The Marco Rubio We Once Knew

Thursday, May 9th, 2013 and is filed under Blog, Immigration, News

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With Marco Rubio appearing all over the media to talk about this disastrous immigration bill, I felt it would be worthwhile to go back and examine his comments on illegal immigration while he was running for office:

  • Interviewer:  “Are you pro-amnesty for illegal immigration?”

Rubio:  “No, No, Never have been, in fact, I am strongly against amnesty for a number of reasons” (interview with Human Events, 2010)


  • “I will never support- never have and never will support- any effort to grant blanket, legalization amnesty to folks who have entered this country illegally.”
  • “Nothing will make it harder to enforce existing laws.”
  • “It demoralizes the people who are going through the legal process.”
  • “You’re never going to have a legal immigration system that works if you grant amnesty.”
  • “I believe we must fix our immigration system by first securing our border, fixing the visa and entry process, and opposing amnesty in any form.

–          Marco Rubio, 2010 campaign website quote

  • “Immigration was nowhere to be found in the book of 100 Innovative Ideas for Florida’s Future he compiled as House Speaker; now it’s among the 9 issues addressed on his campaign website.”

–          Miami Herald, Nov 10, 2009

  • “If you grant amnesty, the message that you’re sending is that if you come in this country and stay here long enough, we will let you stay.  And no one will ever come through the legal process if you do that.”

–          Marco Rubio, Nov 2009

  • “His (Marco Rubio) tone has changed on the subject (immigration), and to me it’s very obvious it’s for political reasons.”

–          State Rep. Juan Zapata, Miami

“First of all, earned path to citizenship is basically code for amnesty. It’s what they call it. And the reality of it is this. … It is unfair to the people that have legally entered this country to create an alternative pathway for individuals who entered illegally and knowingly did so. And all I’m saying is that if you do that … you will never have a legal immigration system that works. No one is going to follow the law if there is an easier way to do it.”

-Marco Rubio, 2010, debate with Charlie Crist

  • “I would vote against anything that grants amnesty because I think it destroys your ability to enforce the existing law”

-Marco Rubio, 2009

  • “I would vote against anything that has amnesty in it”

-Marco Rubio, 2009


  • As far as amnesty, that’s where [Charlie Crist] and I disagree. He would have voted for the McCain plan. I think that plan is wrong…if you grant amnesty…you will destroy any chance we will ever have of having a legal immigration system that works here in America. [Marco Rubio, Fox News Sunday debate with Charlie Crist, March 28, 2010]