Latest Fox Immigration Poll Contradicts Conventional Wisdom

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013 and is filed under Blog, Immigration, Issues

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If Republicans plan to dive head-first into massive amnesty and seismic expansions of legal immigration – all for political considerations –  they should make sure they are reading the right polls.  Issue polling (unlike election polling) is garbage in, garbage out.  It’s all about how you ask the question and frame the issue.  That is doubly true when it comes to immigration polling.

Here are some of the results from Fox News’s latest poll on immigration.  As you can see, the questions were asked as innocuously as possible.

First, Obama’s approval/disapproval on immigration has slipped from 47-46 to 39-51.  Among Independents, it’s 36-56.  In my opinion, that is a direct result of the counter-offense against Obama’s position on this issue.  The public is finally hearing another side to the argument.

With regards to legal immigration in general, 28% say we should increase the level of immigration; 55% say we should decrease immigration.  Even a plurality of Democrats were for decreasing the overall numbers.  Before Congress rushes to double or triple our already high level of immigration instead of implementing a targeted immigration system, we need to have a broader debate over the level of immigration we desire to have over the next 20 years.

Next, “Do you favor or oppose requiring completion of new border security measures first — before making other changes to immigration policies?”  68 percent are in favor; 22% are opposed.  66% of Democrats agree with enforcement first.

When in the world will Republicans get the message?  Instead of playing defense, let’s go on offense and demand enforcement first from the administration.  If they are going to die by polls, they should live by them as well.