Bill Shuster Doesn’t Want to Preempt Obamacare from Taking Root

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013 and is filed under Elections, Obamacare

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Washington is full of spin and smokescreens.  The politicians count on the fact that their constituents are too busy with their lives to understand the legislative process.  That’s how they successfully pretend to fight for us while working behind the scenes to undermine their promises.   Nowhere is this more evident than with the fight over Obamacare.

Every Republican under the sun will rail against Obamacare when out on the campaign trail.  But we all know that there is only one way to get rid of the monstrosity before it takes root and is permanently enshrined into our welfare state like the other entitlements.  We must commit to tacking on a defund provision to any must-pass budget bill.  That is the only way to force the issue.  Anything short of that will fail because we lack the votes to pass new legislation.

Bill Shuster is another one of those phony opponents of Obamacare who sign onto defund legislation that they know will not pass, but refuse to actually commit to defunding it through the budget process – the only consequential means of disrupting the law.  This is the problem with all establishment Republicans who are tied so closely to leadership.  They will never buck the party bigwigs to actually fulfill their campaign promises.  Shuster will absolutely go along with raising the debt ceiling and funding Obamacare in the budget bill because that is what leadership will tell him to do.  He has failed to sign onto the defund letter, which already has close to 100 signatures.

Why do we single out Bill Shuster?  Because this is a conservative district where we actually have a smart, articulate tea party candidate who has a chance of winning.  Please listen to our radio ad against Bill Shuster, and help Art Halvorson spread his message of limited government and defunding Obamacare.