An Inconvenient Truth

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Economic reality has done what rain, hail, sleet and snow could not — stop U.S. Postal Service delivery. The USPS is broke. It has made pension promises (with borrowed money) it cannot keep.

What is true of the Post Office is true of the federal government at large. This is, in the liberal formulation, a teachable moment. Professors Boehner and McConnell, along with the somnolent RNC, need to put a spotlight on the Post Office’s inexorable failure.

In August, we all will have our Saturday deliveries cut off so the USPS can maintain its delivery of catalogues to one stoplight towns in west Texas. Ten or fifteen Augusts from now it will be your dad’s Medicare or Social Security that gets cut off so the feds can deliver Obamacare. The same principle applies — debtors make poor employers and worse benefactors. The government that can’t bring you the latest flyer from Target also won’t be able to pay for your appendectomy.

Funny, the Democrats prattle on and on about government being the one thing we do together. No one is on their own.  That sounds like a mighty heartening slogan to rally around (so long as you aren’t surrounded by terrorists in Benghazi) but then again the Post Office had a slogan, too. Until the money ran out.

Author Wendell Talley

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  1. Postfactoman Says:

    The USPS changed the retirement benefit structure when Gephart got his SS bill passed putting most Federal employees on it along with the FERS plan and doing away with the old CSRS except for themselves. It’s part of Title XVIII and Not any bargaining agreement. The Arbitrator just handed down the new contract which is only 15 months late. The benefit prefunding requirement is why the USPS is on the ropes. Congress refuses to change it. We must pay over 5X what the projected costs of retirements and medical benefits will be to the OPM because the postal Board of Governors has been trying to sabotage the P O for the past 40 years. The Post Office makes money from operations and would have been in the black the last two years without that financial obstacle. What the wizards in Washington are really after is turning everyone in the USPS into dependents just like SS and welfare recipients. Before all the borrowing which started the year after I retired, all benefits for postal employees came From Postal Revenues. This means that anybody who got out before 2007 is Not a parasite inany sense of the word. Add to it. Had Congress not raided the P O and plundered our earnings during the fat years when we moved more catalogs than our pouches can hold, none of the borrowing would have been necessary, but Bob Dole and Kit Bond commandeered $26,000,000,000 from the P O and shoved ethanol into our tanks that we Still have to pay for every time we fill up at the rate of $.45 a gallon. If just that amount was paid back to the USPS and subsequently to the OPM, the benefits of postal employees would be actuaraly sound in perpetuity. Want to know what really goes on at the P O? Talk to your regular Letter Carrier; if you have one. There are over 200 open route assignments in the 631 zip area and nobody to bid on them due to the hiring freeze levied against those carriers classified as Temporary. They are to be offered career appointments, but God knows when. Tune in again next time when I will explain why the service deteriorates due to the DPS Mess.

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