Absurdity and Decadence Know No Bounds

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013 and is filed under Blog, Family Values

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There is something fundamentally wrong when 5 individuals in black robes have the ability to rewrite the laws of nature and nature’s God.  One need not be overtly religious to feel a deep sense of disquiet by today’s Supreme Court decision essentially eliminating our ability to define the most basic concept of marriage.

This idea that DOMA violates the federalism scheme is absurd.  It never sought to regulate or even define marriage in a way that precludes states from creating their own definition for marriage.  It merely uses the definition of marriage accepted by 41 states (49 states at the time of its passage in 1996) and applies it to federal law.  It also protects states that want to keep marriage a marriage from subsidizing gay marriage and from onerous lawsuits.  It passed with overwhelming bipartisan support.  It is absurd to even think that the Supreme Court should have jurisdiction over such a law.

What we are witnessing now is the breakdown of religious liberty, as today’s ruling opens the door for perennial lawsuits against those individuals who seek to preserve the most basic sense of morality and natural law.  How long will it take before private businesses are slapped with criminal charges for discrimination?  How long before religious organizations are stripped of their non-profit status?  Watching the rapid race to the bottom, how long will it take for the host of other sexual behavior to be enshrined into our laws?  How long until the proliferation of the transgendered agenda?  Woops – that already happened.

All those who have been insouciant towards this issue under the false pretense that it won’t affect them will now see how deeply their lives will be altered by this radical decision.

Amazingly, four of the liberal Justices held that the federal government had the power to coerce individuals to purchase health insurance.  Yet, they are now saying that the federal government doesn’t have the power to merely recognize the definition of marriage that existed since the creation of mankind just for the purpose of federal law in a way that does not place any burdens on the individual?

In its ruling on Proposition 8, the Supreme Court held that private citizens don’t have standing to defend a state referendum passed by the majority of voters when the state officials refuse to enforce it.  Hence, they upheld the California Supreme Court’s voiding of the referendum.  We’ve been totally disenfranchised.  Government officials now have the right to ignore laws passed by the people, but the people have no right to define the most basic legal terms for purposes of public policy.

The one silver lining from today is that the court didn’t issue the worst decision possible.  The leftists were asking the court to rule on the merits of Prop 8.  Had they upheld the CA Supreme Court’s decision on grounds that states don’t have the right to define marriage, they would have vitiated the laws in all 37 states that define marriage as….marriage.  That means that we still have the ability to fight for natural law in the states where we still constitute a majority.

The Madison Project will leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of full-spectrum conservatives in red states.  In addition to electing free market conservatives, we will ensure that all our candidates are committed to using their megaphone to preserving traditional marriage where it still exists.

Folks, this is a fight for our civil society.  Too often, we get caught up in budget facts and figures and lose sight of the source of our societal ills.  The fact that we have 72 million people on Medicaid and 47 million people on food stamps is a symptom of the broader problem – the breakdown of the civil society.  The left knows that the best way to impose tyranny is by rotting out our families and communities.  That is why they are championing the homosexual agenda, single motherhood, and illegal aliens.

And that is why we must double down and elect like minded conservatives from the states and districts that are comprised of strong civil societies.  Come join us in electing strong leaders from your communities to come here to Washington and give voice to the millions of traditional Americans who are disenfranchised.  Let’s stand together and restore our Republic.