Cornyn Amendment Will Repeat Mistakes of 1986

Friday, June 14th, 2013 and is filed under Blog, Immigration, Press

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Our press release from yesterday.


Senator Cornyn’s Amendment Will Repeat Failures of 1986 Amnesty


Madison Project Chairman Jim RyunRarely do we have the luxury of drawing upon recent history to guide us on policy as we do with the immigration issue.  Senator Cornyn’s amendment to the amnesty bill fails to learn from the mistake of granting amnesty before implementation of enforcement.”

Washington, DC – The Madison Project today announced its strong opposition to Senator John Cornyn’s amendment to the immigration bill, S. 744.


The Senate amnesty bill is fatally flawed on numerous accounts, and the Cornyn amendment serves as mere window dressing to give Republicans cover for passing another failed amnesty,” said Daniel Horowitz of the Madison Project. “Cornyn’s amendment is being sold as a means of strengthening the security aspects of the bill.  The problem is that all of the enforcement measures are not required for another ten years, long after all of the illegal immigrants are granted legal status.  If there is anything we learned from the 1986 amnesty, it is that all enforcement must be implemented before any legalization.”


“A serious effort to solve the problem must begin with a bill that demands accountability by requiring that the existing laws be applied and faithfully executed before any legal status is granted,” added Horowitz. “Ironically, this amendment actually weakens existing law by exempting airports from the requirement to install biometric exit-entry for tracking visa overstays when roughly 40% of all illegal immigrants are people who have overstayed their visas.”

“As the 2014 election cycle begins in earnest, we will not support any candidate who favors any sort of legalization or amnesty before the proper security and enforcement measures are implemented and the rule of law is restored,” said Drew Ryun of the Madison Project.

“In fact, we will work to defeat those who help pass another failed amnesty – one which places the desires of special interests and foreign lobbies ahead of the American taxpayer, legal immigrants, and the rule of law.”

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