Press Release: Madison Project PAC Endorses Matt Bevin for Senate in Kentucky

Monday, July 29th, 2013 and is filed under Blog, News

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For Immediate Release:

July 29, 2013

Contact: Daniel Horowitz

Madison Project PAC Endorses Matt Bevin for Senate in Kentucky

Madison Project Chairman Jim Ryun“The only way to change the lackluster leadership in the Republican Party is to replace the career politicians who lead the party. Matt Bevin is brave enough to storm the castle of the GOP Establishment and challenge the sitting minority leader, and we are proud to stand with him and with millions of conservatives who feel disenfranchised by unprincipled GOP leaders like Mitch McConnell.”

Washington, DC – The Madison Project PAC announced today that it is endorsing Louisville businessman Matt Bevin for Senate against Senator Mitch McConnell in next year’s Republican primary for Senate.

“Earlier this year, Senator Rand Paul illustrated the problem with the GOP establishment by noting that they have grown stale and moss-covered,” said Daniel Horowitz of the Madison Project. “After 28 years in the Senate and over 10 years in leadership, Senator Mitch McConnell has become the embodiment of stale moss-covered leadership.  It’s not just his votes for Democrat proposals, such as open borders, bailouts, fiscal cliff tax hikes, debt limit increases, green energy stimulus, and funding for Obamacare, it is the fact that McConnell has refused to use his leadership role to fight for conservatives.  On so many major legislative battles important to conservatives, McConnell has refused to fight and has remained ambiguous about his own position until he felt a clear signal from his political weather vane.  His behavior during the amnesty fight is a consummate example of McConnell following from behind instead of leading from the front.

Moreover, there is widespread fear among conservatives in the state that McConnell will lose the seat in the general election.  It is an embarrassment that in a state Romney carried by 23 points with 116 of 120 counties, McConnell needs to run another $20 million scorched-earth campaign to eke out a narrow victory.  With control of the Senate at stake, there is no reason we should waste tens of millions bailing out a failed unprincipled senator.  Mitch McConnell should heed the advice he gave to Jim Bunning in 2009 and put the best interests of the party and conservatives ahead of his waning career.”

“We are proud to endorse Matt Bevin, a bold change in the direction of principled conservatism,” said Drew Ryun of the Madison Project.  “Matt has lived the American Dream, coming from virtually nothing to grow multiple businesses and create jobs.  As a family man, philanthropist, and successful entrepreneur, Bevin is the antithesis of a career politician.  He won’t need to put his finger in the wind to gauge the political winds in order to fight for his conservative beliefs.  He understands that Washington corrupts even the best of people.  That’s why he has pledged to serve no longer than two terms.  Bevin is not only committed to voting with conservatives, he will give voice to conservatives in the Commonwealth of Kentucky by leading the charge for limited government along with other leaders in the Senate like Ted Cruz  and Mike Lee.”

The official endorsement along with the complete conservative case against Senator McConnell can be viewed here and also at

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