrats instead of House Republicans.  That dynamic was only accentuated as the showdown dragged on.

Aside for Senators Mike Lee and Ted Cruz, nobody else paid more than lip service to fighting Obamacare.  Worse, the overwhelming majority of Republicans in the Senate sabotaged the effort.  One after another, they would go on TV and trash House Republicans and echo Harry Reid’s talking points.  Reid and Obama just sat back and let Senate Republicans blow up their colleagues.  Then in the eleventh hour, instead of at least demanding delay of the individual mandate (which McConnell touted months ago as the alternative to defund), McConnell gave Harry Reid everything he wanted.

House GOP leadership was never going to change, but there was a sense that we got as much unity out of the House conference as we will ever get for battles like this.  Some House Republicans might be spineless, but the Senate Republicans are rotten to the core.  We will never change the status quo in Washington unless we completely shake up the Senate Republicans.  Anyone who thinks that by merely seeking 51 GOP senators next year we will suddenly obtain more leverage is mistaken.  Harry Reid will still be the defacto leader unless we get rid of Mitch McConnell and as many of his backbenchers as possible.

It’s time to support Matt Bevin or go home.  It’s time to continue plugging for all of the other challengers.  In some states there are already multiple candidates.  There are also some more impressive challengers that are set to announce soon.

We must also never give up the fight against Obamacare.  This is not the farm bill or flood insurance.  This will permanently crush the dignity and self-sufficiency of the middle class, destroy the entire healthcare system, and degrade the broader job market in every other field.  This cannot stand.  We must continue to fight the law at every turn and use every leverage point possible.

But ultimately, this is not just about Washington.  The Constitution references three branches of “government.”  I’m not referring to the executive, legislature, and judiciary.  They have all become incorrigibly malignant.  At this juncture, they are beyond repair.  I am referring to the federal government, state government, and the individual.  We must continue to fight this out in the states and with individuals.

Sadly, some states are completely hopeless until they collapse under their own failed policies.  But there are a number of states where we can still protect from the relentless federal tyranny.  Yet, in so many of these states, we are underutilizing our potential.  We need to elect men and women with courage to state legislatures (a much easier goal than congressional elections) – people who are willing to reassert state powers as prescribed by the Tenth Amendment.  We need to start in states like Texas and Oklahoma, and elect governing majorities who will just say no to Obamacare at every possible turn.

Moreover, state legislative elections are the front lines in the battle to restore our Republic through state-directed constitutional amendments, as recommended by Mark Levin.  I know some people are skeptical of Article V conventions, but we have no choice.  We have hit rock bottom.  If the Obamacare tragedy doesn’t expose the failure of our current strategy nothing will change the inevitable march to full tyranny.  There is no better long-term solution.

Finally, there is the individual.  Our Republic was founded upon the inviolate guarantee of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  To that end, the federal government was limited to enumerated powers, which were intended to preserve liberty, not infringe upon it.  The Tenth Amendment states that all “powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”  It goes without saying that the basic right to live with dignity and self-reliance is reserved to the people.

Yet, we have incurred a bloodless revolution over the past century, culminating with the Obamacare court decision, which has empowered the federal government with the ability to tax or regulate all activity or inactivity.  Most Americans will no longer have the ability to raise a family with dignity and freedom.  We have allowed the federal government, and in some cases, state governments, to limit our liberty and property rights for years.  Obamacare must be the Waterloo in the battle to preserve individual liberty.  As individuals, it’s time to say NO.

24 Responses to “Sabotage, and Where We go From Here”

  1. Kathryn Porter Says:

    One can only hope and pray that it isn’t too late. How he got elected, I will never understand. I am all-in with anything I can do to help protect each and everyone of our Constitutional rights.

  2. Adam Says:

    We need help organizing and coming together in our states to develop state by state plans. A meeting of the minds “convention” to create strategic and tactical plans to reach stated defined goals within our states. That’s the only way we get our states to a convention for article 5 as recommended by Mark Levin. We need to organize in order to vet candidates at the state level who will run on the platform of an article 5 convention.

