McConnell Locked in Mitchness Protection Program When it’s Time to Fight

Wednesday, July 24th, 2013 and is filed under Blog, News, Obamacare

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Mitch McConnell and other duplicitous Republicans will run to the nearest camera and pose next to the Obamacare tower of regulations.  They will tell you how terrible Obamacare is.  But they will never do anything consequential to actually force a confrontation over implementation, even when the public is squarely behind us.

Boehner and McConnell have consistently stymied efforts by conservatives to force a fight over defunding obamacare through the budget process or the debt ceiling.  Now, ahead of the October commencement of the Obamacare exchanges, we will have one more opportunity to fight Obamacare.

Who is leading the fight against funding Obamacare in the continuing budget  resolution?  Not the supposed GOP Leader.  It’s the three musketeers, of course – Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, and Rand Paul.   Take a look at the names that signed onto their effort.  No Mitch McConnell to be seen.

Now, ultimately, he might sign on as a vacuous gesture when forced to do so, but it will be yet another example of following from behind instead of leading from the front.  Moreover, McConnell is actually preempting this effort by saying that he intends to abide by the budget plan from the 2011 debt ceiling deal.  If you remember that was the “McConnell Plan” that was cut with Joe Biden behind closed doors to hand Obama a $2.4 trillion free credit card passed the election.  All we got was the ridiculous sequestration, which failed to eliminate a single major agency and cut very little except for Defense.

Is this leadership?