Senate Defeats Effort to Block Transfer of Fighter Jets to Egypt

Friday, February 1st, 2013 by and is filed under Blog, Debt

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Not only did the Obama administration help instal the Muslim Brotherhood as the governing body in Egypt, they are now planning to send them F-16 fighter jets and Abrams tanks.  Their leader, Mohammad Morsi, recently said ‘Jews were bloodsuckers and descendants of apes and pigs.’

Outside of Washington, we would call Rand Paul’s effort to block the transfer commonsense.  But in Washington, this is considered a crazy idea, opposed by even the majority of Republicans.

Rand Paul submitted an amendment to the ridiculous 4-month debt ceiling increase, which would have banned this dangerous transfer of weaponry to our enemies.  Only 19 Republicans supported it and not one single Democrat.

Here is a list of 26 Republicans who supported funding for the Muslim Bros.  And we’re supposed to believe they desire to cut spending!

  • Alexander, L. (TN)
  • Ayotte (NH)
  • Barrasso (WY)
  • Blunt (MO)
  • Burr (NC)
  • Chambliss (GA)
  • Coburn (OK)
  • Cochran (MS)
  • Collins, S. (ME)
  • Corker (TN)
  • Enzi (WY)
  • Flake (AZ)
  • Graham, L. (SC)
  • Hatch (UT)
  • Hoeven (ND)
  • Inhofe (OK)
  • Isakson (GA)
  • Johanns (NE)
  • Johnson, R. (WI)
  • Kirk (IL)
  • McCain (AZ)
  • McConnell (KY)
  • Murkowski, L. (AK)
  • Portman (OH)
  • Toomey (PA)
  • Wicker (MS)

One Response to “Senate Defeats Effort to Block Transfer of Fighter Jets to Egypt”

  1. Glen Bufler Says:

    Makes one wonder if, indeed, we the people have any real representation. I notice that Graham and McCain made the list. Weren’t they also part of the “gang of six” and are now part of the “gang of eight”?

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