  3. Mark Browning Says:

    I’m sick of all of them…. The concept of “self governing” meant “NO Professional Politicians”. Our founder’s knew that the only way “WE THE PEOPLE” could be served was with a common sense free grass roots government. Look at what we got now! I’d love to help shake things up and run as an Independent for California Senate seat but they are so entrenched and I’m just a regular guy. How else can I help?

  4. Patti Kier Says:

    This sounds good but what about martial law, obama should be impeached, but he’ll declare martial law first, then “no holds barred.” I don’t see that we have much of a chance at this point. HOW can we get rid of the rhinos in the GOP???Their diluting conservative efforts to do “anything” to get us back to the Constitution. We certainly need GOD’S help to set this nation Aright again.

  5. Linda League Says:

    The average person is not going to be able to afford the ACA. Deductables are too high and of course the premiums are out of sight. The solution for this by the Government will be Single Payer Option which is what the Gov. wanted anyway. The plan is going along as expected.

  6. Emma Morris Says:

    Need to oust all Rinos. Elect true conservatives in 2014. Hopefully Obamacare will blow up.Very good reading Mr. Horowitz

  7. judith rosati Says:

    the republicans have lost me they have caved to one evil person after another they are no longer for the people only themselves.

  8. Nancy Deans Says:

    I am completely demoralized by this constant theatrical performance by these reptiles. Thank God I live in Texas. But we do have our own problems. Rick Perry is a Neocon. He is NOT for the little man in Texas. But so much better than this Wendy Davis fool.

    God Bless You.

  9. virginia prather Says:

    How can this be done? How can we take back the liberty’s the government is changing at every turn in secret.

  10. Luke Says:

    Great article!

  11. Allen Says:

    Looks like America needs to find some Republican Senate Canidates with some Nads , John McCain said it was all due to the Women Senators ; Well let’s get rid of All of them . I come from a part of the Country ( Ted Cruz ) where We won’t put up with Fear !!!!

  12. Richard Gabbay Says:

    I live in a senior citizen community in Florida. If possible, I would like guidance in how best to proceed in advocating to my fellow residents 10th Amendment remedies to offset the harm perpetrated by our current administration.

    Sincerely yours,
    Richard Gabbay

  13. Bill Torio Says:

    The way to defund obamacare is to win back the senate and keep the house, but the way the Republicans have been acting of late I doubt either will be the case. The American people don’t like ugly. I say let the Democrats and all those that voted for them “eat cake”!

  14. Hugo Ieremia Says:

    I am disgusted by this impotent Republican Party and even more so with the Democratic Party. So sad! I feel for my children and unborn grandchildren of whats to come.

    God help Us.

  15. Kenneth A Trank Says:

    I taught US History, Government and Economics for at least 30 years in a public urban school district. What I taught has become a “lie” as a result of these last five years under this President and the liberal medias support of him and the rest of the Democrats in the House and Senate.
    I was not the most popular union member since I did not support my union’s stances and their campaign efforts. I even had my students listen to Rush when he first came on the radio. MY special ed students probably knew the Constitution and the free enterprise system better than most of the people in Washington DC.
    It is a sad day when we now have two classes of people in the USA. The elite of Washington DC who pass laws for every citizen and then exempt themselves, friends and political campaign contributors.

  16. Gatortrapper Says:

    The last time such tyranny appeared in such volume and force the loyal colonists of the New World had a choice: sit idle and suffer, or take action against those representatives of the Crown that circumstance made available to them. In this regard the King’s duly appointed tax collectors were taken and subjected to abuse, often depicted as being “tarred and feathered.”

    It is the weak, exposed under belly of the state that is subject to such measures for several reasons. First, it’s a matter of convenience and necessity. Washington is a distant place even in an era of planes, trains and automobiles. So it is of necessity that lower level employees of the federal government be targeted for action to make our displeasure known. Second, the state today has installed so many levels of protection between those in official offices and the common man that there is little opportunity to reach them without being assassinated by the state. Witness the poor woman who somehow caused concern to the White House that they pursued and murdered her in her car, with her small child within arms reach. In short, it is the local federal employees who work and live amongst us who are the soft targets for expression of our displeasure over the Orwellian state.

