Mike Simpson Opposes Enforcement of Hastert Rule, Supports Amnesty

Monday, June 17th, 2013 and is filed under Blog, Issues, News

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There are RINOs and then there are RINOs.  Mike Simpson is the king of all Rinos.  He is probably the most progressive member from such a conservative district.

Now, Simpson is advocating that John Boehner pass bills with Democrat support:

Still, Simpson believes that Boehner intends to let the House “work its will” on the measures even if it means relying on Democratic votes to carry the majority of support for those bills.

“When you are Speaker, you aren’t just Republican Speaker, you are Speaker of the whole House and you need to do what’s best for the whole House sometimes that might mean a majority of Democrats and minority of Republicans that pass a bill,” Simpson said.

So why doesn’t Simpson just become a Democrat so he can officially vote for Pelosi, instead of working within our ranks to hand effective control over to her?

But there’s more: Simpson wants to pass an immigration bill so we can get to conference with the Senate and pass a mass amnesty bill:

“The important thing is to pass something on immigration so we can go to conference with the Senate,” Simpson noted.

Folks, we can do a lot better than Mike Simpson from a state like Idaho.  We will make it a top priority to retire this RINO next year.  Then he’ll be able to run as a Democrat and vote with Pelosi to his heart’s content…if he can get elected as one.