Gallup: Republicans Dislike Mitch McConnell

Sunday, September 22nd, 2013 and is filed under Issues

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Most congressional leaders are ubiquitously unpopular with the public.  However, the GOP Senate leader, Mitch McConnell, is unique.  He is more unpopular with his own party than with Democrats!

According to a new Gallup poll, just 35% of adults polled approve of McConnell.  While that is within the same range of approval as other leaders, what is striking about the poll is that 41% of Democrats approve of McConnell but only 33% of Republicans feel the same way.

Most Republicans have taken McConnell’s silence on important issues as a loud affirmation of his lack of conviction or willingness to fight on any issue.  He evinces the image of a consummate political animal more than any other congressional leader.  If there’s one thing Republicans dislike, it’s a finger lickin’ fraud.

We just witnessed the latest example of this fraudulent double speak from Mitch McConnell on the war on coal.  He put out a slick ad showing how he fights against Obama’s war on coal and Kentucky jobs.  The problems is that his fight has not moved beyond his ceremonial speeches and lying ads designed to ingratiate himself to primary voters.

Mitch McConnell had one example to completely leverage the fight against the EPA, even though he leads the minority faction in the Senate.  When the President needed Republican votes to confirm Gina McCarthy as director of the EPA, Mitch should have went to his conference and beckoned them to withhold any support for her until and unless there is a parallel commitment to end all new coal regulations not authorized by Congress.  Instead, McConnell cut the deal to allow all of Obama’s radical nominees sail through confirmation.  Of course, he wasn’t man enough to vote for her after cutting the deal, but it was his deal which paved the road for her confirmation.  Perforce, we lost any leverage we might have garnered in the fight against EPA anti-coal regulations.

Perhaps, Senator McConnell is the most unpopular leader within the part because, in reality, he is no leader.