    So how is that displeasure to be manifested. This is where there is going to be much anguish and hand wringing as it will require a commitment that the majority will not undertake, although they may tacitly agree with it. Initially I suspect that it will take the form of what today would would label “civil disobedience.” Although popularized as being “non-violent” in fact an act of civil disobedience either consists of some violence in the form of imposing discomfort or hardship upon a third person, or it invites a violent response.

    In fact it was a condition precedent to the Revolution in that in response to the tarring and feathering of his agents King George sent and garrisoned troops to protect them in their official duties. It was during a confrontation with those troops that lead to the Boston Massacre and ultimately the war that followed.

    What form should this civil disobedience take? Well that is something for everyone to ponder and consider as the ramifications to the individual will likely be severe. Unlike civil disobedience by those favored by the state, such as Occupy Wall Street and its ilk, the state is likely to take harsh, and swift action to crush any notion of civil disobedience that could dissuade the “guards” executing their street level functions out of fear of retribution from the public. But I would look to modern day equivalents of tarring and feathering and to the “lamming” of their horses to impede their travel as being good starting points for any discussion.

  17. Jim Sampair Jr Says:

    Thanks for the effort. Maybe the focus should be on ridding ourselves of liberals trying to come off as republicans. John McCain is the greatest farce of a conservative in the land. The failed fighter pilot has undermined true conservatives for years, no surprise he would be anti Cruz/Lee. His anti-torture pro-war pro-islamic radical beliefs need to be removed. When is AZ going to wake up and who can we support to oust this fossil.

  18. Beth Harrison Says:

    I am ready to join with my fellow Americans to fight this monster wherever it may reside within our walls. We the People have all the power and we need to ban together and use it properly in order to save our beloved country.

  19. Neal Murphy Says:

    Speaking of taxing inactivity, here’s another instance of village idiots elected to office. There are municipal governments ‘entertaining’ the idea of taxing homeowners and landowners for the rain that falls on their land. And y’all thought the nadir of government stupidity couldn’t get any lower.

    It has been time to say, “No,” for decades. But nothing will change until we, the people, once again perform the duties and responsibilities that accompany our rights. Make no mistake, each and every one of our rights comes with duties and responsibilities that we must discharge. Otherwise we all face the consequences wrought by those who do not.

  20. Bren Says:

    Mitch McConnell should be fired immediately. I am sick to death of this Grand Old Progressive party! I hope they become extint like the Whig party very soon.

  21. Bill Says:

    Hear hear! It’s time for the states to back away from the federal trough and stand up for themselves!

  22. Joyce Smith Says:

    Obama spits on our constitution, openly spits on AMERICAN MILITARY, (Benghazi)murder by omission, IRS intrusion, you know.And gets away with it. How?
    My question: is the Senate totally in charge of Impeaching?


    How do we start. The country is sliding into 1933 Germany. I am so tired of seeing people of good morals trashed by Obama plants on twitter and even in the MEDIA. I am 61, a vet and my wife can hardly stand to even live in Texas anymore with all the Blue LIBERALs in Austin and DALLAS. It is sickening. If it doesn’t change we are gone. The trouble is, where do we go??
    Thank you

  24. Neal Clacher Says:

    Let me start by saying we must continue to fight and yes it starts in the states. One thing that must change in the states is the education system, take it back. Our kids are not learning American history and why this country became in a short period of time the worlds most successful country and why we could do what we do. Liberty and Freedom, Liberty fro government controls and Freedom to pursue your own life as you wanted as long ass you did not hurt anyone else. Kids are taught today that without government they will never make it and it starts with the subtle messages in 1&2 grade.
    I am an old guy that fought and bled for this country in Vietnam and now my 2 yr. old grand daughter is never going to know the way it used to be unless WE do fight back where ever and whenever.

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