Another Administrative Order: Women in Combat

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013 by and is filed under Blog, Family Values, Foreign Policy

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Let’s face it: in many respects Obama has been more successful for the left that Reagan was for the right.  He has extirpated every last virtue from our traditional American culture, mostly by executive fiat.  He has vitiated the Defense of Marriage Act; he has opened the door for millions of third-world illegal immigrants to change the balance of power in this country; now his Defense Secretary has paved the road for women to serve in every last combat position, including infantry and special forces.  This is all being done with little or no opposition from Republicans in Congress.

It’s entertaining to watch liberals pretend to stand up for women.  Well, presumably, you can only champion “women’s issues” if you believe women are indeed special and unique from men.  Yet, they seek to jettison any difference between the genders, most notably, by encouraging women to act like men.  They relentlessly promote women in gender-bender activities in an effort to make women indistinguishable from men.  But at the same time, they hypocritically shed the super-woman image by demanding special standards, “protections” and legislation for women.

Republicans might feel safe avoiding these “uncomfortable” issues, but they need to understand that we will never become a fiscally conservative society with decedent cultural values.  No degree of fiscal policy can ever heal the cultural illness that is being foisted upon us from the radical left.  And if we continue to allow Obama to unilaterally fight a culture war, all of these issues will become moot.

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One Response to “Another Administrative Order: Women in Combat”

  1. HC Says:

    This is a nightmare.
    Someone brought up on talk radio the issue of prisoner torture (imagine Islamists with your daughter).
    Enough said.
    How about your 18 year old daughter being drafted for combat?
    I would do ANYTHING to avoid that if it happened in our family!

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