Bill Shuster’s Money Can’t Buy Him Love

Monday, July 8th, 2013 and is filed under Blog, Elections, News

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We would like to congratulate Bill Shuster on his ability to raise special interest campaign cash.  For the Q2 of 2013, Shuster reported $646,785 in new funds and $916,180 cash on hand.  But all that money comes at a cost to his constituents.

There is a reason why so many special interests are donating to Bill Shuster. Instead of devolving transportation dollars to the states, Shuster supports raising the gas tax in order to fund more failed federal transportation funds that are used for wasteful handouts to unions.  This might be good for his campaign coffers, but not for motorists and consumers.

There’s a reason why Shuster is Barbara Boxer’s favorite Republican.  He will continue to funnel more tax money to the DC leviathan to patronize his his friends on K Street.

We don’t have to settle for a Barbara Boxer Republican.  We can support Art Halvorson, a man who will stand for true limited government and make southwest Pennsylvania independent from the failed policies in Washington.  Halvorson won’t have any special interest support; his special interest is the Constitution.  He needs the support from We the People.