Lamar Alexander Votes to Rubber Stamp Another Radical Obama Executive Nominee

Thursday, July 18th, 2013 and is filed under Blog, Elections, Issues, News

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For Immediate Release:

July 18, 2013

Contact: Daniel Horowitz

Lamar Alexander Votes to Rubber Stamp Another Radical Obama Executive Nominee

Washington, DC – The Madison Project PAC made the following statement today with regards to Senator Lamar Alexander’s cloture vote on Wednesday for Tom Perez to serve as the next Secretary of Labor.

“Once again, Senator Lamar Alexander has shown that he has been in Washington too long and is out of touch with the conservative values of his Tennessee constituents,” said Daniel Horowitz of the Madison Project.  “While the president is often afforded flexibility in filling his cabinet, Tom Perez is unqualified and unacceptable.  As head of the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department, Perez violated his commitment to apply the law equally.  He has used his position to promote a radically liberal agenda, serving as the point man in the administration to attack Voter ID laws passed by sovereign states.  He has also worked for a radical pro-illegal-alien group in Maryland that aids and abets illegal immigration in the state of Maryland.  Unfortunately, those views are consistent with Senator Alexander’s support of amnesty and his disregard for the rule of law.”

“Although Senator Alexander voted against final confirmation today, his vote for cloture on Wednesday paved the way for Perez’s confirmation.  Had he voted against cloture, Democrats would have been denied the 60 votes needed to proceed.  Hence, his vote today was a typical empty gesture we have come to expect from Lamar Alexander.

“Working with Tea Partiers within the state, we have received positive feedback from grassroots conservatives ever since we announced our desire to find an alternative Republican in next year’s primary,” said Drew Ryun of the Madison Project.  “We are confident that Tennessee voters want to be presented with a bold contrast to the status quo, which is a weak Republican who rubber stamps the Obama agenda.”

The Madison Project supports and raises money for conservative candidates that have demonstrated a commitment to full-spectrum conservatism. The Madison Project website can be found at

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