40 Years Since the Travesty of Roe vs. Wade

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013 and is filed under Blog, Family Values, Videos

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Today is the fortieth anniversary of the infamous Supreme Court decision that denied states the right to restrict abortions, thereby paving the road for 55 million killings of precious life.  Back in 1973, there were no sonograms or sophisticated digital technology that could convey the truth that babies in the womb are very well developed at quite an early stage in the pregnancy.  It was easy for people to debate this issue with disregard to the life that is affected – as if it were some piece of cartilage.  Well, times have changed, and now we know what is inside the womb.  Please take a moment to watch this video showing how sophisticated the development of a baby is from early on in the womb.

While the technology has changed, the insouciance of liberals towards the life of the unborn has not changed.  It’s amazing how they shed crocodile tears over enhanced interrogations for vile terrorists or the death penalty for murderers, yet they have no problem with violently killing the most innocent life.  In that sense, the entire morally dyslexic philosophy of liberalism begins with their celebration of abortion.

While they claim that they view abortion as a necessary evil, that assertion fails to account for their aggressive pursuit of a “leave no abortion behind” policy.  It fails to explain why Obama voted against criminalizing the act of killing babies after they were born from botched abortions in Chicago hospitals.  Indeed, it is the issue of abortion that tells us everything we need to know about the left and their perverse ideology.

From our end, all we seek is the opportunity to fight for life through the electoral process.  It was the moral and judicial travesty of Roe v Wade that denied that opportunity, by taking the fight away from the people and the states.  Despite the misconceptions created by the fallacious propaganda that is consumed by too many low-information voters, Roe v Wade is not the only thing standing between liberals and their cherished abortions.  By overturning Roe v Wade, we would merely remand the issue to the states.  Undoubtedly, the blue states will continue the baby killing without restrictions.  States in the south and Great Plains will largely restrict them.  And the swing states will probably wind up with some sort of compromise. But the point is that we would all be able to engage in the political process and fight to elect state legislators who represent our views.  Roe erroneously found a constitutional right to an abortion, thereby precluding states from deciding the issue.

This is the reason why the abortion issue is more divisive in America than anywhere else.  In Europe, the duly elected representatives in parliament decided the issue.  Being that Europe is a morally decedent leftist utopia, they elected politicians who reflect their values.  But at least it was not decided by unelected courts.

The real question for liberals is why are they so scared of giving the people and states a “choice,” if they are truly on the winning side of the issue?  Why not allow the people to decide through their state legislatures and put an end to this divisive issue once and for all?

Hopefully, we won’t have to wait for another 55 million babies to be killed before we get an answer to that question.

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